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In Push To Court Corporations, Instagram Releases Better Tools For Brands

Brands are about to get a big boost on Instagram. Today Instagram announced a new suite of business tools that will give marketers mounds of important data and metrics including impressions, reach frequency and engagement.
This suite has been beta tested for a few select advertisers, but will be rolling out to all advertisers now. Not an Instagram Advertiser? Hold tight. Instagram will be rolling out to additional brands later this year.
The new suite of tools include:

Account Insights

This will allow businesses to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns as a whole with metrics on impressions, reach and engagement.
Ad Insights
Advertisers will be able to view the metrics of paid campaigns including impressions, reach and frequency for each ad delivered to a target audience.
Ad Staging
This will allow marketers to preview, save and collaborate on upcoming campaigns.

For more information see the official Instagram blog post.
The post In Push To Court Corporations, Instagram Releases Better Tools F…

Banned AdSense Publisher Cries Foul After Receiving Encouragement From Google Reps

Business Insider has the story of an AdSense publisher who says Google owes him the $46,000 his account accrued before Google banned him from the advertising platform.
Stories of publishers claiming Google unceremoniously shut down their accounts and robbed them of ad revenue aren’t new. What’s interesting about this story is that Google’s sales team had contacted the publisher less than two weeks before his account was shut down to congratulate him on his revenue increases and offer further assistance. The publisher says he then spoke with an AdSense rep and was told his practices were fine.
Whether or not the publisher was at fault, this story underscores why it’s important to understand the disconnect between compliance teams and sales teams that exists at Google. As anyone who has tried to deal with policy issues can attest, Google account reps and policy teams don’t communicate all that well. This can be seen as a systemic or cultural problem that keeps advertisers and publishers i…

Florida Judge Rules That Facebook Likes Aren’t Owned By Page Creators

Can a Facebook Like be owned?
No, according to a ruling by a Florida federal judge who Wednesday turned aside a lawsuit by a woman battling the Black Entertainment Television network over control of social media fan pages for “The Game,” including a Facebook Page with more than 6.2 million Likes.
You can read the particulars of the suit this piece by the Hollywood Reporter or read the ruling in full here, but here’s a short version of the dispute:
After the CW network cancelled “The Game” in 2009, Stacey Mattocks, an insurance agent from Florida, is credited with using social media to help resurrect the series about the lives of fictional pro football players and their wives. When BET brought back the show in 2011, Mattocks’ suit stated, she agreed to become a social media freelancer for the Viacom-owned network. She also entertained a full-time job offer for $85,000 a year from BET and negotiated about a possible outright sale of the Page. BET offered $15,000; Mattocks was looking for $…

Mobile Is Rising Star Of The E-Commerce Show

An increasing percentage of shopping starts on a smartphone but later concludes on another device or offline. Yet despite this and its smaller-screen challenges, mobile commerce is far outpacing the rest of US retail and e-commerce in terms of growth.
According to recent figures from comScore, m-commerce grew 47 percent year-over-year, while overall e-commerce grew only 10 percent. It’s easier to grow from a smaller base but the data still reflect that mobile is taking center stage in consumer shopping.

ComScore says that mobile was 11.1 percent of total e-commerce in Q2, up from 8.6 percent in Q2 2012. Smartphones were responsible for 54 percent of transactions, while tablets drove 46 percent of mobile conversions in the quarter.
These comScore data stand in contrast to other recent data from Internet Retailer and ShopVisible. Internet Retailer projected that by the end of the year mobile devices will account for 21 percent of e-commerce sales globally. ShopVisible reported that smartph…

The Most Successful Businesses Will Be Customer Obsessed Says Forrester’s Sheryl Pattek

“The world is changing and it’s time to get customer obsessed,” Sheryl Pattek, VP & Principal Analyst, CMO and Marketing Leadership Practice Forrester Research told the audience of marketing technologists at the MarTech conference in Boston Wednesday.
In her talk entitled “Making Marketing Thrive in the Age of the Customer”, Pattek shared the work she and her team at Forrester have done to understand the tectonic shift occurring with customer experiences today and ways in which companies must adapt. Pattek stressed,

“We’ve entered the age of the customer. We believe we are at the beginning of a 20 year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically serve their customers.”

As such, marketing should no longer about optimizing the channel, but about optimizing the entire customer engagement and telling consistent stories across all customer touch points.
Pattek pointed to Delta as an example of a company that has adapted to merge the br…

Vine Adds Ability To Share Clips From Camera Roll, Plus Other Video Editing Improvements

Vine announced an update today that will make it easier for marketers to create content for the six-second video sharing service.
Previously, the Vine app only enabled posting of in-the-moment video, but now Vine users will be able to pull previously shot clips from their camera rolls. “You can select one video or mix together several —- and yes, slow-motion videos are supported,” wrote iOS engineer Richard Plom in a blog post announcing the update, which also includes improved editing features:

Next, it’s now easier to get your Vine just the way you want it. Whether you’ve imported a past video or shot a new one within the Vine app, you can edit your Vines faster and with more precision. Simply tap the scissors from the preview screen to edit your Vine and try out new tools such as the duplicate button and mute button. My favorite new tool is the preview and undo button — with one tap, you can preview your last clip right from the capture screen, and if you don’t want to use it, you ju…

Snapchat Attempts Piece of Ad Pie | AOL: Do-Not-Track? Piff. | Google Pushes Out New Bulk Editor

Publishing: Snapchat is growing up. In its first efforts to create an actual revenue stream it is relying on … wait for it … advertising. Privacy: AOL is joining everyone and their dog in explicitly not honoring Do Not Track requests, the never-working model whereby browsers would inform sites of the user's wishes on tracking. As others have [...]

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