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Nike’s “The Last Game” Takes The No. 1 Spot On YouTube’s List Of Top Ten Ads In June

Last week, YouTube released its top ten ads for June, with Nike’s World Cup themed “The Last Game” taking the top spot.
Adidas’s World Cup related “House Match” ad also made the list, ranking No. 3. In light of Father’s Day, three dad-themed ads made it into the top ten list as well, with appearances by Dove, Johnson and Johnson, and Docker’s.
One brand – Beats by Dre – earned two top ten spots, with its “The Game before the Game” earning the No. 2 slot, and “Jungle Remix” featuring Jay Z coming in at No. 9.
YouTube’s Top 10 Ads for June:
1. Nike Football “The Last Game”
2. Beats by Dre “The Game before the Game”
3. Adidas “House Match”
4. Always “Like a Girl”
5. Dove “Calls for Dad”
6. New Castle “If We Won featuring Stephan Merchant”
7. Stella Artois “Perfectionists: Rufus – The Real Hawk-Eye”
8. Johnson and Johnson “Distinctly Dad”
9. Docker’s “Stop Dad Pants featuring Jim and Sarah Harbaugh”
10. Beats by Dre “Jay Z + Beats by Dre Jungle Remix”
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Pinterest Tops Social Media User Satisfaction Survey, But The Bar Is Low

There’s good news and bad for the social media industry in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index Customer released Monday.
The good: consumer satisfaction with social networks is increasing. The bad: it’s still among the lowest-ranked business categories.
The social media category scored 71 on ACSI’s 100-point scale, up 4.4% over 2013, fourth worst of 43 industries tracked by the survey. Social media surpassed only airlines (69), subscription TV (65) and Internet service providers (63).
Among the sectors ranking higher? Wireless telephone service (72), the U.S Postal Service (72) and health insurance (73).
“Even with improvements across the board, e-business — and social media in particular — doesn’t do well in terms of user satisfaction,” ACSI chairman and founder Claes Fornell said in a release. “It is rare to see strong growth in an industry with such low customer satisfaction. However, several of the major players seem to have realized that their long-term prospects may be i…

Facebook Maintains Top Position In Social Logins [Gigya Report]

Facebook maintained its position as the Internet’s leading identity provider in the second quarter, accounting for 55% of social logins on desktop and mobile platforms, according to data released today by customer management firm Gigya.
It’s an increase of two percentage points over the first quarter. Google+ remained in second place at 27%, dropping one percentage point since the first quarter. Yahoo (11%, down two percentage points), Twitter (5%) and LinkedIn (1%) rounded out the list.
Gigya’s data shows a significantly wider spread than rival share tool provider Janrain, which reported a 44% to 37% second-quarter edge to Facebook earlier this month.
On mobile devices, Gigya shows Facebook gaining also, increasing two percentage points to 64%. Google+ dropped one to 25%; Twitter increased from 6% to 7%.
Here’s Gigya’s infographic breakdown of its data (click to enlarge):

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The Facebook backlash? The rise of private online journals

This past week I launched Journalate, an online private journal.
I had two reasons for building Journalate. First, I wanted a place where I could share and review my thoughts, ideas, prayers, and rants from any device–without worrying that they would be seen by the wrong person. Journalate was built to be secure, encrypted and private.
Secondly, as someone that has watched reputations self-destruct because of something that should not have been posted publicly, I figure there was a need for something that let you get your ____ rant off your chest. A safe place to express your (dis)pleasure with the events in your life.
What I didn’t count on was the pent up frustration that had already been building towards the over-sharing that goes on in social media. When the Triangle Business Journal picked up on Journalate’s launch, they labeled it the “Anti-Facebook.” While not something I was going for, I can certainly see that the hat fits.
Further evidence of a new Facebook rebellion comes from t…

MarTech: Technology Management As A Marketing Discipline

As marketers, we’ve had a slightly conflicted relationship with technology.
The culture, philosophy, and mental models of marketing have been largely driven by “soft science” — psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics — and an even broader notion of “art.” We pride ourselves on the power of creativity, design, and language to affect people’s emotions, perceptions, and behaviors.

