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European Limits on Algorithm Speech Causing Search Headaches | Police Buy Display Ads to Intimidate Alleged Perpetrators | Mobile to Explode, but Spenders Not Sure Why

Search: Different European judicial oddities are combining to make life difficult for pan-national internet companies like Google. The "right to be forgotten" ruling is just now coming into force with systems Google invented to allow self service censoring of search results, but at the same time, more liberally restrictive civil laws regarding defamation are causing precedents [...]

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Image Search Company Madbits Says Its Joining Twitter

Moving to build out its image features, Twitter has purchased Madbits according to the visual intelligence company’s website.
“Today, after a tremendous year of development and iterations, we are excited to announce that we are joining Twitter,” wrote Madbits co-founders Clément Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari.
Madbits visual intelligence technology lends itself to image search capabilities. The company says its technology, “…automatically understands, organizes and extracts relevant information from raw media.”
From the announcement:
Understanding the content of an image, whether or not there are tags associated with that image, is a complex challenge. We developed our technology based on deep learning, an approach to statistical machine learning that involves stacking simple projects to form powerful hierarchical models of a signal.
Madbits did not disclose any financial details of the deal. The co-founders claimed they prototyped and tested ten different applications during t…

Report: “Understanding Customer Behavior” Top Holiday Priority For 66% Of Retailers

During a recent Big Data and Analytics Summit in Chicago, business analytics provider Looker polled more than 125 senior-level retail executives to identify retail industry priorities and challenges as the holiday season approaches.
The survey found 66 percent of the retailers believed the No. 1 way to drive holiday sales and build loyalty was to understand customer behavior, but nearly half (four in ten) felt their organizations were ineffective at using data to improve business.
Asking retailers to list their top challenges around business intelligence, the study revealed:

34 percent claimed ad hoc report requests that take up a majority of analysts’ time was a major obstacle.
31 percent identified the inability to collaborate to uncover data insights as a top challenge.
31 percent said disjointed reports that hindered decision-making.
16 percent listed standardized reports that didn’t allow full analysis of data.

Looker’s retail poll also asked retailers to name business-intelligence “wis…

Maybe We Should Break Up With Google

Quit obsessing about top rankings. If your business relies too heavily on organic search traffic from Google, maybe it's time to alleviate that dependence. Chase healthier goals: being the most competitive, relevant, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

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Nielsen's Mobile Product Selling Through | Google Product Listings Gaining Ratings | Twitter Grows

Metrics: Nielsen just may manage to stay on the moving media gravy train, having had most major mobile networks sign up for their mobile measurement service. Search: Google Product Listings ads are getting one- to five-star ratings, as shown in testing in the U.S. currently. Social: Twitter is a tiny competitor relative to Facebook, but it is showing user growth [...]

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The secret to Pinterest: no faces and new heights [Infographic]

A psychologist could spend a month explaining why we’re attracted to certain types of photos but we haven’t got that kind of time. What we do have is a new infographic from Ripen eCommerce that shows us which kinds of Pinterest pins are more likely to succeed.
Before I give away the secrets, let’s talk about why Pinterest is an important tool for eCommerce sellers.
The average check-out value of a Pinterest customer is $140 – $180 dollars that’s about double Facebook and way higher than Twitter. With more than 2.5 million page views per month, Pinterest is the second highest referral platform after Facebook.
The downside to all the traffic on Pinterest is that you have a lot of competition. I couldn’t find out how many pins go up on an average day but I found a stat that said 5 million (!) articles were pinned every day and another saying 1.5 million places were pinned every day. And those aren’t even the most popular types of pins.
So let’s just say, there are a lot of pins on the site s…