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Facebook Gives App Developers A Simpler Way To Integrate With The Platform

Facebook announced today that it is simplifying the process for developers integrating apps into the social network.
A blog post by software engineer Dmitry Soshnikov explained how it used to be:

In the original app-creation flow, you had to find and download our latest SDKs, create a Facebook App ID, enable the platform you were building for, and then copy and paste certain information between our docs and your development environment — all while trying to read our documentation. We are always trying to improve the experience for developers, and having a quick start to integrating with Facebook is one example.

The new process — try it out here — walks developers through interactive guides, displaying only the steps relevant to their app. SDK downloads are included inline, along with code that can be copy and pasted into the app.
Currently, the new process supports iOS, Android, websites and Canvas. Facebook said it plans to expand to other platforms — “as well as extend the steps to let …

Google to Increase Copy Limits for Adwords | TubeMogul Gets Nielsen Stamp | Nielsen, Meanwhile, Ponders Navel

Search: Google is allowing for more copy to be included in search ads, adding 25 characters to the current 35-character limit. It appears the new limit will be allowed in those ads already displaying "extensions." Some users are already enjoying the new limits, but all are supposed to in the next few weeks. Video: TubeMogul jumped through enough [...]

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Top 10 Companies Providing Ppc Management Services

PPC is the prominent Internet marketing strategy is widely being used by several online entities. It is an Internet advertising model which attracts traffic to the website. In this strategy, the advertiser is required to pay the publisher when the ad is clicked by the targeted customer. Pay per Click management is inevitable in this [...]
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6 Best Free Alternatives to Camtasia for Mac and Windows

There are many video recording software’s which you can use on your desktop to create screencast or even to record yourself. Camtasia is one of those software which is designed specially for beginners who wants to start with video blogging or screen casting, which offers feature such as ” Recording screen Recording your face Editing the video Adding the video effects and so on. They offer 90 days free trial [...]
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Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkup For All Users

Facebook today moved to better educate its users about privacy settings on the social network.
The “Privacy Checkup,” first introduced in the last spring, will be rolled out to all users in the coming days.
It’s a three-step process, an interactive tutorial guided by a cartoon blue dinosaur that gives people more information about who they are sharing with, what apps they have given access to and what profile data they are sharing. At each point, users are able to adjust their settings from within the Privacy Checkup dialog box.
For more information see the Facebook post.

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No, Pinterest I’m Not Getting Married

File this in the harmless-but-creepy folder.
Pinterest sent a good number of users email this week congratulating them on their upcoming weddings and pointing them to marriage related boards.

Hi xxxx,

You’re getting married! And because we love wedding planning — especially all the lovely stationery — we invite you to browse our best boards curated by graphic designers, photographers and fellow brides-to-be, all Pinners with a keen eye and marriage on the mind.

The trouble was the targeted emails were sent to many people who aren’t planning to get married at the moment. Naturally, quite a few of them took to Twitter to comment on Pinterest’s social faux pas.

Apparently I'm getting married. Thanks, @pinterest. I was unaware. Are you providing the ring too, cuz…
— Alaine Elizabeth (@lanelane04) September 4, 2014

Lol Pinterest thinks I'm getting married. Nope, I'm just single and pathetic

So Pinterest sent me a notice that said I was getting married. Ummm, I ha…

Isn’t that special: Google introduces AdWords Callout Extensions

What is it that makes your business standout from the competition? Award-winning? Open 24 hours? Only local ingredients? Free Shipping on All Orders? Whatever it is, Google is giving you a chance to tell the world with the new AdWords Callout Extensions.

Callouts create an additional line of descriptive text underneath your existing ad. A callout must be less than 25 characters but you can create up to four per ad. You can’t use “gimmicky” symbols such as hearts and smiles (Do advertisers really use hearts and smiles on their ads?) and you can’t duplicate callouts – meaning you can’t just write “free shipping” four times.
For general campaigns, Google recommends words such as “special discounts” or “price-matcing.”
The real power is in the ad group level because you can get specific. For example, an ad that links to the designer handbags on your site could include “free wallet with purchase” as a callout. Selling text books for back-to-school? Offer free expedited shipping on that item w…

Twitter forces Twitpic to pull the plug on the photo sharing app

It’s hard to believe, but prior to 2011 you had to have a third party app if you wanted to share a photo on Twitter. And for the longest time, the app you were likely to use was Twitpic.
From 2008 to 2011, everyone used Twitpic including some very popular social media celebrities such as William Shatner, Kayne, Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton (oh the memories. . . ).
The cool thing about Twitpic was that it also functioned as a photo album. People could visit your profile page and skim through your entire visual history. Here’s what Jessica Alba had for lunch 1043 days ago.
Seriously, Twitpic opened out eyes to more than just what celebrities have for lunch. It allowed millions of ordinary people to instantaneously share images of extraordinary things like this:

Twitpic really did change the way we see the world but then Twitter added the ability to share photos without a third party app and the world changed again.
This morning, Twitpic founder Noah Everett announced that he was being forc…