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Amazon Media Going Self-Serve | Linked In Grabs Biz Display Ad Tech Firm | Attribution Still Fudgy for eTailers

Media: is testing out an agency-oriented interface to allow self-serve media buying of a sort, pulling from its own avails, as well as media from several related networks. B2B: Linked in, the business-useful social network, is purchasing Bizo, a display ad system geared to the business-to-business market. Not certain yet is whether Linked in was most interested [...]

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Most Consumers Reject In-Store Mobile Tracking — Or Do They?

The large majority of consumers have not had any experience with indoor location or indoor marketing on mobile devices. However there are already more than a dozen surveys asking how consumers feel about having their in-store movements tracked.
Having read every single one of these surveys and conducted several myself I can tell you the following: consumers are concerned about location tracking. However if the reason behind tracking is legitimate (e.g., Waze, Uber) they’re generally fine with it. More specifically, in a retail environment, most consumers are willing to share personal data (including location) in exchange for rewards and benefits.

Source: PunchTab
The different surveys in the market present different results: X percent are concerned about privacy, Y percent are not, and so on. The latest of these comes from PunchTab (n=1,153 US smartphone owners). The company asked smartphone users, “How likely would you be to allow the store to use your mobile phone’s GPS if you received…

Live @ SMX East: How BuzzFeed Mastered The Art Of Viral Content

Everyone likes to talk about creating a buzz, but few have mastered the art of making content go viral like Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed, the wildly popular social news and entertainment website that has scored huge successes with quizzes, listicles and even long-form content.
Peretti also co-founded the Huffington Post, and is well-known for thinking deeply about how people are sharing and distributing things like journalism, brand messaging, entertainment and other types of content online.
You can expect to learn a lot about leveraging the viral aspect of the internet during the keynote at SMX East, where Peretti joins Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan in a wide-ranging conversation touching on the most compelling uses of social media, the new wave of brands and native advertising, where search marketing fits into the mix and more.
Want to learn more? Check out Must-See SMX East Keynote: Jonah Peretti, Founder & CEO Of BuzzFeed on our sister site, Search Engin…

The Shelf Life Of A Mobile Ad: Shorter Than You May Think

When a user loads a webpage, they aren’t doing so with the intent of clicking on an ad. Yet, millions and millions of users do just that every single day.
However, this isn’t just a numbers game — intelligent marketers (like those who are reading this article) are looking to get the most out of their advertising spend by targeting the right users in the right way at the right time. But even when an ad is shown based on any number of criteria, what’s its proverbial shelf life for that user? Two seconds? One minute? Five minutes?
Within this article, we’ll be analyzing a week’s worth of activity on the Chitika ad network to quantify this question. We then break out the patterns demonstrated by smartphone and tablet user bases, along with how these differ by operating system.
As a note, these data are specifically garnered from millions of smartphone and tablet ad clicks originating from within the U.S. and Canada between July 8 and 14, 2014.
Let’s begin by examining the time-to-click patter…

Google Maps Now Available in Hindi for Android and Desktop Users

Google on Tuesday announced the launch of Google Maps in Hindi. While the search engine giant has been working on improving Maps and localising it for populaces across the globe, it is only now that the company has come up with the Hindi version of Google Maps. The updated Google Maps with Hindi language support,
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Lenovo S850 With Android 4.4 KitKat Launched at Rs. 15,499

Lenovo, expanding its S-series of mid-range Android smartphones, has launched the S850 for the Indian market at Rs. 15,499. The company has announced that the latest Lenovo S850 will be hitting market shelves by the end of this month. Notably, the smartphone is now up for pre-order at the company’s official The Do Store at
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Xiaomi Mi3 goes live for pre-order exclusively on Flipkart for Rs. 13,999

Finally Xiaomi is in India with multiple phones and has displayed their other range of products too. You can now exclusively pre-order their phones on Flipkart. Apart from the already announced Mi3, Xiaomi is launching the budget phone – Redmi 1S for an attractive price range of close to Rs. 6,999. It would emerge as
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.@WilliamShatner Boldly Goes Into Facebook Mentions App For Celebrities, Calls It “Ill Conceived”

Actor William Shatner is exactly the type of celebrity Facebook is catering to with the launch of the Mentions app last week. Active, engaged and social media savvy, Shatner has a Facebook Page with nearly 800,000 likes. He even seems to run the page and his other outspoken social media efforts himself, unlike many celebs who hide behind publicists.
So it’s fitting that Shatner took Mentions for a test drive, and posted about his experience on his Tumblr today.
And his conclusion? He was underwhelmed.
Like many admins of verified celebrity Facebook Pages, Shatner was prompted to download the new iOS app last week:

