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Enough! The authors and publishers of "SEO is dead" articles must stop trying to pass off mythical and erroneous statements as facts and stop talking negatively about the industry with only a surface knowledge of what it takes to succeed at SEO now.

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How I Cross-Post Updates to Social Media

Digital Inspiration has an active presence across all social media websites – from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn – and as soon as a new article is published on the site, updates are sent out to all the difference social channels.
The social media publishing strategy is partly automated and partly manual for sites like Pinterest and Google+ that do not allow automated posting. Also, I am not using services like that monitor RSS feeds and cross-post updates almost immediately to Twitter and Facebook channels. The reason being that handcrafted social updates tend to perform better than ones containing only post titles picked from the RSS feed.
I have connected my Twitter account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page and the Google+ page to Buffer. When I am ready to share an article, I simply open the Buffer add-on, write a message and share.
In some cases, it helps to include an image with the social update and Buffer makes that easy as well. While you are on a page, hover your mouse ove…