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Showing posts from September 6, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg Believes WhatsAp Can Reach 2-3 Billion Users

Will messaging be bigger than social media? That seems to be the message Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent today at an appearance in Mexico City.
In remarks quoted by Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg said that he believes WhatsAp, the mobile messaging service Facebook is in the process of acquiring for $19 billion, can ultimately reach two or three billion people. WhatsAp currently has a user base of 600 million, less than half of Facebook’s 1.3 billion active users.
“I think WhatsApp is going to be the global text messaging platform,” Zuckerberg said, according to Bloomberg. “I think we’re going to have an opportunity for WhatsApp to connect two or three billion people.”
To reach those numbers, more of the world’s population would need to be connected to the Internet, and Facebook’s year-old project is focused on just that — expanding mobile access in the developing world.
“We feel a big responsibility to bring the Internet to more people,” Zuckerberg said. …

Online marketing round-up: Verizon must pay, Enterprize gets a new name and more

Friday, Friday! Time for another round-up of interesting online marketing related articles and blog posts that didn’t make it on to Marketing Pilgrim during the week.
Bad Verizon, Bad
Verizon has agreed to pay a $7.4 million dollar fine for misuse of customer data. When you hear that, you probably think data breech or that they ignored customers’ wishes. But what they actually did was NOT give 2 million new customers a chance to opt-out of marketing offers within 5 days of signup.
Sounds kind of steep. It’s not like they used a customer’s credit card to charge a trip to the Bahamas. But the FCC is mad and that ain’t good. Going forward, Verizon will include an opt-out notice on every bill.
What I want to know is, who gets the fine?
TV Buzz Reports
Last year, Nielsen began calculating the worth of a TV show based on the number of Tweets. Now, Variety is taking social media ratings to another level with their new Digital Audience Ratings system.

DAR is a syndicated rating system for fan engage…

Which social media network drives the most ecommerce conversions. . .?

If you had to guess (and you do) which social media network drives the most ecommerce conversions, I’d guess that you’d say Facebook. Unless, of course, you’ve already seen this chart from the new “Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising” from AOL Platforms and Convertro.
The answer is (insert drumroll). . . .
But don’t hand over the rose bouquet just yet.
YouTube may have come out on top but it still didn’t make a very good showing with only 14%. Facebook came in second along with the much maligned Google+. How about that?
Now take a look at those long, blue lines. This represents the middle of the shopping funnel. People already have some idea of what they want but they haven’t settled on a particular brand, store or model. This is the. . . I know I want a new TV but should I get a flat screen, HD, big, small, smart, curved, Samsung or Sony, Walmart, Best Buy or somewhere else . . . portion of the game.
Clearly, people are turning to social media for recommendations, answers to que…