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Facebook Gives Advertisers Ability To Target Mobile Users By Bandwidth

In a move to hone its advertising efficiency in emerging markets, Facebook announced today that advertisers can now target users by the speed of their mobile network connections.
The new feature is intended to help marketers trying to reach customers in the developing world, where Facebook’s audience is growing rapidly but Internet connection speeds are all over the place. Serving video ads, for instance, to someone in Bali with a 2G connection isn’t going to do anyone — users or advertisers — any good.
Previously, Facebook offered device and operating system targeting ability — smartphones, tablets, feature phones, Android and iOS — but advertisers, Facebook said, asked for bandwidth segmentation. Facebook’s Brendan Sullivan explained further in a blog post:

Targeting by mobile network type helps advertisers choose creative that will run smoothly on any given device and connection speed. For example, serving a video ad to people in Indonesia with 2G connections may mean wasted impressio…

Video Exchange: Humans Just Create Overhead; Publishers: Robots Devastate Pricing | Robotic Mobile Up Lots | MB Snatches Remaining Competitor Insight Express

Robot Invasion: TubeMogul's better-than-expected results show a keen management desire to eliminate humans in the buying chain to create efficiencies. On the other hand, publishers are coming to the conclusion that throwing their video inventory onto exchanges without forcing human salesperson interaction is a recipe for brand destruction and massive pricing power loss. Mobile media robot buying [...]

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Get To Know: Jack Daniel’s VP Global Marketing Creative Director Eric Doninger

As Jack Daniel’s Vice President, Global Marketing Creative Director, Eric Doninger is the creative force behind the Jack Daniel’s Family of Brands.
Tasked with translating the brand’s business and marketing objectives into creative strategies and compelling consumer communications, Doninger oversees advertising, experiential marketing, consumer relationship marketing, social and digital marketing, packaging creative strategy and development, as well as serving as the principal contact for the brand’s global agency relationships.
Joining Brown-Forman in 1999, Doninger most recently held the position of Vice-President, Global Director of Design where he oversaw Brown-Forman’s design and creative capabilities, including brand design strategy, brand identity design, package design, in addition to experiential and corporate workplace design.
While in his previous role at Brown-Forman, Doninger led internal design teams and external agency partners in the redesign of many of the world’s most w…

Curalate Brings E-Commerce To Instagram; Nordstrom Is First To Sell

The marriage between social media and e-commmerce still isn’t official, but it seems like every week they take a least a few steps closer to the altar.
And while the major social networks in the space — Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest — continue treading cautiously, one company has created a solution that works today on Instagram.
It’s not quite seamless — customers still have to maneuver through a few hoops to buy products from their Instagram feeds — but Curalate’s Like2Buy is pretty slick.
Here’s how it works for Nordstrom, the first of Curalate’s clients to enable it:

When customers come across a Nordstrom Instagram post with a product they are interested in, they are encouraged to click to the Nordstrom Instagram profile
In the profile, there’s a Like2Buy link that when clicked (or tapped on the mobile app) takes the user to a gallery of featured products.
Clicking on any of the items on the gallery page, takes the user to the item’s page on There’s also a “My Likes” fun…

Video Marketing Survey: 71% Say Video Conversion Rates Outperform Other Marketing Content

Marketers who fail to incorporate videos into their content marketing strategy may be overlooking a potential goldmine.
According to a video benchmark report from video marketing and analytics platfrom Vidyard, 71 percent of marketers said their video content’s conversion performance was either somewhat or much better compared to other types of marketing content.
Based on a poll conducted by marketing research firm Demand Metric and sponsored by Vidyard, the video marketing benchmark report included survey data from 235 respondents representing B2B, B2C and agency organizations.
When asked if they believed their video marketing ROI was getting better, staying the same, or declining, nearly half of the survey respondents claimed video content ROI was improving.
How is the ROI of video changing?

Eighty-six percent of the survey respondents said they were measuring their video content engagement rates, but, at 48 percent, the majority were only analyzing basic metrics like views and shares.

New: You Can Now Import Google+ Videos To YouTube

Google has tightened the connection between Google+ and YouTube with a new tool that lets users import videos from the former to the latter.
Users that have merged their YouTube channel with Google+ will find a new import option in the upper right corner on the YouTube upload page. Clicking the “import” button brings up a window showing all the available Google+ videos that can be imported. The importing can be done one-at-a-time, or in bulk, and YouTube will give you the chance to edit the titles and other attributes just as you do with traditional uploads. You can also set these imported videos to private.
Google announced the new tool in the YouTube Help Forum and shared this video that explains how it works:

Brands and marketers that are active on both sites should find this a more convenient way to get videos — especially auto-uploaded ones that are stored in Google+ — in front of their YouTube audiences.
The post New: You Can Now Import Google+ Videos To YouTube appeared first on Ma…

Apple iAD Introduces Ad Units Designed For Brands, Expands To Two More Countries

Apple announced two new ad formats are now supported in the company’s mobile ad platform, iAd. Pre-roll video and full-screen interstitial banner ads with units designed for in-app viewing.
Additionally, the company has expanded the iAd network to Russia and Switzerland, bringing the total number of countries in-network to 16.
When iAd first launched, it was designed to lure big-spending brand advertisers. That didn’t pan out as intended and the platform languished, eventually dropping the minimum ad spend required to use the platform. In April of this year, Apple opened up iAd to small businesses and app developers — anyone with an Apple ID.
At the same time it has been working on efforts to bring brand advertisers into the fold, namely with the video and full-screen ad formats announced today.
It remains to be seen if Apple’s approach to appeal to both big brands and small business can help them cut into the business of the mobile ad leaders, Google and Facebook, to grab more than its c…

New Pinterest analytics: more about the who than the how many

Everyone loves to see their social media numbers rise; followers, engagement, clicks. It makes us feel like we’re doing something right. But the real power lies behind the numbers. Who are these followers? Why are they clicking? Would they click more if you had blue images instead of red ones?
Pinterest’s new analytics for business is all about the faces behind the numbers and I’m excited to use Pinterest again.
The first thing they did was make the dashboard pretty. I know that shouldn’t matter but this is Pinterest! Plus, color-coding helps me see what’s happening at a quick glance.
The opening page is all about the quick look. It’s an overview of impressions and engagement over the past week in number, percentages and graphs.

Across the top are three tabs, Your Profile, Your Audience and Activity.
Your Profile and Activity include most of the same data you had in the old analytics, just neatened up a bit. The real gold is under the Audience tab. This is broken down by Demographics and I…

mCommerce Up by Half, eCommerce by 10% | Pinterest Rolling Out Reached User Reports | Google's Penguin Updates Rather Dangerous

eCommerce: Commerce from computers grew 10 percent last year, with mobile burgeoning 47 percent, according to comScore. That mobile growth was much easier to achieve, as even after the boom, mobile commerce still accounts for only one in nine dollars. Social: Just months after launching advertising, Pinterest is rolling out tracking tools that allow for a calculation of [...]

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