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Twitter Drops Another Hint That E-Commerce Could Be Coming Soon

The evidence that Twitter is preparing an in-stream shopping service got another boost this week, when some users noticed a “payment & shipping” line within settings in the company’s Android app.
As first reported by The Next Web blog, a number of users posted screen shots showing the setting, while noting that it did nothing when clicked:

Huh. A 'Payment and Shipping' tab was just added to my Twitter app. Currently does nothing when tapped.
— Daniel Bader (@journeydan) August 4, 2014

Twitter regularly tests new features without fanfare and hasn’t responded to questions about this wrinkle, but it seems clear that this is another step toward a true e-commerce feature. Presumably, such a setting would allow users to enter credit card and shipping information that would enable seamless purchases within the network.
Up to now, Twitter’s e-commerce efforts have involved third-parties such as American Express or Starbucks. But this year, signs are pointing to br…

Apple, Samsung End Bitter Patent Litigation Outside US

Apple and Samsung agreed yesterday to mutually dismiss all their patent lawsuits outside the US. This impacts pending litigation and related matters in roughly eight separate countries. However the companies are still slugging it out in the US.
A joint statement issued yesterday said the following:
Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States . . . This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts.
It’s not entirely clear why this semi-truce is happening now — after millions upon millions in legal fees have already been spilled around the globe. (The gravy train is over for most of the attorneys on the various cases.) Perhaps the parties have started to recognize both the waste and the futility of the mutual litigation.
It has had little or no impact on the marketplace. Samsung has roughly double the global market share of Apple today.
Apple has…

Consumers Reject Lowest Common Denominator Native Ads — And So Should You

Not all native advertising is created equal. There is a wide and growing disparity between high-quality examples — those that are in the user’s activity stream, respectful of page content, and integrated with the site experience — and the lowest-common-denominator (LCD), “spots and dots” variety that may be in a feed (but that’s all).

This latter form exists because some networks and publishers are self-defining “native,” and buyers are eager to procure inventory at the lowest price. Smart marketers, agencies, publishers and brands are focusing on what matters — the consumers’ view — and are using this knowledge to perfect their native approaches.
Why The Low-Class Approach?
What is it about digital advertising that brings out the most base of commercial instincts, the hunt for the LCD? Despite the potential of display advertising, there has been a crushing surge toward right-rail, exchange-traded, auction-priced, audience-only-targeted, M-RECS with one-dimensional Flash creative.
Now tha…

Just 27% of digital marketers give their clients the very best results [infographic]

If there’s one thing that marketers are known for, it’s our ability to exaggerate and embellish. So, it’s somewhat surprising that in a recent SEMPO survey, just 27% of digital marketing agencies claim to be “very successful” in their efforts.
As if that isn’t bad enough, their ability to measure ROI from their efforts had dropped across all channels since 2012!

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Nielsen Study: Social Media Drives TV Viewers Awareness, Enjoyment Of Programs

The jury is still out on how strong an effect social media has on television viewing habits.
An NBCUniversal executive made a big splash in April with an emperor-has-no-clothes statement, saying that social did nothing for Winter Olympic ratings but Twitter, Facebook and others beg to differ.
This week, Nielsen added more data to the social-matters side of the ledger, reporting a study showing that 25% of U.S. viewers said they were more aware of TV programs because of their social media interactions. The study, using data from the fourth quarter of 2013, also found that 15% of viewers say they enjoy television more because of their social media activity. Both figures were significant increases from 2012 results (18% for awareness, 11% for enjoyment).
However, social media isn’t the primary second-screen activity according to other Nielsen data. Two-thirds of tablet users and about half of the smart phone users said surfing the web was their No. 1 secondary activity while watching TV. Sh…

Top 10 Best AdSense WordPress Plugins

Plugins on WordPress can do a variety of different functions and we have taken the time to look up the ones that are going to be helpful in putting ads on your website. There are many reasons why having ads on your site is a good idea; one of these benefits includes the opportunity to [...]
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15 Interactive Websites to Teach You How to Code

1. – Learn to program in several different languages for free. 2. – Learn Javascpript, Ruby, and Python. 3. – Play agame and learn to code in Python and Javascript. 4. – Learn Ruby on Rails by Watching Videos and completing the exercises. 5. – Learn Ruby on Rails by [...]
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Analytify : Best Google Analytics WordPress Dashboard Plugin

Your blog traffic statistics is one of the most important thing to grow your blog and when it comes to free analytic program, Google analytics is the best out there. For WordPress blog I personally use Google analytics and WordPress stats program. Analytify is one useful WordPress plugin for Google analytics users to check Google analytics stats right from the WordPress dashboard. The reason Analytify deserves to be featured here is because it also let [...]
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Facebook Video Ads: Facebook Launches Its 15-Second, Auto-Playing Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads: Facebook announced that it is starting to video ads that it started testing last fall. In December, we started testing Premium Video Ads as a way for advertisers to drive branding objectives on Facebook. Starting today, we’re introducing these ads on Facebook with a select group of advertisers. Premium Video Ads are [...]
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Under Cloudy Skies Facebook Makes Its Pitch To Small Business

Earlier today I attended the FacebookFit small business event at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters. Informally I was told there were about 350 business owners in the audience. It was the last of five such events held across the country as part of Facebook’s effort to reach out directly and educate business owners about best practices and advertising on the social site.
In total the company said there were about 4,000 small business attendees over the course of the five events, all of which sold out. You can see photos and some of the coverage from the New York event here.
The event today opened, under cloudy skies, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and local Congresswoman Anna Eshoo talking about the importance of small businesses to the US economy and recalling their families’ small business histories. Eshoo also celebrated Facebook’s job creation in her district.

Facebook Director of Small Business Dan Levy then got up and showcased a number of success stories and use cases. Perhap…

Mobile Traffic To News Sites Dropped 8.5% During Facebook Outage

Facebook’s brief outage Friday was annoying to many, including apparently the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, but it was useful for people interested in the social network’s impact on web traffic.
Chartbeat, which provides real-time analytics for web publishers, found that overall traffic on news sites fell 3% during the outage, which started at about noon Eastern time and lasted less than an hour. Entrances to news sites from mobile devices fell 8.5% during the downtime, according to Chartbeat, re-confirming Facebook’s major role in driving mobile traffic to online publishers.
Interestingly, however, Chartbeat noted “a 3.5% overall increase in desktop traffic after the beginning of the outage. That increase was largely fueled by a 9% increase in homepage direct traffic on sites with loyal homepage followings. We saw no increases in traffic via other referrers, including Twitter and Google News, during the outage. While we certainly can’t claim that the outage was the cause of that up…

Retargeted Facebook ads hit the mark on mobile

The best time to pitch to a customer is when they already have your company or product in mind. That’s why retargeting is such a powerful tool. AdRoll’s graphic explains the concept quite simply but I imagine it takes quite a few well-trained digital elves to make it all work.
Customer visits your site, leave without buying, later sees an ad for your site, thinks “hmm. . . I really was very fond of that red one. . . “, clicks the ad, is whisked back to your site where they buy the item they left in the cart the first time around. Smooth like butter but is the return worth the cost? And how does Facebook fit into the plan?
AdRoll wanted the answers to those questions so they studied “800 million impressions from 215 AdRoll advertisers running retargeting campaigns on three channels: FBX (on desktop), WCA (on mobile), and web sources other than Facebook.” They then packed all of the results into a white paper that you can download for free.
The main takeaway: with mobile you get more for y…