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Yahoo Launches Yahoo Stores, A Reboot Of Its E-Commerce Platform

Yahoo announced today that it has launched a new version of its e-commerce platform, Yahoo Stores, to give small business owners “a more powerful, streamlined and beautiful way to turn their ideas into a business.”
With Yahoo Stores, an online business can be up and running in minutes, according to a blog post by Amit Kumar, head of Yahoo’s small business department:

For most retailers, an online store is crucial, but getting it started is an arduous task that can take weeks. With Yahoo Stores, you can have an online store up-and-running and accepting orders in less than a couple of minutes. Our platform offers a seamless payment processing experience that is automatically PCI compliant, connecting you directly with a payment service provider in just a few clicks.

The service, which starts at $312 a year for a basic plan, offers built-in SEO, “the same serving technology used on, including relevant keywords in your website URLs, concise descriptions of your website’s content an…

Mobile Doubled | Nerdist Can Dream | Microsoft Asks for Privacy Legislation

Publishing: Nerdist has been expanding apace and appears to have ambitions to create a large network "like a Viacom or a Disney." The online-only media firm may have some ways to go. Mobile: IAB research shows spending on mobile media doubled from 2012 to 2013. The latter is the period in which Facebook and Google both instituted [...]

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Want To Speak @ SMX Social Media Marketing? Here’s How

The agenda is live, and we’re now accepting submissions to speak at Search Marketing Expo – SMX Social Media Marketing 2014, November 19-20, 2014, at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.
Start by carefully reading the SMX Social Media Marketing 2014 agenda and deciding where you think you’d make a great contribution.
Then read the speaking pitch instructions, and submit your pitch online.
Don’t dally! The speaking pitch form will close on September 5, and we’ll notify everyone who pitched whether they’ve been selected or not shortly thereafter.
Improving Your Odds Of Being Selected To Speak
As you might guess, interest is high in speaking at SMX conferences. We literally sift through hundreds of submissions to select speakers for the show. Here are some tips that will increase your chances of being selected.
Pitch early: Submitting your pitch early gives you a better chance of being selected. Coordinators accept speakers as soon as they identify a pitch that they think best fits the s…

Twitter Helps Verified Users Connect, Stays Mum About How To Request Verification

Copyright Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc.

Twitter wants to be the global public square, so naturally it often caters to the most famous among us. The company wants to stoke public discussion between prominent tweeters, whose interactions will in turn spark retweets and other piling on by the chattering masses.
Conversations like this between footballer/biter Luis Suarez and his most recent bitee Giorgio Chiellini:

.@luis16suarez It’s all forgotten. I hope FIFA will reduce your suspension.
— Giorgio Chiellini (@chiellini) June 30, 2014

And to aid more such interaction, Twitter announced Wednesday that it’s rolling out two mobile features: an alert when a verified user is followed by another verified user on iOS and Android devices and, for iOS users only, the ability for verified users to view verified followers from their profile.
“We hope these two features will help verified users easily connect with each other,” product manager Jinen Kamdar wrote in a blog post, “so we can…

Facebook Introduces Cross-Device Reporting For Ads

It’s a cross-platform world — how many devices did you use to check the Internet today? — and Facebook aims to measure it better. The social giant announced today that it is giving advertisers the ability to track conversions for people who interact with ads on mobile apps and websites.
Facebook notes that a new Altimeter white paper that it commissioned shows more than 60% of U.S. online adults use at least two devices daily and that more than 40% start an activity — such as shopping — on one device and complete it on another.
The new feature — powered by data from the Facebook SDK (software development kit) for apps and the Facebook Conversion Pixel — will enable advertisers to track that behavior closely and better understand how customers are reacting to their campaigns.
Facebook explained in a blog post:

Imagine seeing an ad for a product on your mobile phone while in line at the bank. Do you immediately make a purchase on your phone? Probably not. But perhaps you go back to your off…

Twitter and Pinterest have fun with video

Video may have killed the radio star but it’s doing wonders for online marketers! Today both Twitter and Pinterest have video-themed announcements.
First, Twitter rolls out Promoted Video Tweets. This is the paid version of the Twitter Video Card they began testing earlier this year. With this new, streamlined experience, Twitter skimmers can watch videos right in their feed with a single click. Naturally, this has led to more video views because who isn’t going to click when they see that tempting blue button?
Want more people to see your video? Simply pay to promote it and Twitter will insert it in millions of feeds all over the world. Or not. Because Twitter likes to play favorites and right now this option is only available to a select few.
I was particularly intrigued by this line in the announcement post: “Promoted Video builds upon the Twitter Amplify program, and brings a new set of video tools to high-quality content producers.”
Those who do qualify will be charged only when a vi…

Facebook launches cross-device tracking for Facebook ads

Yesterday, we were talking about how email marketers tend to use open rates rather than revenue as a measure of success. Today, we’re moving over to social media marketers and their version of the same problem.
We’re living in a cross-device world. Susan uses her smartphone to skim Facebook while she’s waiting for her coffee. She sees an ad for a product but before she can buy, the barista calls her name. Phone goes in her purse and she’s off to work.
Later in the day, she remembers the ad (if the advertiser did a good job of branding), visits the store online and buys the item. The ad worked. But you wouldn’t know that for sure because you couldn’t link the two.
Guess what. Facebook says, they can link the two.

With the new cross-device report, advertisers are now able to view the devices on which people see ads and the devices on which conversions subsequently occur. For instance, a marketer can view the number of customers that clicked an ad on an iPhone but then later converted on des…