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John Oliver To Corporations: Stay Out Of Our Twitter Conversations

Last week was tough week for brands on Twitter — what with DiGiorno Pizza accidentally invading the #WhyIStayed hashtag conversation about domestic violence and the usual misguided 9-11 anniversary tweets — and if you thought comedian John Oliver would pass on the opportunity to “join the conversation” … well you’d be wrong.
Oliver closed his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” last night with a passionate rant against corporations on Twitter.
“Look companies your silence is never going to be controversial,” Oliver said. “No one will ever go, ‘I can’t believe it. Skittles didn’t tweet about 9-11 yesterday, they must support terrorism. I’m never eating them again.’
“That’s what corporations don’t understand. Twitter is a cocktail party were friends and strangers can meet to chat. Corporations just don’t belong there. It’s like having Tony the Tiger burst into a conversation and saying ‘They’re Greeeaaat! Right guys? Whatever you were talking about…’”
So Oliver and his writers came up with a hasht…

Brands Embracing Programmatic Video Faster Than Agencies [Study]

Image: Aol Platforms

Brands are embracing programmatic video at a faster rate than buying agencies, according to a a new study from the division of Aol Platforms. The fifth annual US Video State of Industry Report also finds that half of publishers said they make premium inventory available via programmatic.
Brands report 60 percent of their online video ad spend is now via programmatic, with more than half reporting their investment in programmatic video rose by double digits. In contrast, just 40 percent of buying agencies said they are using programmatic environments to buy online video ads, and their investments are not rising nearly as rapidly as that of brands.
DSPs (demand-side platforms) are benefiting from the adoption of programmatic selling and buying. Nearly half (47 percent) of brands buy via DSPs versus just 21 percent a year ago. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of agencies report using DSPs, compared to 36 percent in 2013.
That said, brands are still nearly as l…

2 Weeks to Register for the World’s Largest Search Engine Marketing Conference – SMX East in NYC!

Search Engine Land’s SMX East returns to New York City in just two weeks! Here all that’s in store:
Actionable, Up-to-date Search Marketing Tactics: Have your search rankings been impacted by endless algorithm changes? Mobile making you retool your entire digital marketing program? Can implementing AdWords scripts increase your ROI and productivity?
Come to SMX East for sessions featuring the latest strategies and tactics to cope with algorithm changes, understand evolving paid advertising options and leverage emerging platforms and opportunities. See the agenda.
Expert Faculty: Over 120 of the best minds in internet marketing will share the tactics that make them successful in SEO, paid search, social media marketing, local search and more. Take a look at who’s speaking!
Indispensable Networking: Connect with others who share your interests at the structured and social networking events woven into SMX East. Plus, you’ll have fun AND do good by attending the SMX After Dark charity party, …

Xiaomi Redmi 1S – Offers More Than Its Price – Review

Xiaomi of China has entered the Indian smartphone market with a bang. Its Mi3 has created ripples in the mid-range segment for its attractive price of Rs. 13,999 for the strong hardware. This model has been discontinued in India for the unknown reasons. Those who have got this device through limited flash sales in India, [...]
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Best 7 Websites to Create Free Blog

I know you are reading this article because you are fascinated by blogging and want to become a blogger. You must have heard successful stories of many bloggers and their huge earnings per month from your friends and other bloggers and want to start your own blog. If you are thinking to start your first [...]
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6 Best Affiliate Programs for Small Indian Publishers

Affiliate marketing is getting a new pace in Indian market and now many Indian bloggers and affiliate marketers are looking forward for Affiliate marketing to make money online. In our earlier post, we discussed about some affiliate programs which are best suited for fashion and coupon code website. In this post we are going to [...]
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