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How To Delete Search History From Search Engines

Online data protection and privacy is a hot topic these days. As we spend more time searching and sharing our actions and information is open to tracking by third parties and exposure to prying eyes. Unless you’re willing to do a 100% unplug from all things digital (nearly impossible these days) you may be putting [...]
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Pinterest Inches Closer To Fuller Ad Rollout, Will Update Privacy Policy On Oct. 19

Pinterest continued the slow process of pinning down its advertising plans today by announcing updates to its privacy policy, effective Oct. 19.
Yes, one month from today. “Our plan now,” wrote Pinterest’s Julie Park in a blog post, “is to make Promoted Pins more relevant to Pinners, and help advertisers understand how their ads impact their business. On October 19, 2014, we’ll make a few updates to our Privacy Policy to explain those plans.”
The popular social bookmarking has been testing Promoted Pins since last October, but has been accelerating its work this summer. In June, it launched a self-service ad dashboard for a larger group of testers; in August it released a robust analytics product for all business users.
Now, while stressing that Promoted Pins are still only a test, the company appears to be laying the foundation for an eventual full rollout. From today’s blog post:

1. We want to help advertisers better understand how their Promoted Pins are doing. For example, an advertis…

Google+ Is No Longer A Requirement For Creating A Google Account

Google’s hard sell of Google+ continues to get softer.
Earlier this month, Google quietly dropped the requirement that new users create a Google+ profile when they sign up for a Google account. A Google+ profile has been mandatory since January 2012 and requirement that some saw as a strong-arm tactic.
With the change, brought to our attention today by Larry Kim of the WordStream Blog and confirmed by Google, new users are given a choice:

Of course, as the screen grab above shows, if a user wants to participate in any of the many Google products with a social layer, she will have to enable her Google+ profile.
But eliminating the forcible aspect of the process is a smart move for Google. It should help the company further distance itself from missteps such as the extremely unpopular integration of YouTube comments and Google+. That controversy — of less than a year ago — has mostly died out (although this recent Google+ by Mike Elgan about inane YouTube comments invading his Google+ posts…

EMarketer Report: Facebook Gets More Than Its Share Of Digital Ad Revenue

U.S. adults will spend 21 minutes a day, 6% of their total time with digital media, on Facebook in 2014, but the social network pulls in 10% of U.S. digital advertising spending, according to figures released this week by eMarketer.
That over-indexing stands in direct contrast to all other digital media that eMarketer tracks. For instance, daily time spent on digital devices makes up nearly half of major media consumption, yet only 30.5% of total major media ad spending is on digital channels. Video takes up 15.9% of users’ time and gets 11.7% of spending. Online radio listening checks in at 11.2% time spent and pulls in 4.0% of the cash. Remove Facebook from the mix and the other social media networks take up 11.9% of U.S. adults’ digital time and bring in 3.9% of the ad revenue.
Only Facebook turns those percentages around, according to eMarketer. The comparison with online radio is especially interesting. EMarketer predicts that U.S. adults will spend 7.1% of their time listening to …

Another Scheduled Social Post Goes Awry, Joan Rivers Endorses iPhone 6

Even after death, famously self-deprecating Joan Rivers is still giving what-not-to-do lessons: “Can we talk?”
As in if you are going to schedule a social media post far in advance, make sure the message hasn’t become outdated or inappropriate when it’s published.
Today, the late comedian’s Instagram and Facebook pages posted an endorsement of Apple’s iPhone 6. The posts were quickly deleted, but not before TMZ snagged this screen grab:

This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one). I got this one in 2010, and after four years, my only complaint is that applications are now designed for bigger screens, and the battery is getting tired. Never had a case for it, since it was most beautiful on its own. Great achievement in design. Great product. #apple #iPhone #tech

Apparently, Rivers struck a promotional deal with Apple to promote the new phone before her death on Sept. 4, which was also five days before Apple formally introduced the iPhone 6 and 6+. Then her social media t…