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Hostgator Hosting Summer Sale – 75% off [Limited Time Discount]

Hostgator is celebrating summer sale with huge discount and if you have been waiting to grab a webhosting package for your new website, it’s the right time to grab the deal. Hostgator which is popular for it’s shared and VPS hosting is offering huge discount on all of it’s hosting package and this is a limited time sale which will end on July 27th. So you have limited time to take action and grab hosting [...]
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Cool Janrain Tool Shows The Data You Expose When You Log In Socially

We all do it, likely without much thought. We use our social media — or other digital — identities to log into multiple websites daily. It’s quick, convenient and and saves us the hassle of creating another username and password.
But if you are concerned about privacy (and you should be), it’s a good idea to stop every so often and dig into what data you are exposing with those social logins. Not so easy, you say? You don’t want to wade through terms of service on a Friday afternoon?
Fortunately, that’s not necessary. Janrain, one of the leaders in the social login provider industry, has a tool that offers a quick snapshot of the data you are sharing when you sign into sites using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or 20 other digital profiles.
Sign onto the the Social Profile Navigator with one of your social profiles (slight irony there) and you’ll be presented with a nodal map of the data you are sharing. Here’s a screen grab of how mine looks for Facebook (click to enlarge):

In my case, the F…

Amazon rewards Prime Members who choose slower shipping

One of the main reasons people sign up for Amazon Prime is to get the FREE 2-day shipping. Heck, since I joined, I’ve seen things arrive the next day! It’s madness — in a good way — for the buyer.
But I’ve been hearing rumors that Amazon now has too many Prime members and can’t handle the shipping load. I think those rumors must be true because Amazon is once again pushing their No Rush reward program.
If you’re a Prime member, and you choose the slower 5-7 business day option, Amazon will give you a $1 Amazon Instant Video Credit.
A search on Google shows that Amazon tried this a couple of years ago but they gave away music credits. Now, with their Instant service blowing up, a video credit is much more enticing than a music credit. It is to me, anyway. I watch Amazon Instant Videos all the time and I’m constantly landing on options that require payment. In most cases, I’d happily take the $1 credit in return for slower shipping. Not always, but most of the time.
It’s interesting to note…