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YouTube Video Revs to Exceed $Billion, Dwarfing Many TV Sellers | Facebook Discerns Types of Annoying Ads | Twitter Raises Dept to Acquire Stuff

Video: YouTube's revenue will come in at more than $1 billion for video ads this year, marking a very significant shift in the balance between television video spend and online video spend. Television spending, including all of its various forms, such as spot, syndication and network buys, is generally thought to be around $75 billion. YouTube taking [...]

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Constant Contact: easy access for spammers, a PITA trying to opt-out

This is a more of a rant than news, but I am sick and tired of Constant Contact.
It’s not that they seemingly encourage customers to add an email address without first obtaining permission–other email marketing companies are guilty of the same–it’s that they make me, the victim, jump through hoops to opt-out.
Here’s the Constant Contact opt-out form:

They, laughingly, call this “SafeUnsubscribe.” Safe, for who, the spammer? For me, I have to double check the email the spam was sent to, then enter it again in the box. After that, I don’t even get an option to report the spammer–something that Mailchimp gets kudos points for making an easy option.
How is it that a Constant Contact spammer doesn’t have to go through an “opt in” process before adding my email, yet I have to go through a double opt-out process to get off their spammy list?
Constant Contact, give me a true one-click unsubscribe, an easy option to report spammers, and, here’s a novel idea, put the burden on the spammers sending t…

7 Unnecessary Excuses that Successful Bloggers Never Make

Do you aspire to be one of the successful blogger in the blogosphere? Yeah, I got you right; you want to be one of them. It has been your dream from the day one, when you started blogging. On one same ordinary morning, when you wake up and checked the stats, guess what happened? Your analytics is overflowing with traffic, you are getting tons of subscribers, your conversions are going [...]
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Facebook Is Down Again For Some Users

For the second time this month, Facebook is down for many users.
We started hearing reports of the outage on — where else? — Twitter, soon after 8 p.m Eastern. Last week, the social network suffered a 20-minute outage; it had several more lengthy blackouts earlier in the summer. Here’s the current Twitter chatter about the problem:

Post by Martin Beck.

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EBay Set To Offer In-App Mobile Advertising

Image source: eBay

EBay has announced that it will open up its mobile app to brand advertisers at some point this fall.
“Now, for the first time, we’re giving you the opportunity to connect with eBay users throughout their entire shopping journey,” writes the company on its website. “eBay mobile advertising will be a native experience, beautifully integrated into the eBay app.”
The in-app ad product will be added to eBay’s current lineup which includes programmatic programs on eBay sites and via its private ad exchange, which leverage its audience data for targeting, as well as off-site advertising via an ad network of desktop and mobile sites and apps.
The company says it generated $20 billion in mobile commerce last year and that its app has been downloaded more than 260 million times globally.
Adding native-style mobile ad inventory will allow eBay to offer advertisers comprehensive exposure to users across eBay properties, whether they are logged in on the web, on the mobile web or on …

Facebook Adjusts News Feed To Refine Ad Hiding Signals

Facebook is adjusting its News Feed algorithm again, announcing today two refinements to how it deals with user feedback on advertisements.
For years, Facebook has given users to ability to hide ads they don’t want to see and Facebook has used those “hides” as a signal that other people might not want to see those ads either. Now, Facebook says, it will take into account the specific reason people give for hiding an ad. Also, Facebook will pay more attention to hiding feedback initiated by people who don’t often hide ads, treating those signals as stronger.
In a blog post, Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein explained that a ad hidden because a user says it isn’t relevant tells Facebook that it needs to improve its targeting. Whereas an ad hidden because it’s reported to be offensive or inappropriate is a signal that others might feel the same way. That distinction, Eulenstein wrote, is helping Facebook refine the News Feed more effectively:

When testing this update, we looked at whe…

Is It Time For Brands To Silence Their 9-11 Tributes On Social Media? Yes

Perhaps it’s time for a moment of silence from brands.
Today is the 13th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, and brands are out in force on social media reminding us that they remember.
Most brands posting on Twitter are taking the safe route by keeping overt marketing and brand logos out of their messages and therefore avoiding the missteps of AT&T last September and SpaghettiOs on the Pearl Harbor anniversary in December.
A few apparently haven’t learned from that history though. Buildabear posted a picture of a teddy bear in soldier’s garb, before deleting the tweet. Tied to the South, an online apparel company, asked for “2,296 retweets for the 2,296 people who list their lives 13 years ago today,” before deleting that misguided message. Bikram Arlington, a Yoga studio in Arlington, Virginia, offered a 20% discount in honor of the day, then when Twitter users reacted negatively, tweeted a conspiracy theory about the World Trade Center. (Later Bikram Arling…