So Shatner obliged and the first thing he noticed was a head-scratcher:
When you install the Mentions App you cannot proceed further until you follow another one of their other ‘celebrity’ accounts. The first person on the list I was given was George Takei (rolling my eyes.) I ended up choosing Robert Downey Jr. to follow and then I hid his posts (sorry Robert!) I think that is a…

Online retailers say paid search is tops for customer acquisition

What would you say is the most effective marketing tactics for acquiring new customers?
85% of retailers in the new 2014 Research Inc. State of Retailing Online study, said paid search.
Only 81 retailers participated in the survey, which was conducted through May and June of 2014, but even if the number was 810 the result likely would have been the same.
Search still works. It’s familiar to both marketers and customers and as long as Google keeps turning out excellent results, paid search will continue to be a blockbuster. Think about all the things you looked for on the internet this week. How many times did that search begin with Google or Bing? I search for a lot of things on eBay and I find that I get better results from Google than on eBay itself. Same for Twitter. It’s simply a more effective way of finding information and we all know it.
Because it’s so effective, retailers said they spend more on paid search than any other type of marketing and 4 out of 5 are sp…

Apple Posts Record Q3 Revenue Numbers In June Earnings Report

Apple has released their third-quarter financial earnings this afternoon, reporting $37.4 billion in quarterly revenues and $7.7 billion in quarterly net profit. These numbers are up from the numbers posted in Q3 2013, which were revenue of $35.3 billion and net profit of $6.9 billion.
The revenue numbers are a record for their June quarter release, mostly through sales of the iPhone and Mac.
“Our record June quarter revenue was fueled by strong sales of iPhone and Mac and the continued growth of revenue from the Apple ecosystem, driving our highest EPS growth rate in seven quarters,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We are incredibly excited about the upcoming releases of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, as well as other new products and services that we can’t wait to introduce.”
A quick breakdown for device sales during the quarter includes:

iPhone: 35.2 million units
iPad: 13.2 million units
Mac: 4.4 million units
iPod: 2.9 million units

Here is a quick breakdown of the earnings report:

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Facebook Continues “Getting Started” Ads Series With Introduction Of Custom Audiences

Continuing its effort to demystify its self-serving advertising process, Facebook published a how-to post about its Custom Audience targeting feature today.
The post, Facebook’s second installment in its “Getting Started” series aimed at small businesses, describes how marketers can upload customer lists from existing phone or email contacts or data from a website or mobile app.
From the post, which includes a very good video showing the drill:
When you upload your contact list, Facebook hashes the information. That means we make the data unreadable, so no one — including Facebook — can recognize it or see anyone’s individual information. All your customers’ info is used in an anonymous, privacy-safe way that lets you reach your audience while keeping their data private and secure.
Once your Custom Audience is created, it appears as an audience option when you create your ad. You can then deliver Facebook ads to your Custom Audience, or expand your ad’s reach by including other audiences …

IAB Study Highlights Brand Awareness And Context For Native Ad Success

As publishers make more in-feed (also known as in-stream or native ads) inventory available, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edelman Berland conducted a study to look into what tends to make these ad campaigns successful.
Many of the findings aren’t particularly surprising, but the study reinforces the importance of context that advertisers need to consider when deciding what content to promote and where via native advertising.
First, to clarify the types of ads that were analyzed in the study, the IAB says all sponsored content was presented as in-feed units, and did not include other types of native advertising like paid search, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad with native element units, and custom. Above are mockups used in the study.
Overwhelmingly (90 percent) respondents said relevancy is the top factor in generating interest in in-feed advertising. However, the study found that advertisers are going to be more successful in their native ad efforts if r…

Bad Data: Gaps In Tag Implementation Hinders Top Retailer Sites [Study]

Despite the fact that half of Internet Retailer 100 companies use a tag management system compared to just 18 percent of those ranked 501-600 on the list, their tag deployment rates — and thus, data quality — were slightly worse than those of the latter group. The key reason? Faulty implementations. Several of the elite sites failed to have tag management code placed on every page of their sites, according to a new report from tag auditing firm, ObservePoint.
Overall the study found that 1 in 30 pages were not tagged across sites in both the Internet Retailer Top 100 and 501-600.
For companies listed in the Top 100, an average of 2.8 pages of pages had no tag for their primary web analytics system. Among that group, 7 percent of the websites were missing their primary web analytics tag on more than 10 percent of pages.
Despite less reliance on tag management systems, the 501-600 ranked websites had a bit better coverage. On the whole, these sites were missing tags on just under 2 percent…