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BMW’s #Driftmob Unleashes World’s First Vehicular Flashmob

Not all epic creative has to be focused around interactivity. Sometimes epic can just be appreciated for its epic-ness. Like this Epic Driftmob feat from BMW which marries a little Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift with the flashmob trendlet of several years ago.
Mic Rodgers, a director who has worked on The Fast and the Furious franchise, worked with five Hollywood stunt drivers to create what’s being billed as the world’s first flashmob with drifting cars. All to promote the BMW M235i.
Cape Town, South Africa-based agency Interone worked with BMW on the concept which converted an urban traffic circle (aka a roundabout or rotary) into a film set-like playground of flashmobby excitement.
While the Epic Driftmob itself isn’t all that interactive in itself, the work is part of the car brand’s larger #BMWstories effort, a site on which anyone can share their own BMW story for all to see.
The video, launched July 29, is already on its way to viral victory with over 1.5 million views.

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Dead Tree Journalists Rolling in Graves on 'Native' Ads | Yahoo Loving New 'Native' Revenues, Client Success | Almost All Publishers on Exchanges

'Native' Advertising: More handwringing on native advertising, which is not going away (neither the newly-titled advertorial, nor the handwringing). The concern seems most contentious at publishers that have print editorial standards. Yahoo, a big seller of native ads, has data on how native ads work better than ads that haven't been guised as content. Robot Invasion: Just about every [...]

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EU Readying New Android Antitrust Complaint Against Google

According to a Reuters article, which is consistent with earlier news reports, European competition authorities are laying the foundation for a new antitrust case against Google focusing on Android. It appears partly designed to appease European critics who believe that the proposed “rival links” PC search settlement lets Google off too easily.
That settlement hasn’t been formally approved but there’s an expectation that it will be. Many European officials aren’t happy about that. To mollify discontent, outgoing European Commission antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia has reportedly promised a string of antitrust investigations against Google into the foreseeable future.
Android’s market share is nearly 80 percent across major Western European markets. According to the Reuters piece the forthcoming case will focus on the issue of tying Google apps and services to use of the Android OS:
In one questionnaire seen by Reuters, respondents were asked whether there was a requirement set by Google, …

5 Simple Steps For Defining Uber-KPIs For Multiple Objectives

Nowadays, marketing channels no longer map easily to a single objective. Display continues to evolve on all fronts, covering everything from premium inventory to highly-focused retargeting ads.
With the addition of custom audiences and FBX, Facebook is becoming viable for direct response in addition to awareness and advocacy. Now even paid search, the quintessential direct response channel, is making moves up the funnel.
Fragmentation of digital marketing has been occurring for some time and is talked about extensively. Today, a different type of complexity is emerging in parallel with fragmentation: digital media and platforms are maturing and expanding out of their core offerings, vying to obtain a larger piece of the customer journey pie.
With diversification in funnel position and customer touch points for any given channel, a single key performance indicator (KPI) is increasingly inadequate to capture the complete marketing results. Multiple funnel positions necessitate multiple obj…

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience [infographic]

Is your business customer centric?
That’s just a buzzwordy way of asking: do you care about providing amazing customer service?
This infographic from Vision Critical should convince you of the benefits–and provide some tips to help you get there.

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How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate Program

Godaddy is one of the popular brand name in the market of domain and web-hosting. They are popular for various reason and they have all the reason for an affiliate marketer to join their big fat paying affiliate program. In this guide I will be sharing details about their wen upgraded affiliate program, and how you can join and earn money. Earlier Godaddy used to have their own managed affiliate program. Later on they shut [...]
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MyThemeShop : Quality WordPress Themes in Budget

When it comes to WordPress themes, we have unlimited options. Depending upon your budget, you can pick a theme for $0 (Free themes) or you can spend thousands of dollars to get a custom looking WordPress theme for you. But, when it comes for masses, it’s cost-effective premium themes which comes as a rescue. I always advocated and prefer premium themes over free themes, as they are well-coded and comes with many features such as [...]
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F-commerce takes another hit; Facebook shuts down Gifts

