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Attention/Adspend Ratio Wacky | Agency Execs Still Hate Themselves | Big Agencies Decry Robot Market Opacity; Expect More of Same

Media: Looking at time spent with a particular media property versus the ad revenue dropped on it, imbalances appear to be the norm. Of note is Facebook's booking of roughly double the revenue it would "deserve" with an apples-to-apples comparison of time spent on the site versus other online media. As is normal in media, large [...]

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How To Increase Backlinks Of Your Blog?

Previously we discussed about adding. links to feedburner feeds and In-depth SEO. When talking about SEO obviously Backlinks arrives as Off-page SEO optimization. Backlinks are specially needed to get traffic from Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Google as well as other search engines evaluate a lot of ways to rank your website in SERPs among which [...]
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Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords Of All Time

Previously we discussed about How Does Google Make Money From Its Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords? Selecting a Top paying keyword for your site is very much important to earn more from Google Adsense. Keywords has to selected in such a way that it relates to your sites content. These top paying keywords bring top [...]
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YouTube’s New Real-Time Analytics Offers Minute-By-Minute Video View Count

YouTube today announced a major upgrade to its analytics dashboard that will provide video publishers a minute-by-minute look at how many people are watching their videos.
It’s a long-awaited addition that will be very welcome to YouTube publishers accustomed to anything but real-time statistics about video views. For years, YouTube analytics have been opaque about how many people were watching in the early hours after publishing.
The new dashboard shows estimated real-time viewership data for a content owner or channel’s last five published videos in two charts, minute-by-minute for the last 60 minutes and hour-by-hour for a sliding window of the last 48 hours. YouTube’s support page on the new feature said the data is also available when looking at reports for individual videos. Further:

There is a latency of a few minutes between the occurrence of the view and its display in the report; data is then automatically updating, without the need to refresh the page. The “current” hour bar i…

Twitter Says #VoteYes Beats #BetterTogether By Far In Scotland Independence Vote

While we’re still waiting for the results Scotland’s vote today on whether to go independent from the United Kingdom, Twitter is out with stats showing that if hashtags were votes, then the pro-independence side would be winning.
Since August 5, the #VoteYes hashtag for pro-independence has been tweeted 1.1 million times, compared to the pro-union hashtag of #BetterTogether getting only 224,000 mentions. That gives #VoteYes a 5-to-1 lead.
Both, however, were left far behind by the overall hashtag of #IndyRef being used 3.75 million times to spread word about the election, regardless of stance. Here’s the top five chart:

Twitter also added up all tweets that it considered to be in the Yes and No camps, regardless of hashtag used. By that count, Yes is at 1.55 million, No at 500,000, leaving Yes still ahead but by a smaller margin, 3-to-1.
Regular election polling has placed the race in a nearly a dead heat.
Twitter also released an interactive map showing live tweets relating to the campaig…

Twitter Study: TV Shows Get A Big Follower Boost From Live-Tweeting Broadcasts

Tweet more, get more Twitter followers and spark more conversation.
It’s not quite that simple, but no doubt there’s a correlation between high activity on Twitter and building an audience there. And if you send those tweets when that audience is prone to be listening? Expect your growth and engagement to be higher.
So while it’s not especially noteworthy that Twitter confirmed that television shows that live-tweet during broadcasts experience strong follower growth, it’s interesting to see just how much it helps. And the extra lift created when tweets come from humans as opposed to brand accounts.
Twitter’s release of results of the study today was timed to coincide with this month’s start of the fall TV season in the United States. The company, obviously hoping to encourage more activity by broadcasters, found plenty of supporting evidence.
Looking at two groups of television programs from last season, one of shows that live-tweeted, the other that didn’t, Twitter discovered shows that …

Who Won, Who Lost As ComScore Shakes Up List Of Top US Web Properties

ComScore’s list of the Top 50 US Web Properties doesn’t usually change much from month to month, but the newest list is anything but usual. For the first time, comScore has combined desktop and mobile activity to develop its traffic estimates. As you might guess, there’s a lot of movement.
We’re talking about the August 2014 Top 50 Digital Properties list; the July 2014 list was called “Top Desktop Web Properties.” Google and Yahoo top both rankings, but after those top two there’s plenty of change.
Change In The Top 10
Microsoft was No. 3 back in July when the list was desktop-only, but it fell to No. 5 with mobile activity added in August. Facebook moves up from No. 4 to No. 3, and narrows the gap between it and Yahoo. If Facebook’s mobile traffic keeps growing, and Yahoo’s doesn’t keep up, Facebook could become No. 2 overall in the next several months.
Amazon stays at No. 6, and Apple moves up from No. 10 to No. 7.
Mode Media dropped out of the top 10, and is replaced by one of the big …

Twitter Updates iPhone App With New Look Profiles, iOS 8 Features

Twitter updated its iPhone app today, revamping its profile screen to emphasize user bios, photos and favorites and adding support for features made possible by this week’s Apple iOS 8 update.
User bios are now visible without swiping on updated iPhones (for now a swipe is still required on Android devices). A user’s tweets, photos and favorites can be viewed with a tap on a tab, which remains at the top of the screen. Here’s how the new profile screen looks and works:

The new profile is available today for phones using iOS 7 and higher. The app also now incorporates iOS 8 features that allow a user to interact with push notifications — retweet, favorite, follow and reply — without opening the app.
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Now See AdWords ROAS In Google Analytics

