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Why You Should Stop Visiting Local Shop and Start Online Shopping

Are you still making purchases from local shop? In this post, I would like to give you some insights on why you should consider online shopping instead. I have been an early adopter and now a regular online shopper who buys from printer cartridges to shoe polish online.
Reasons are justified:
It is Cheap
First and foremost reason of shopping online is Savings.
With so many web stores on the internet, there is a cut-throat competition and almost everyone is competing on pricing.
How many times you have considered visiting more than 3 shops for comparing prices? At a point, you settle down for the one which YOU think is reasonable. In online shopping however, you can go on opening browser tabs after tabs to visit shops after shops. If that isn’t enough, we have sophisticated solutions like price comparison websites to find the cheapest online retailer.
Also, you can always find a discount coupon which can help you save few more bucks. To find a coupon, just google search the keyword “<prod…

Google Goes 1980s with Tailored Phone Numbers for Call Ads | > 1/2 of UK Publisher Traffic is Mobile | Firms Scrutinize Employee Social Media Interactions

Search: Google is going old school, providing unique phone numbers to help track online-borne phone transactions to the ads that inspired the call. Mobile: More than half of the online audience of British print publishers reads the content via a mobile device . Social: Companies are getting bolder about monitoring and regulating social media exposure they have from employees. This [...]

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Facebook Raises Limits For Daily Frequency Of News Feed Ads

Facebook has adjusted its advertising policy to allow marketers to show ads more frequently in the News Feed, Digiday reported today.
The change, which went into effect Aug. 6, allows advertisers to show users the same ad twice a day; previously the daily limit was one. Similarly, brands now are permitted to serve two News Feed ads daily — up from one — to users who haven’t liked their Facebook Page. Left unchanged: The daily limit of four News Feed ads that can be shown to people who have liked a Page.
Digiday’s report was based on an email Facebook sent to agencies this month.
Facebook spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt confirmed the change in an email to Marketing Land, but emphasized that users will not see more ads in the News Feed, just potentially more ads from the same advertiser.
“This does not change ad load,” Rathschmidt wrote. “We will not show more ads; rather, we are updating the spacing between ads, and relaxing some of the parameters around insertions of ads from the same advert…

Report: Mobile 21 Percent Of E-Commerce, Will Be $84B In 2014

Internet Retailer projects that by the end of the year mobile devices will account for 21 percent of e-commerce sales for the “500 leading retailers.” Globally, the publication says, mobile commerce will bring in nearly $84 billion in 2014.
The report also observes that responsive design continues to gain adoption, with more than 20 percent of leading retailers now having responsive sites. The document further estimates that about 42 percent of mobile sales will come from apps and roughly 58 percent from mobile websites this year.
It’s not surprising that more mobile commerce is coming from websites more than apps. In the retail category in particular app penetration is fairly low. Other than Amazon or eBay consumers don’t have many conventional retail apps on their phones and most retailers to date have done a poor job of giving consumers reasons to download and retain them.

A separate report from ShopVisible directionally confirms the 21 percent figure from Internet Retailer. The e-com…

GoDaddy Now Offering .SHIKSHA Domain Name

GoDaddy, is the world largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, today announced the availability of generic top level domain (gTLD) .SHIKSHA for registration. The new domain name extension means ‘education’ or ‘learning’ in Hindi. The .SHIKSHA domain name extension helps individuals, business owners and organizations associated with education to get the right domain name [...]
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Google Lets Advertisers Track Phone Calls Generated From Websites

In its latest move to prove the value of its AdWords advertising platform, Google has launched Website Call Conversions. The new conversion type tracks phone calls that happen after a user lands on a website from an AdWords ad.
By adding code to their sites, advertisers can track whether calls are made by users who click on a phone number or dial the number from their phones. When a user arrives at the site after clicking an ad, Google dynamically generates a unique phone number that can display for up to 90 days. Reporting shows which keyword and ad generated a call.
Google offers the ability to assign different values to calls generated from pages on a site that are geared toward different stages in the sales funnel.
However, as with Google’s click-to-call conversion tracking, AdWords can’t report actual sales or transactions from website calls — an advantage third-party call tracking solutions offer. Website call conversions can be used with third-party tools as well as with click-to-…

Gullible? Facebook’s satire notation could help you save face

If you’ve ever been fooled by a fake news story on Facebook, you’ll like the feature the social network is testing. Mashable has confirmed that Facebook is testing a “satire” notation on stories that show up in your news feed. Facebook says they’re had requests for such a notation because people sometimes have a hard time figuring out which headlines are real and which are fake.
There are times when it’s tricky to figure out, especially at a glance. That’s kind of the point. Sites such as The Onion and The Daily Currant are at their best when the headline sounds like it could have come from the pages of the New York Times. So, I get it. . . but I’m not giving everyone a pass.
Remember all those people who freaked out because they thought Steven Spielberg had killed a real dinosaur for Jurassic Park?
So now we have to label ads, label satire – next we should label airbrushed photos of actresses so people understand that they don’t really look like that.
Meanwhile, over at Twitter headquart…

Yahoo Gulps Ad Fraud Firm | $60MM to AppNexus | Google's Quiet Algo Change Still Unacknowledged

Biz Buzz: AppNexus received a $60 million investment, putting its funding to date around $200 million, this despite a general market wariness regarding ad technology. Yahoo made another acquisition

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