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Showing posts from August 16, 2014

Friday Round-Up: YouTube on TV, Square makes an appointment and more

It’s round-up time! Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.
YouTube Updates the TV App
If you use a streaming or gaming device to watch YouTube videos on TV, you’re in for a treat. YouTube is rolling out an app update that will make it easier to find new videos from your favorite channels or watch all the vids in a playlist. They’ve also updated the search function so it’s actually useable.
This means more people will be watching more YouTube videos on the big screen. If you’re turning out high quality content, this is great news. If you’re not. . . why not? YouTube is a moneymaker. Get on it.
Make an Appointment with Square
Earlier this week, Amazon released their version of Square’s point-of-sale card reader while Square branched out into a new area – appointments. Square Appointments is an online calendar app that allows your customers to book online any time of the day or night. You can embed the widget on your website or in an email and get notified by email when a booki…

Search Marketers Tear Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change

Like a volcanic eruption, search marketers are raising their voices today over an unpopular AdWords change that Google announced late Thursday.
If you missed the news, Google said that AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to prevent their ads from showing up on “close variants” of their keywords — i.e., ads will, by default, show up on both the advertisers keywords and on close spellings. If you bid on the singular version of a keyword, it might also show on the plural version and you can no longer tell Google you don’t want that. Your ads might also show on misspellings and other “close variants” of your keywords.
The reaction to this change on Twitter and the search marketing blogs has been swift, loud and extremely negative. Here’s a sample of the tweets we found today, many of which are using the #ppcchat community hashtag:

Really @adwords? This isn't adding an option, it's taking one away. I like excluding close variants. #ppcchat
— Eric Heiken (@Eri…