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Friday round-up: New tricks for Vine, SoundCloud makes money and more

It’s Friday and I’m back with another round-up of stories that didn’t make it on to Marketing Pilgrim this week. Today we’re talking about new tools on Vine, SoundCloud gets into the money-making business and Tumblr takes a closer look at your photos.
Oh Vine. There was a time when my Twitter feed was filled to overflowing with quirky, mini videos of dogs sneezing and people falling off of things over and over again. Now, I see a couple a week. . . amazing how quickly we tire of these things.
But don’t give up yet! Vine just released a new update with features that turn this toy into a tool. (I mean that in a good way) The biggest change is the ability to add existing video from your phone. You can also edit faster, preview what you’ve done and easily undo bits that don’t work. They’ve also added duplicate and mute options to make it even easier to create something special. If you gave up on Vine, it’s time to give it another try.
SoundCloud is kind of like YouTube for audi…

More Twitter E-Commerce Plans Emerge; Payments Startup Stripe Said To Be On Board

Details of Twitter’s long-expected move into e-commerce are continuing to slip out.
Re/code’s Jason Del Rey reported today, citing multiple industry sources, that the company will work with payments startup Stripe to handle the credit card transactions required for users to purchase goods directly from tweets.

Later this year, Twitter is expected to unveil buttons within tweets that say “Buy” or some variation of the word; after clicking on the button, shoppers are expected to be able to enter in payment and possibly shipping information without leaving Twitter’s service. Sources say that businesses that want to sell products or services within tweets are being instructed to sign up with Stripe to process payments on their behalf. While Stripe is believed to be Twitter’s only payments partner now working on the e-commerce business, it’s not clear whether that will remain the case over the long haul.

Re/code reported in January that Twitter and Stripe were working on a deal and there have…

BBB: Tracking is Tracking, You Scallywags | Bing Revs Ad Editor | Google SERP Change Benefits Dissipate

Privacy: The Better Business Bureau is complaining about all the new ad technology claims pointing out that there is personal identification beyond cookies. It's not that the claims are false, but rather that they fear people will not abide their Accountability Program, which asked that they seek explicit permission prior to such tracking. One of the [...]

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