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AOL Tries on the :1800 Ad Format | LinkedIn Points at Bizo Territory, Smiles, Licks Lips | Google's Local Update Did, Um, Something

Creative: AOL leapt to the next logical conclusion after concentrating much of its perceived ad value in extremely large homepage creative formats: it ran a 30-minute video ad for GM. We suppose the only thing left to do to make the agency's job even easier is to try to sell one impression at a $1 [...]

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Facebook Goes Down…

It looks like Facebook is down. Many are reporting the outage on Twitter and other social networks.
Even confirms that Facebook is down.
Facebook has been offline for about 5 minutes at this point. I expect it to go back online any second now.

Here is a screen shot of what happens when you try to access Facebook:

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LinkedIn Posts $534 Million In Revenue For Q2 2014, Up Nearly 50% Over Last Year

LinkedIn posted its 2014 Q2 revenue yesterday, earning $534 million for the quarter, a 47 percent increase over last year’s second quarter earnings.
The professional networking site says it now has more than 300 million members. At $318 million, 60 percent of LinkedIn’s total revenue came from the US, while the remaining $216 million – 40 percent of its overall revenue – was earned via its international markets.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the company’s quarterly revenue from its various products:

Talent Solutions products represented 60 percent of total revenue at $322 million, nearly a 50 percent increase over Q2 2013.
Marketing Solutions increased 44 percent over Q2 of last year, totaling $106 million.
Premium Subscriptions generated $105 million, accounting for 20 percent of the company’s total revenue.

Noting the launch of “Limited Listings” as part of its job opportunity offerings, LinkedIn said it now has one-million jobs listed on the site. According to the report, traffic to publis…

How to Build a Trustable Blog for Long-Run

Blogging is often seen as quickest way to get rich online, but it’s not the same for many. Specially, people who blogs for passion, and still stick to it, they have a complete different mind-set towards blogging. For me, Blogging is more of a passion, something I enjoy doing. No doubt, it’s my major source of income, and I treat it like real-business, but at the same time it’s personal for me. Here at ShoutMeLoud, [...]
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ShoutMeLoud July 2014 Stats and Income Report

Hey Shouter, July was a busy month for me and I realised that it’s been long I have shared monthly income report and stats for ShoutMeLoud. Last time I went to a bloggers meet in New Delhi, many readers told me to continue with the monthly stats report as it’s a motivation factor for me. I completely agree with the same, as seeing income and traffic report for other blogs in my earlier stage of [...]
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Small Business mobile is on the rise while check-in apps fall behind

It took some time but small businesses are finally seeing the power in going mobile. A new infographic from Constant Contact shows that over three-quarters (77%) of small businesses are now using mobile technology, an 11% jump from 2013.
One of the biggest areas of growth is the mobile optimized website. Last year, only 34% of SMBs were mobile ready. This year, it’s 60%. And additional 32% say they’ll have their site optimized within the next six months.
It’s a huge mind-set change and you can see it in these two numbers.

In 2013, 28% of small business owners said they had no plans to optimize their website for mobile.
In 2014, only 8% said no to mobile optimization.

What changed in a year? I think the whole concept of the mobile shopper became a little more real. Also, there was a fear factor a year ago – what’s involved in optimization, what’s it going to cost, is it going to disrupt my current revenue stream. Now, the switchover is not so intimidating.
Still, 36% of non-mobile owners say…

Facebook launches app, bringing vital data to the world

I’m US-centric. I admit it. I try to think globally. I try to remember that there are millions of people in the world who don’t have what I have but it’s easy to forget. When the car breaks down I forget that there are people who don’t have a car or access to any means of transportation beyond their own two feet. People with kids who can’t get them to a doctor. People with crops that are failing because they don’t have the technology they need to fix what’s wrong.
But today, I’m taking off my “the sarcasm is strong with this one” shirt and putting on my “whoohoo!” shirt in honor of Facebook’s new app. Yes, I’m applauding Facebook.
The app gives the user free access to a dozen sites that would normally ring up a hefty fee in data charges. Health, employment, education – sites with information that could, no exaggeration, help save a life.
They’re launching the app in Zambia through Airtel. Customers will have access to AccuWeather, Wikipedia, Facts for Life (health are for ch…

The @NBA: First Pro Sports League To Promote Twitter On Official Game Ball

It’s no secret that the National Basketball Association loves Twitter, and Twitter loves the NBA. Consider the fact that, in this era where the National Football League is seen as the dominant sports league in the US, @NBA’s 10.8 million Twitter followers is more than 50 percent better than the @NFL’s seven million followers. It’s even more than the NFL and Major League Baseball combined.
The Twitter/NBA relationship took another step today when the league announced that it’s adding the @NBA handle to its official game basketballs for the upcoming season.
The NBA says it’s the first major pro sports league to promote a social media handle on an official game ball, which is definitely true among major US sports leagues and probably true worldwide, too.
It’s interesting not so much as an attempt to gain more followers — every NBA player and pretty much everyone that will handle these official game balls already knows about @NBA and how to follow the league. It’s interesting because it’s no…