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Google Pigeon Local Algorithm Search Update Launches

Last night, Google pushed out a major local search algorithm update. The update has been pushed out to U.S. English based search results and seems to have had enough of a significant update that many SEOs, webmasters and local business owners have taken noticed. The update impacts both the organic local listings within Google Map Search and Google Web Search.
We are naming this algorithm update the Pigeon update, for more on that, see our post over here.
The algorithm is more tied into the traditional web search ranking signals, including search features from the knowledge graph, spelling corrections and other search features. Google also said there were relevancy improvements to distance and location ranking.
Google would not tell us how much of an impact this would have on local businesses but based on the early feedback we’ve seen in the comments at Search Engine Land, as well as other local search blogs – it seems there were significant ranking changes with this update.
Mike Blumentha…

Ad Exchange Primer for Cynics | LinkedIn Adds Targeting | Google Eats Potential YouTube Competitor

Robot Invasion: George Simpson explains, only half-jokingly, how the industry got to where it is today ("akimbo" comes to mind) in regard to programmatic buying of various sorts. It is probably the most cynical and perhaps the accurate attempt to date. Social: LinkedIn is providing still more targeting options.. Video: Google's YouTube property just bought one of the rising competitors, [...]

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Clean-up the “Open With” Menu of your Mac

The “Open With” menu of your Mac, that you get when you right-click (or control-click) a file in the Finder window, may become extremely cluttered with time containing duplicate entries or even stale ones pointing to applications that are no longer installed on your Apple computer. Here’s an example:

If the “Open With” menu of your Mac is also messy and filled with applications that you no longer use, you can easily clean it up by rebuilding the Launch Services database with a simple Terminal command.
Open the Terminal app of your Mac and switch to the LaunchServices.framework folder using the “cd” command and then run the “lsregister” command to rebuild the database.

$ cd /System/Library/Frameworks
$ cd CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support
$ ./lsregister -kill -r -all local, system, user; killall Dock;

That’s it. All the erroneous entries are removed and here’s how the cleaned up “Open With” menu of the Mac now looks like. I no longer have to scroll through…

A Chrome App Helps You Stop Procrastinating

Most anti-procrastination apps on the web help you stay focussed and increase productivity by blocking time wasting websites. The thinking goes that if these online distractions are gone, you are more likely to focus on actual work.

Alex MacCaw has created Motivation, a Chrome app that takes a slightly different approach. It replaces the new tab page of your Google Chrome with a real-time counter that displays your incrementing age.
Every time you launch Chrome, or open a new tab in the browser, the extension works as a sobering reminder that the clock is ticking away. That may motivate you to exit the Bermuda productivity triangle and focus on the more important things.
The source code for the Motivation Chrome app is available on Github. See other useful Google Chrome extensions.

This story, A Chrome App Helps You Stop Procrastinating, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 25/07/2014 under Google Chrome, Productivity, Internet

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A Twitter Search Trick You Didn’t Know About

Tweetdeck, the popular app for Twitter, offers a very useful search feature that helps you discover the more popular (viral) tweets for any search term very easily. While setting up a search column inside Tweetdeck (see screenshot), you can define an “engagement level” so that tweets that have been retweeted or favorited at least ‘n’ times only show up in the search results.

The engagement filter surfaces the best tweets and removes the noise from Twitter search results but the most surprising part is that Twitter has not made this filter available outside Tweetdeck. You don’t even have it inside the official Twitter app.
Well, here’s the trick. You can actually filter tweets by engagement level on the Twitter website or inside any Twitter app using an undocumented search operator that Twitter doesn’t want us to know about.
Go to the Twitter search box, type any search term and append the operator min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number] to filter your search results. For instance, he…

Customizing FeedBurner For Blogger

If you have good & quality content and have good traffic, then you must have blog readers who often read your blog’s every post. As we know FeedBurner is the best web feed management provider / feed service provider which is vastly employed by almost 90% of Blogs all around. Well, to get them best
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Facebook Sees Prices Double, Mobile Beat Desktop | Retailers Prefer Paid Search Over Other Media

Social: Facebook media prices more than doubled in the last quarter, according to its most recent financial results. Facebook's pushing of mobile media - of which it has quite an oversupply - succeeded in pushing mobile ad revenues over that of desktop for the first time. Search: Paid search continues to be the most favored marketing tactic in terms [...]

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LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content skips the page and goes straight to the target

Marketing messages are a lot more effective when they’re targeted. That’s a given. But customizing the message is tricky when you’re updating a social media feed. Say your company is going on a road trip across the US. Do you want to stack up 12 posts, one for each city on your company LinkedIn feed? LinkedIn has a better idea.
Direct Sponsored Content

What this tool allows you to do is create custom content and make it visible only to a specific group of people. This way you can personalize and test content without clogging up your public facing feed.
Previously, if you wanted to pay to promote your 12 city tour, you’d have to create 12 pieces of content, each with specific city information, then push each one out as sponsored content using location targeting. Anyone who visits the company page would see all 12 posts stacked up.
With Direct Sponsored Content, instead of choosing content that’s already in your feed, you choose to create new content. You fill in the specific deals, add a l…

Google+ Launches Showcase To Show Rich Media To Viewers Of Hangouts On Air

Google+ rolled out a new interactive feature for Hangouts on Air today, giving producers the ability to show viewers links to websites, videos, merchandise and other content being discussed during live events.
The Showcase app displays links with rich-media cards on the right-hand side of the Hangout’s video player during the broadcast. If viewers click, the content opens in a new tab while the HOA continues playing. Here’s how it looked during an HOA this week to promote Common’s new album (click to view the tape of the event):

The new feature should be especially useful for marketers and businesses interested in using Hangouts for direct sales. Since last October, Google has been testing “Shoppable Hangouts” with retailers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Birchbox and Sunglass Hut.
The Showcase app will allow any retailer or direct marketer to set up a sales-oriented live event (although any payment and sales process still needs to be set up in Google Wallet or third-party site).
Hangout …