AdWords advertisers can now see Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from their campaigns in Google Analytics.
ROAS will replace the Return on Investment and Margin metrics that were previously available in Analytics. Return on ad spend metric calculates the amount of revenue earned for each dollar spent on AdWords. In Analytics the revenue is based on either e-commerce revenue and/or goal value.
Advertisers can use Target ROAS as a bid strategy in AdWords.
You’ll need to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts and have auto-tagging enabled to see data in the AdWords reports in Analytics.
ROAS as well as Revenue Per Click (RPC) data can be found in the “Clicks” report within the AdWords section under Acquisition.
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Twitter says they have more impact on tech sales than any other social network

As Facebook warns marketers about less exposure, Twitter invites tech marketers over for celebration. A new survey (paid for by Twitter) shows that tech shoppers are 40% more likely to discover new products on Twitter than any other social network.
I don’t doubt this for a minute. But I don’t think it’s happening for the reason Twitter wants you to believe it’s happening. This isn’t about Twitter’s amazing ability to reach tech shoppers – it’s about the social media landscape.
Pinterest is an excellent discovery engine but it doesn’t favor techy items. If you’re looking for a lamp or a sweater for fall – Pinterest is the place to find what you want.
Facebook has a more tech-oriented crowd but good luck getting your gadget Page posts to show up in the news feed. Twitter users are mostly young, urban, men with a college degree. I don’t want to stereotype people but that sounds like a great target demo for a smartwatch or connected TV.
Twitter says their users are 25% more likely to be early…

Twitter, Bing Up Their Ad Tech | Ad Fraud the Son of Many Fathers

Social: Twitter refined its tailored audiences feature, particularly to allow for mobile targeting. Fraud: Digiday collected various perspectives on who's to blame for prevalent ad fraud in robotic media buying. The contrasts can be amusing. Search: Bing added a new planning tool that gives interesting intelligence on traffic trends and benchmarks.

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Facebook changes news feed again, warns page owners this might result in ‘less distribution over time’

Facebook just made another change to the News Feed algorithm and this time they’re being upfront about the fact that it may (will) cause another drop in Page engagement. Points for honesty?
This update is all about the trending post. The average person often posts about TV shows and movies and news when it’s a breaking story. You’ll see a lot of this over the next few weeks as the TV networks roll out their new season. Oh look, Kristen Wiig is trending. . . .
Under the new rules this post will show up higher in your news feed than that random post from your mother. If Caroline were to post this same update two weeks from now, it wouldn’t rise to the top because it’s old news – sorry Kristen – you only get a few moments in the Facebook sun from now on.
Facebook says, when they factor in trending topics, they saw a 6% increase in engagement on these posts.
But that’s not enough to call it a win.
Facebook will also be taking the speed at which people comment and like into consideration. So, a…

86 Percent Of Online Retailers Expect Holiday Sales Growth In 2014

Coming off estimated 12 percent growth during the 2013 holidays, online retailers are expecting even fuller stockings this holiday season. In a survey of 200 mid- to large-sized retailers, 86 percent said they expect higher holiday sales this year compared 2013. Not a single online retailer polled said they expected to see sales decline from the previous year.
The holiday insights come from retailers — all of which had minimum online revenues of $1 million with an average of $3 to $ million in revenue last year — in the U.S. and U.K. polled for ChannelAdvisor’s Multichannel E-Commerce study. Just over a quarter (27 percent) of the retailers expect holiday sales to increase between 11 to 15 percent, while nearly half (46 percent) expect single digit increases compared to last year.
In the U.S., this year’s holiday season will be compressed like it was last year, with Thanksgiving coming in the last week of November. Cyber Monday falls on December first.
“As we suspected, our survey confir…

Amazon Beats Google, Pays $4.6 Million For .Buy Top-Level Domain

Amazon beat Google in an ICANN auction on Wednesday, and won the rights to operate the .buy top-level domain with a bid of $4,588,888.
ICANN reports that there were four bidders for .buy — Amazon, Google (via its Charleston Road Registry subsidiary), Dot Buy and Bitter Sunset. Only Amazon and Google bid more than $1.5 million to operate the new gTLD.
ICANN calls these “string contention” auctions, and describes the process this way:

String contention occurs when more than one applicant has applied for the same or a confusingly similar gTLD. The applicants for these strings were unable to resolve the contention sets among themselves, and thus proceeded to an auction, which is the method of last resort to resolve string contention sets as prescribed in Module 4 of the Applicant Guidebook. Subject to payment of the Winning Price and meeting all other criteria for eligibility, the winner will begin the contracting process to sign a Registry Agreement to operate the respective gTLD.

ICANN also…

Timely Change? Facebook Adjusts News Feed Algorithm To Surface More Trending Stories

Facebook took a lot of heat last month about the timeliness of the news it was showing its users. While Twitter’s unfiltered feed was churning out a steady stream of information about a racially charged police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., Facebook was filled with videos of people dumping cold water on their heads for charity.
At least that was the anecdotal conclusion that launched a slew of blog posts with the Twitter-is-for-news-Facebook-is-for-ice-buckets refrain.
Now it appears that Facebook is responding, at least in part, to that criticism, today announcing changes to its News Feed algorithm that it says will push more timely posts to users. And not just for major news events; Facebook is hoping to increase the amount of engagement surrounding the shared experiences of TV show and sporting events, a environment in which Twitter has also held the advantage.
“We’ve heard feedback that there are some instances where a post from a friend or a Page you are connected to is only interesting…