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Report: 45 Percent Made Purchase After Seeing Mobile Ad

Mobile advertising platform NinthDecimal released its Q2 “audience insights” report. The findings are focused on retail and contain a number of useful insights for marketers.
Smartphones are increasingly being used to research retail purchases. That’s no surprise. However NinthDecimal also found that research on tablets had declined year over year, which is surprising.
The company attributed this decline to increasing consumer comfort with shopping on smartphones — also larger screen sizes is probably having an impact on smartphone usage for shopping (Apple Pay will also favorably impact smartphone shopping).

Another unsurprising but useful finding is that consumers tend to conduct shopping-related research before “heading out” rather than while in stores, although there is a fair amount of in-store usage. As you also might expect the length of time that consumers spend researching products before buying is directly correlated with cost. Products under $50 on average saw 10 days or less …

FTC Enforces New Refund Policies On Internet Retailers

DC news site reported this week that the FTC is coming down on Internet retailers, forcing them to ship merchandise within 30 days of an online purchase, and if unable to meet the 30-day deadline, offer a refund option.
According to the report, the FTC’s Federal Register claimed online retailers are prohibited from, “Soliciting mail, Internet, or telephone order sales unless they have a reasonable basis to expect that they can ship the ordered merchandise within the time stated on the solicitation.”
The ruling is an update on the FTC’s Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule, expanded to include Internet retailers, and is scheduled to go into effect December 8 of this year. It covers all Internet merchandise orders, and states online retailers must permit refunds and refund notices, “by any means at least as fast and reliable as first class mail.”
Also, retailers must process any third party credit card refunds within seven working days after the buyer’s right to refund vest…

How To Enable WordPress Web Push Notification In Next 5 Minutes

How many marketing channels are you using to reach out to your readers? Most of you have already enabled these must have subscription options on your blog, and with the advancement in technology there are new methods which you can use to notify your readers about latest posts or important updates from your blog. Today I will be talking about Roost which is a Web push notification for WordPress and [...]
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In two years, mobile video viewers have increased 400 percent

There’s a very good chance that your customers are watching a video on their smartphone or tablet as we speak. Ooyala says that mobile video views have increased 400% in the last two years, doubling in the last year alone. Right now, 25% of all video views are happening on a mobile device and that number is expected to double again by 2016.
For those who prefer a visual representation, here’s one from the Ooyala Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report:

Look at that! That’s quite a climb.
There are a number of factors that contributed to this pretty picture; devices with bigger screens, more access to fast connection speeds, an increase in the number of videos being uploaded every day and then there’s the young millennial factor.
What are people watching? Most of the time (45%), they’re watching short videos, six minutes or less in length.
For longer videos, those 30-60 minutes in length, most people picked up a tablet or sat down in front of a desktop. For videos over 60 minutes, tablets were by…

To gain a customer’s trust; meet them on their preferred digital stomping ground

Trust is the number one, most important factor in getting and maintaining a relationship with a customer. People have to believe that they’re going to get their money’s worth, that their personal information will be kept safe and that they’ll receive what they ordered in a timely manner. No problem for Amazon, Target or Disney but what if you’re Susie Woosy’s Sleepytime Toys or Fred’s Fish-o-rama? New businesses (by calendar date or simply new to this customer) have to earn that trust before the average customer hands over the credit card a second time, and a third.
A new survey from SDL says it takes two years before the average customer fully trusts a brand and five years before a customer commits to a “Greater than Average” spend.
Want to short cut the process? SDL says the secret lies in the channel preferences of each generation.
When we talk about Baby Boomers, their preferences are fairly easy to figure out. The average boomer prefers to talk to a human being rather than a compute…

Facebook To Users: iOS 8 Update Hasn’t Changed How We Use Your Location Data

Facebook and privacy have had a dicey relationship over the years; the issues and worries have beenwelldocumented.
So with today’s Apple iOS 8 update, the social network is trying to inoculate itself against possible backlash regarding changes to location settings in its iPhone app. It’s not us, Facebook’s product management director Adam Mosseri wrote in a blog post, it’s Apple:

Nothing has changed about how Facebook gets location information from devices, but Apple has updated its Location Services setting:

With iOS 8, Apple has changed its Location Services setting. Before, there were only two choices for the kind of permission you could give an app: On or Off. Now, there are three choices: Always, While Using the App, or Never.
When you update to iOS 8, if you previously used Facebook with Location Services set to “On,” you’ll notice that the location setting now starts out at “Always” (the new Apple setting option).

Facebook isn’t getting any new location information when you upgrade …