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No Address? No Ratings For You! Facebook Ratings Axed For Pages Without A Physical Location

Facebook page managers may notice an absence of stars when viewing their Facebook pages today. Those Pages without a physical address have lost their page ratings.

According to Inside Facebook, the Pages without a defined location will no longer show rating stars to visitors. About the decsion, Facebook chimed in: “We’re focused on ratings and reviews for places right now.”
So, if you’ve lost your Page ratings yet aren’t signed up as a ‘Local Business’ with a physical address don’t fret. It’s nothing you’ve done, just a change to the system that will be putting an onus on ranking brick and mortars.
For more information see InsideFacebook and the Help Center.
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Twitter Pulls Back From Experiment With Bing Translator

Less than two months after quietly expanding in-feed language translation, Twitter has removed the Bing Translator feature from its web and mobile apps.
The feature provided a quick and rough interpretation of tweets in foreign languages and was especially handy during international crises and global events like the FIFA World Cup. Judging from tweets in the week since the feature was dumped, many Twitter users are missing it.
A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment about the change; the company also never commented publicly about the expansion of the feature in June. But given Twitter’s ambition to be the “global town square,” it seems likely that the pullback from translation is only temporary.
Meanwhile, users will have to translate the old-school way, by copy-pasting text from tweets into their favorite online interpreter, something that one user already is trying with more satisfying results:

So since bing translate is not showing up in Twitter anymore I have been copying and past…

TripAdvisor Turns to Customers For Some User-Generated Creative Inspiration

What better way to get your customers talking about your brand than, well, to get them talking about your brand by paying them to do so? Well, at least giving them the chance to get paid. That’s the idea behind TripAdvisor’s user-generated TV ad contest.
Starting with the brand’s ongoing Don’t Just Visit campaign as inspiration, TripAdvisor is asking fans, followers and customers to submit videos which can be used as 15 or 30 second TV ads. Anyone in America, France or Australia can enter the contest, which runs through the month of August.
Of the approach, TripAdvisor CMO Barbara Messing said, “No one knows better than our community of millions of travelers how TripAdvisor makes a vacation great. Travelers love sharing their experiences on TripAdvisor, so we’re excited to get their take on our ‘Don’t Just Visit’ ads by asking them to share their travel stories in a creative new way, with one winning story to air on TV.”
And she’s right. Sometimes a brand is just too close to itself to p…

Quality Score Neutered | Twitter Offers Other Pricing Models | Google Thwarted in Its Own Right to Be Forgotten

Search: "Quality Score" has always been a relatively flimsy metric to try to optimize with search advertising campaigns, as Google never really wanted people to know what went into it, or what they could do to improve it other than sprucing up relevance and whatever else they could do to produce a higher click rate. The [...]

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4 Ways To Use Google+ Hangouts To Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Initiative

Many businesses have already realized the value of Google+ in their marketing efforts, especially since it’s owned by the world’s most popular search engine company. As part of the Google+ platform, users have access to Google+ Hangouts, which enables videoconferencing capabilities for up to ten people.

Google+ seeks to create a social media community where groups of people meet to interact, whether through status updates or video chats.
Instead of hosting one-on-one video chats through Skype, professionals can invite clients, colleagues, or potential customers to join them in a Google+ Hangout. When used properly, this tool can be used to improve a business’s online visibility as well.
Let’s explore some ways how Google+ can be used to improve online visibility, branding, and content marketing campaigns.
1. Boost Your YouTube Channel
Each of your Google+ Hangouts can be saved to your YouTube channel, allowing you to effortlessly build your video library. Even better is a new feature that …

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Yelp Adds Bing Translation For Reviews In Mobile Apps

Local knowledge is usually the most, er, knowledgeable.
So if you are looking for the best place for tapas in Barcelona, Spain, or the tastiest tacos al pastor in Mexico City, you’d best turn to someone who lives there. Or you can try Yelp, which today announced a handy update to its iPhone app: automated review translation.
The feature, powered by Bing Translator, provides interpretation between the 15 languages that Yelp supports — English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Japanese. Users can translate one review or all reviews with a tap of a button.
In a blog post announcing the update, Yelp showed an example of a Gellato shop in Milan, Italy (click to enlarge):

The utility is obvious for both travelers and local businesses as Yelp noted:
Although machine-translation is not perfect, it’s a fantastic resource for understanding the overall meaning and context of a review that would otherwise be unavailabl…

Facebook Media Less and Less Effective | Xaxis Guarantees Against Fraud, Non-Viewable Ads | Google Encourages Site Encryption, Gives U.S. the Stink Eye

Social: Facebook, through price increases, limiting inventory, limiting organic traffic and through possible weak fraud controls, is making social media purchase more of a raw deal for advertisers. The Wall Street Journal shows how this affects small businesses, but most of these negative attributes affect the largest brands as well. A poll showed less than one [...]

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