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.@Ford Motor Company Takes A Newsjacking Bite Out Of #Applelive Event

Ford Motor Company is having some fun with today’s Apple news today with a real-time tweets. Not a bad idea when the eyes of the Internet are tuned to Cupertino for the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and Apple’s entry into the smart watch market.
Sure, Apple has cutting edge technology. Ford’s response: “#WeGotThat2″

We’ve got glass, too. Objects appear in 3D! #wegotthat2
— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 9, 2014

That’s cool. Our batteries power an entire car. #wegotthat2
— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 9, 2014

A 5.5” inch touchscreen? Impressive… but how about an 8” one? #sync#wegotthat2
— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 9, 2014

Our vehicles feature state-of-the-art coin trays in the center console. #basicallythesamething. #smartphone
— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 9, 2014

Autofocus? We have a Focus auto. #wegotthat2
— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) September 9, 2014

Several other b…

iPhone 6 and iWatch launch live: Build up and all the latest news from Apple Special Event

Welcome to our iPhone 6 live launch blog. Follow for the latest news on the iPhone 6 and iWatch including release dates, specs, features, prices and everything else you need to know. Apple has sent out the invite for its iPhone 6 launch, which confirms that the iPhone 6 unveiling will be held today (9 [...]
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Apple’s iWatch Could Usher In Wearables Era

If Apple doesn’t announce its smartwatch tomorrow observers will be shocked. Details remain scarce though there’s plenty of rumor and speculation about what the watch will look like and do. Among them, many believe it will be NFC-enabled and allow people to make payments with their watches.
The cost of the Apple wearable device is unclear, though the company reportedly considered pricing of $400 (too much). That would be $150 more than Motorola’s round-faced, sold out Moto 360 smartwatch.
Apparently leaked images of the Apple device suggest a square face with rounded corners. The Moto 360 device is popular in large part because it looks more like a conventional watch, and less like something an astronaut would wear. Awkwardly designed square-faced watches from Samsung and LG are largely duds.
The Moto 360 device is both elegant and affordable; it’s a smartwatch that people will actually wear. We’ll see tomorrow whether Apple meets that standard and can deliver against huge expectations.

Nielsen: Online Vids Eat TV Time | AOL (re)-Introduces Full-Page Ad | UM Signs Secret Deal that Does Something, Probably

Video: The argument that online video's rapid rise somehow isn't eating up TV minutes may be facing a death sentence. Nielsen is finding a direct relationship between older people using more online video per day and less television. It isn't quite a one-for-one swap, but the difference between last year and this year showed an 8 [...]

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