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Youth Turn Away (Slowly) from TV | Most Online Video Brand Ads Through Robot Buying | IAB Threatens to Define Fraud Terms, Express Indignation

Video: Young people are indeed viewing much less television than their elders, and that's intensifying. Online video branding campaigns are seeing 60 percent of sales go through robot buying channels. Fraud: The IAB is tilting at the fraud windmill with its favorite weapon: a committee that will set up a bunch of definitions.

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Amazon Repricing Platform FeedVisor Launches Analytics Dashboard For High Volume Sellers

Image: FeedVisor

FeedVisor, the algorithmic Amazon product repricing and insights platform, has launched a new dashboard for high volume sellers. The reporting platform provides performance results, inventory monitoring and alerts.
“Feedvisor’s self-learning algorithms collect and analyze a massive amount of information from thousands of data points, which have until now been used to drive our repricing platform,” said Eyal Lanxner, Feedvisor’s Vice President of R&D.
“We have now opened up this rich data to our customers in a clean and intuitive way, providing them with a level of knowledge they simply did not have access to before. Our new Dashboard delivers critical business insights and adaptive alerts, which will play a key role in the day-to-day management of a retailer’s online business,” Laxner explained.
Sellers can see which items are not moving as well as those that are selling too fast, and why. Revenue intelligence insights give sellers an overview of performance stats suc…

Social Networking Has Shortest, Most Frequent App Sessions

Time with apps is increasing. That’s according to a new analysis from Localytics, which finds that overall time spent with apps has grown by 21 percent year-over-year.
Previously comScore reported that app usage now represents more than 50 percent of total time spent with digital media.
In its blog post this morning Localytics said that app session length has remained fairly constant (5 – 7 minutes) since last year. What has changed is session frequency. Users are now opening apps more often: 11.5 times per month vs. 9.4 times in 2013.

The chart above reflects those app categories that saw the greatest increase in time spent since 2013. The graphic below shows average session length (orange) compared with number of app sessions per month (blue).
Social networking apps, for example, have shorter but more frequent sessions that other app categories: 25 per month. The music category, which also saw the most growth in time spent over the past year, has the longest session length of any of the…

How To Submit Your First Plugin To WordPress Plugin Repository

WordPress plugin repo is the best place to host your free WordPress plugins, as you give a great exposure to your work and moreover you contribute to the open community of WordPress. I recently submitted my first WordPress plugin to the repo and this is a complete tutorial for you ( If you develop your own plugin) to submit it to WordPress plugins repo. My Experience submitting the first WordPress [...]
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Windows 9 leak: Cortana and Storage Sense and Wi-Fi Sense and virtual desktops!

A number of features from Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 9, have been leaked online. These include Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, as well as virtual desktops. Here are a number of features that we know about so far. Cortana Cortana is essentially Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri, and it being featured on Windows 9 is [...]
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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ release dates for Xbox One, PS4, PC announced

GTA broke records and became the fastest entertainment franchise to have reached the total sales of $1 billion which it has achieved within a short span of three days. The successful open-world action title launched last year and earned rave reviews. It will be hitting next-generation game consoles in the latter part of 2014. The [...]
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WhatsApp set to launch free voice calls? Hello, Skype and Viber

Facebook it seems is upping the ante as voice messaging services Skype and Viber will soon have to grapple with some stiff competition from the company-owned WhatsApp. How you ask? The mobile messaging app is gearing up to introduce voice calling service for its users – possibly for free! Reports suggest that the updated version [...]
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Google to launch Android One

Google’s new Android One low-cost platform has been launched in India, and will be rolled out to other countries in coming months. At today’s launch of Android One, Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai announced the arrival of the first Android One handsets, costs roughly $100. He also confirmed that, along with India, the next [...]
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Gucci, Sony and Jack Daniels kick off Flipboard’s new video advertising program

The biggest advantage digital magazines have over print magazines is the ability to interact with the reader. With a simple tap the reader can open a slide show, listen to a sound bite or watch a story unfold before their eyes.
Now, Flipboard is bringing that same level of interactivity to the magazine ad.
Flipboard is a personalized magazine app that runs on everything from iOS to Blackberry. You choose your content by selecting topics or specific magazines that you want to follow. Flipboard covers New York Fashion Week but they also cover Treehouses and everything in between. Each page features a stunning, artsy photo with a small amount of text. If you want to read more, you click and are redirected to the original source on the web. Not interested, scroll and watch the pages “flip” as if you were skimming through a magazine.
Flipboard is like a luxury version of Pinterest and that’s why they have some high-level advertisers joinging them for the first round of video ads; Chrysler, Co…

iTunes posts instructions on how to look a gift horse in the mouth

It sounded like a good idea when they came up with it. Get U2 to perform at the big Apple announcement event then give their newest album “Songs of Innocence” to every iTunes user for FREE. It will show Apple’s commitment to being fun and innovative. It’s a sweet way to reward the loyal users and it will generate a ton of press. . . a win, win, win!
Apple should have known better.
This is one of the tamer responses:

I’m going as the new U2 album for Halloween. I show up at your house, declare myself “innovative new marketing” & refuse to leave forever.
— the haaaahn dynasty (@trillotto) September 14, 2014

Dig around on Twitter and you’ll find much worse and tons of it. What went wrong? I’ll tell you. Apple didn’t bother to ask permission first.
Permission to send a free gift? Sounds like a joke but it’s not. People don’t like having things thrust upon them. First of all, it feels creepy. You wake up to find items have been inserted on your phone. Today it’s just an album. Next week it c…

Retailers Shifted Spend From Desktop Search Ads In 2013

Retailer ad spend allocated to desktop text ads on Google AdWords has shrunk as budgets shift to product listing ads and mobile.
On the whole, retailers spent $2 billion on desktop text ads in the U.S. last year, down from $2.3 billion in 2012, according to search marketing research firm AdGooroo’s “Top Retailers in Search Report“. Mass retailers dominated the retail category, spending $553 million in 2013.
Amazon Continues Its Reign
Amazon held its place, not just as the top retailer advertiser, but the top AdWords text advertiser overall last year, spending $157.7 million on desktop search ads, according to Ad Age DataCenter’s ranking based on the AdGooroo spend data. Amazon does not participate in the Google Shopping ad program in which it would be required to share its mountain of product data with the Google, its rival in commerce search.
Amazon racked up 6.5 billion impressions, more than double that of Walmart, which overtook Target to become the second biggest mass retailer advert…