It seemed like a good idea. Facebook already reminds you when a friend is having a birthday, so why not give users the ability to send a gift with a click! It’s so intuitive, I almost did it when I saw the birthday reminder in my sidebar. (Happy Birthday, Chrissy!) Almost – but I didn’t because I started thinking about the process. How would I pay for it. How would she get the code? What if she doesn’t log-on to Facebook? Why don’t I just buy an Amazon gift certificate from Amazon and send it via email?
The Facebook route is actually easier but it feels less secure. I know, I just went on a rant about how online is more secure than offline but it’s all about perception.
Looks like I’m not alone in my reluctance because Facebook is shutting down the Gifts program in a few weeks.
The service seemed to be doomed from the start. Back in 2012, you could use the service to send physical gifts to people. That never felt like a good fit and not long after it began, that part of the service was e…

IAB Study Looks At Programmatic’s Global Expansion Opportunities

While the United States has seen programmatic audience development — the practice of automating digital advertising sales based on audience data — surge over the past few years, publishers and ad tech companies are eying global markets for opportunity. A new survey and whitepaper from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Winterberry Group looks at the developments and roadblocks of programmatic’s expansion in markets around the world by US based companies.

Nearly all of the large American publishers that participated in the survey (98.3 percent) are currently engaged in programmatic marketing strategies for audience development in the U.S. Yet, abroad, participation among these publishers drops to 72.4 percent. That said, publishers that participated in the survey said they plan to expand their programmatic marketing efforts to more markets and branch out beyond the UK, Canada and Australia to larger markets, namely China and Brazil, over the next two years.
Though only 13.7 percent o…

Timberland Teams With Edward Norton’s CrowdRise For #TimberlandServes Volunteerism Effort

For a new campaign, footwear and apparel brand Timberland has teamed with Actor/Director Edward Norton’s fundraising platform, CrowdRise, to launch a new version of its long-running Serv-a-Palooza Challenge, a six-week sponsored volunteerism effort.
The campaign encourages people to volunteer and fundraise for a cause of their choice which they can share using the #TimberlandServes hashtag. Doing so enters them into a contest to win prizes and have donations to a cause made on their behalf by Timberland.

our friends at #Timberlandserves Great time many thanks great effort by the #workngear team.
— Anthony DiPaolo (@anthonydipaolo) May 15, 2014

To date, Timberland’s Serv-a-Palooza event has donated one million hours to causes via its employees’ 40 paid volunteer hours. Now, with the CrowdRise partnership, the brand aims to broaden the volunteerism effort to a wider, more public audience.
Norton, himself, is a big fan of Timberland and its volunteerism efforts saying,”I…

Shakira’s “La La La” Video Beats Volkswagen’s “The Force” For Most Shared Ad Ever

Since February of 2011, Volkswagen’s iconic “The Force” Super Bowl ad has been recognized as the most shared ad of all time…until now.
Released on May 22 of this year in anticipation of the World Cup games, Shakira’s “La La La” video has become the most shared ad ever according to video metrics company Unruly, beating Volkswagen’s “The Force” ad by 2,811 shares.
“Music videos are by far the most shared type of content,” said Unruly COO and co-founder Sarah Wood, “It’s no surprise that brands are now blurring the lines between traditional ads and music videos in order to get themselves seen and heard on social.”
Earning 5,375,756 social shares, Shakira’s “La La La” has gained more traction in the two months since its release than the three years “The Force” has had to earn its 5,372,945 shares.
Shakira’s “La La La” with 5,375,756 shares:

Volkswagen’s “The Force” with 5,372,945 shares:

Produced in conjunction with Activia Yogurt brand and the non-profit World Food Programme, Unruly claimed Sh…