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Twitter Tests Desktop Trends Box That Displays Details About Each Trend

The trends box on Twitter’s desktop site is very spartan — a list of 10 topics and hashtags displayed without context and tucked inconspicuously into either the right or left rail.
It’s likely many users overlook the feature, making it a missed opportunity for Twitter as it attempts to make its platform more engaging and hold the interest of the new users it needs to continue expanding its business.
And that’s likely the reason behind an apparent test that reader and social media professional Danielle Azar noticed on one of her clients’ Twitter accounts yesterday. On the account, the trends box displayed details about each trending topic, as shown in this screen grab:

Azar said she was unable to replicate the view on any other account and we weren’t able to either. We emailed Twitter for comment and will update this post if we hear back. Twitter is testing new features all the time and usually doesn’t comment on specifics, referring to a 2013 blog post about its constant experimentation.

Google Brings Analytics To Chrome Toolbar For AdSense And Other Google Publishers

Google publishers using the Google Publisher Toolbar can now see Google Analytics data directly in the toolbar. The toolbar is available for those using AdSense, Ad Exchange or DoubleClick for Publishers.

Rather than having to open Google Analytics separately, the Toolbar window provides analytics about that page, including visitors, pageviews, bounce rate and average time on page during a specific time period. It even provides access to In-Page Analytics.
The Google Publisher Toolbar is an add-on offered in Chrome.
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Facebook Adds Ability To Advertise Events In News Feed

More than 400 million people interact with Facebook events every month, the social network says. And today, the company announced that it’s giving Page owners another avenue to reach those people.
Facebook has enabled ads for events to be placed in mobile and desktop News Feeds. Previously, event ads only were available for display in the less prominent right rail on the desktop platform. Here’s a Facebook mockup of how the ads, available globally through the Ad Create tool and the Power Editor, will look:

Facebook also official announced that it will display Insights for events, which we reported earlier this month. Insights are displayed in the right-hand column of the events page and show:

The number of people who’ve seen a link to the event on Facebook
The number of people who’ve viewed the event
The number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received

Facebook also announced that it has redesigned the event page for users:

Each person’s events page has a new look and feel to better …

Looking for a college-bound influencer? Look on YouTube

You may think that big chains like Walmart, Target and Staples control back-to-school shopping but the real power is in the hands of the YouTube haulers.
These young women have the eyes and ears of the older teens headed off to college and the younger teens who are dreaming about the future. Sitting in their sparkly bedrooms, they show off everything from hangers to sheets, to communal shower must-haves and tools for whipping up a “no kitchen needed” snack.
Think Google says that searches for “back to school haul” on YouTube are up 70% this year. Searches for “dorm hauls” on YouTube doubled in the first 10 days of August.
Hoping to be first in line, this year’s haulers released twice as many back-to-school haul videos in the first seven months of 2014 as they did in 2013. Last year, most of the videos went up in August but this year a large number of videos launched in July. Send them all a thanks for helping to extend the BTS shopping season.
The best thing about the dorm haul audience i…

Instagram Suffers Outage, #ThrowbackThursday Interrupted

It’s not just you. Instagram went offline this afternoon. Users couldn’t post — alas on #ThrowbackThursday — to the photo sharing app. It’s mobile app feeds weren’t refreshing and the desktop site was flashing an error message.
Instagram took to Twitter to tell users it’s working on the problem:

Instagram is experiencing some technical issues. We’re aware and working on a fix.
— Instagram (@instagram) August 28, 2014

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Google Ad Head Divulges Thinking | Thought Mobile Media was Endless? Yes it is | Bing: We Matter Enough to Need Search Cops Too

Ad Tech: The guy who runs ad products for Google (turned out to be a human, not a parallel CPU cluster) was interviewed by Ad Age, throwing out some interesting perspectives, such as perceptions on native advertising, obstinacy regarding mobile ad relative ineffectiveness, and hints that Glass might get ads eventually, once it has wider adoption. Media: Not [...]

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Twitter Is Sending Agencies To “Twitter Flight School”

Twitter isn’t the easiest platform to understand. It’s abbreviated 140-character nature has been the mother of invention for its users who created a litany of shortcuts and jargon that can confuse the uninitiated.
Twitter knows this and is working to demystify the service, especially for marketers who are vital to the company’s success as a business.
The company’s latest effort along those lines is Twitter Flight School, an online program to help agencies better understand the platform and its advertising products. Twitter’s Christine Cuoco explained in a blog post:

Twitter Flight School contains everything agencies need to know to develop high-impact marketing campaigns for clients, and agency learners can even access both the curriculum and additional resources on their mobile devices. We’ve tailored the content and created bite-size modules to address different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, account planning and campaign management.

Twitter tested the program …

Today’s social media treat: Twitter analytics for everyone!

And now an important message from our friends at Twitter:

That’s excellent news for anyone who even remotely uses Twitter as a marketing channel. It’s even good news for people who are just curious about their impact on the social media world. It’s just plain, good news across the board.
A few months ago, I wrote a mostly positive post about Twitter’s new analytics dashboard. My only complaint was that you had to have a Twitter advertising account to access the tool. Not as big a hurdle as you might imagine because you didn’t have to actually advertise but you did have to sign up and I believe you had to put in your credit card information. I’m sure that kept a lot of smaller businesses from diving in and that’s a shame because it’s a truly excellent tool.
Here we are at the end of August and it’s a problem no more. Everyone now has access to Twitter analytics. All you have to do is log in to your account then go to
This morning I logged into the account I use for m…