As a profession, we’re really good at applying those talents to grow brands and businesses.
Collectively, however, our profession has been less adept at engineering. Processes, systems, and technology have played a role in marketing, sure, but not a starring role. Historically, we’ve relegated those responsibilities to other departments — IT, finance, operations — or technical vendors. Or we’ve boxed them into finite “projects” that have a distinct beginning and end.
Building (or rebuilding) a website has been an archetypal marketing project. We’d interact with engineering disciplines for a fixed window of t…

Rakuten’s Quarterly Report Shows Growth On All Fronts, With Mobile Commerce Up 87%

Based on its 2014 2Q results, Rakuten Marketing has experienced year-over-year growth on a all fronts, including mobile, search and affiliate marketing.
The company reported mobile phone orders in its affiliate channel have increased 87 percent in the US. Rakuten also saw international mobile commerce growth, with the UK up 117 percent, Canada 197 percent, Japan 32 percent, and Australia 28 percent.
Rakuten claims tablet orders increased 21 percent in the US, 37 percent in the UK, 157 percent in Canada and 55 percent in Japan.
According to the report, Rakuten’s search side of business is also climbing:
The company’s full service search engine marketing agency reports that its clients realized a 12 percent year-over-year increase in same-store sales while conversion rates increased by nine percent and the overall return on ad spend (ROAS) increased eight percent.
The company’s affiliate marketing channels generated a 25 percent year-over-year growth rate for same-store sales in the US. Raku…

Italian Privacy Police Give Google 18 Months To Make Changes

European privacy regulators have been critical of Google’s unified privacy policy since it was announced in early 2012. They have demanded various changes, including more disclosures to users, to bring the law in compliance with EU and individual country rules.
Italy is the latest country to issue what amounts to an ultimatum to Google to change its privacy practices or face fines (up to $1 million euros) and unspecified “possible criminal proceedings,” according to Reuters.
There is a similar history in France, which ordered Google to change its privacy behavior in June 2013. Google maintained it was in compliance with applicable rules and declined to make the requested changes.
Earlier this year the French fined Google and subjected it to a public shaming: the company was ordered to post a notice on its homepage that announced the fine and the non-compliance behind it. Google unsuccessfully challenged the order to post the notice, which read as follows:

Playing out the same pattern as i…

Sports apps have the highest abandonment rate. How sticky is your app?

When we talk about an app being sticky, we’re not talking about candy-coated fingers on a mobile phone. Sticky is the icky term mobile mavens use to evaluate app loyalty. And if you thought getting people to download an app was tough, wait until you see what it takes to keep them coming back on regular basis!
According to this infographic by Localytics , 20% of apps are only opened once! Also, if an app is only opened once in 7 days, there’s a 60% chance it will never be opened again. Wow.

Sports apps have the highest abandonment rate. I wonder if that’s because sports are so seasonal. Every hockey season, I download an NHL app then I delete it when the season is over. Games also have a pretty high abandonment rate. I’d guess this is because once you try it you find that it’s too easy or too boring.
It’s nice to see people are mostly sticking with those health and fitness apps, and once again, we see that people love weather apps. Seriously, I need to go into the weather app biz.
How do y…

Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic [Shareaholic Report]

Facebook, the king of social media referral traffic, is strengthening its reign, according to social analytics and publishing firm Shareaholic.
In June, Facebook generated 23.39% of the total share of visits to Shareaholic’s network of 300,000 websites. That total, a gain of 10.09% and 2.14 percentage points since March, is the highest Shareaholic has ever registered for Facebook.
Meanwhile, all of Facebook’s social competitors registered decreases in referral traffic since the first quarter. Second-place Pinterest (5.72%) fell 19% and 1.38 percentage points and third-place Twitter (1.03%) fell 9.9% and 0.11 percentage points. Twitter’s share remains more than the total of Stumble Upon, Reddit, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.
The Facebook growth is single-handedly driving the social referral category to new heights, Shareaholic data shows. Since June of 2013, Facebook’s referral total has risen 150% and 14 percentage points. That growth has led a year-over-year doubling — from 15…

Save now, read later: Facebook adds bookmarking option to posts

The downside of Facebook’s popularity is that you’re hit with way more information than you can process in one sitting. This is especially bad news for marketers because even though I might like your product, I’m going to pass right by if I’m too busy to read your post when it pops.
Solution: Facebook Save

Save is Facebook’s version of what everyone else calls bookmarking. Save let’s you save posts to explore further when you have more time or when the time is more appropriate. Some posts will have a Save button at the bottom, otherwise you click the drop down arrow in the upper right corner and choose Save. It’s right above “I don’t want to see this” and “unfollow.”
You can save places, links, TV shows, movies and music. Can you save regular old posts from friends? Not sure. Facebook doesn’t make that very clear and I don’t have the option to test yet.
To view your saved items, click the Saved link in the sidebar. The saved items are sorted by category so you can easily find that restaur…