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Apple Tech Sets Sights on Retail | Google Paywall Policies Ignored | Mobile Adwords to Slash Ad Copy

Privacy: AdAge attempted to speculate what the new Apple Pay transaction service might mean for marketers, but the analyst forgot the bit where Apple isn't going to be getting access to transaction information, but rather is merely validating the identity of the individual. Apple's iBeacon technology, on the other hand, released some time ago, may provide [...]

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Online Reviews Gain New Protections Under CA Law

So-called “non-disparagement clauses,” buried in terms and conditions or consumer purchase agreements, would probably be voided under the First Amendment. However that issue won’t need to go to the Supreme Court — at least for California consumers.
A new law, just signed this week by California Governor Jerry Brown, makes these contractual waivers, aimed at inhibiting or creating liability for negative online reviews (on sites such as Yelp), illegal.
They can still exist and be enforced in some cases where the wavier was “knowing, voluntary and intelligent.” The retailer or other party seeking to enforce such a contractual clause has the burden of proving those facts.
Here’s an excerpt of the text of the bill, which was just signed into law:

A contract or proposed contract for the sale or lease of consumer goods or services is unlawful if it includes a provision requiring the consumer to waive his or her right to make any statement regarding the consumer’s experience with the business, or…

Facebook Is Testing A Way For Users To Schedule Deletion Of Posts

Let’s say you want to post a special offer on your business’ Facebook Page, but you don’t want the evidence to stick around forever. Currently, you would have to manually delete the post, but that could be changing.
Facebook is running a test on a small number of users’ iOS devices that gives them the option to schedule deletion of posts in advance, giving them set choices from one hour to seven days. As reported first by The Next Web, several users noticed the new option and tweeted screen grabs, like this:

New #Facebook feature. Post expiration dates?! Spotted this tonight:
— Jen Flitter (@jenflitter) September 8, 2014

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test via email:

“We’re running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that lets people schedule deletion of their posts in advance.”

All the usual caveats about Facebook testing apply — the company tests new features all the time and not all experiments are released to all users — but it would be a very use…

$5 is all that stands between Amazon and a brick and mortar sale

Picture yourself in this scenario: you’re about to purchase a $50 item at a retail store. Before putting it in your cart, you take out your smartphone, open the Amazon app and scan the barcode on the item to compare the price. Hmm…it’s only $45 on Amazon. You have free shipping through Prime so it’s a $5 savings. (Maybe more if it’s taxable.)
What do you do? Do you buy it for $50 and take it home or buy it on Amazon, save $5 and wait three days for delivery?
I’d probably pay the $50 and get it over and done with but 63% of shoppers told parago they’d buy from Amazon. A whopping 82% said they’d buy from Amazon for a $10 difference and I probably would, too.
For online sellers, it’s nice to know that a little bit of savings goes such a long way. If you’re a brick and mortar seller, that really hurts – but there’s always price matching! Wouldn’t you rather lose $5 than lose the sale?
This scenario doesn’t work for all types of products but parago says a significant number of shoppers are cho…

Apple Pay is as simple as click, swipe and — Low Battery

“Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card. The swiping and waiting. Now payments happen with a single touch.”

Apple makes shopping the “old fashioned way” so cumbersome and time consuming. Back in my day you had to bring along an ox to trade if you wanted to buy flour at the general store. . . Let’s get real, paying for things with plastic isn’t all that hard. You don’t even have to wait for an under-educated cashier to figure out your change. Just swipe, click, click and you’re done. Okay, sometimes the buttons are confusing and sometimes cards don’t swipe, but overall it’s a pretty simple experience.
Apple doesn’t think so. They believe that consumers would rather wave their phone over a terminal like a magic wand to pay for everything from gasoline to a designer handbag.
Apple Pay is hoping to be the first digital wallet to smash through the reluctance barrier but that barrier is pretty, darn strong.
The concept is based on the idea that…

Survey: 53 Pct. Like New iPhone, 33 Pct. Want The Apple Watch

Following the Apple announcements yesterday Toluna QuickSurveys conducted an online poll of 1,000 Americans about their reactions to the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. The survey showed a positive reaction to the new iPhones but less enthusiasm for the Apple smartwatch.
Overall 53 percent of survey respondents said they liked the new phone’s design, but 27 percent gave it a thumbs down and 20 percent weren’t sure or had no opinion. The two favorite iPhone features were faster WiFi and the phabletty screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus.
Notwithstanding this second finding, the 4.7-inch iPhone was preferred to the 6 Plus, 63 percent to 37 percent. A third of respondents indicated a willingness to stand in line to get one.
According to the findings, 68 percent of current iPhone owners said they would get an iPhone 6. By comparison 53 percent of Android owners said they would definitely not switch to the device. Eighty percent of this 53 percent Android group said their next phones would again be And…

New Benchmark Reports Coming To Google Analytics

According to Google Analytics, it will be rolling out new Benchmark Reports over the coming weeks for any users who have opted in to share their data anonymously with Google.
The new reports pull industry acquisition and engagement metrics from 1,600 industry categories, 1,250 markets and seven size-buckets, allowing users to analyze data by channel, location, or device category dimensions. Also included is a heat map feature which Google Analytics claims will identify areas that could use more attention.
Along with the announcement, Google Analytics included comments from, a vacation rental company that has already taken advantage of the new benchmark reports. The company’s CMO said he used the report to help fine-tune his email marketing efforts.
“We launched an email last week based on our findings, and it shattered our email marketing records,” said’s CMO Ross Twiddy who claimed the email’s average open rate climbed to 48 percent and generated a 40 percent click…

New In-Feed Video Ad Format From Unruly Launches With Over 100 Publishers

Image source: Unruly

Marketing technology firm, Unruly, has unveiled a new in-feed video ad format designed for mobile devices that can adapt to the look and feel of the web page on which the ad appears in real time.
“There’s a growing expectation that social ads will be delivered as part of the content stream and deeply integrated within the content experience rather than being shoved off in a sidebar or banner,” said Scott Button, Founder and CEO at Unruly.
Button adds, “Facebook premium video ads are set to shake up the video ecosystem and Unruly is now providing advertisers with even more choice, allowing them to launch in-feed video ads across the Open Web, in premium media environments”
Unruly says over 100 publishers, including IDG, are already running the native video ad format on their sites. IDG says they’ve added the format to desktop inventory as well after seeing solid performance on mobile devices and is running across all of IDG’s UK consumer sites.
“Because the format is dy…