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Facebook’s Ad Network Challenge To Google Coming “Next Week”

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According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook will roll out its web-wide, cross-platform ad network challenge to the Google Display Network next week. We initially wrote about this last month.
Based on the company’s Atlas acquisition from Microsoft, “it promises to help marketers understand which Facebook users have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads that appear both on Facebook’s services and on third-party websites and apps.”
The new network will also be a “demand side platform” permitting dynamic bidding for impressions on third party sites. Given the data that Facebook has about its users the new platform could pose a formidable challenge to Google (not to mention Yahoo). In 2013 Google made just over $13.2 billion from non-Google sites displaying its ads.
Perhaps the most interesting and provocative aspect of the WSJ report involves the cookie-less cross-platform dimension of the network. The idea is to turn the Facebook ID itself into the new …

CTRs 2X Higher When Retargeting On Facebook And The Web, Than Web Alone

Despite relatively small budget allocations, cross-channel retargeting has become a nearly ubiquitous tactic among marketers. In a new survey by Marin Software, just 12 percent of marketers said they were not currently using retargeting in their mix. Over half those said they plan to start retargeting within the next 12 months.
In addition to usage trends, Marin also looked at the effect on performance when retargeting across channels among the 233 marketers surveyd.
Cross-Channel Lift
When Marin analyzed click-through rates when marketers retargeted on Facebook and the web compared to those who retargeted on Facebook only, they found that those retargeting on both channels saw somewhat higher CTRs than those retargeting on Facebook alone (0.09 percent versus 0.06 percent).
This effect was even greater when they compared performance when retargeting on Facebook and the web to those retargeting on the web only. CTR was consistently more than double for those that retargeted on both Faceboo…

8 Websites To Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Whither you are just beginning or well into your freelance writing career the quest for more work is always welcome. It's important that you don't keep your eggs all in one basket just incase one source dips and you lose a large chunk of your revenue. Here are eight websites you can use to begin your freelance writing career online.
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Yahoo Makes Its First Indian Acquisition, Acquires Bookpad.

Yahoo has acquired Bookpad, whose flagship product Docspad, enables document embedding, annotations and editing in enterprise applications. The Bangalore based startup has built an end to end document handling technology for the cloud. Bookpad’s Docspad is different from Google docs as it integrates with several other applications (via API) and is a good fit for [...]
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Google lets new users say ‘no thank you’ to Google+

For the past few years, Google+ has been building up the user numbers the easy way – by requiring people to have an account if they want to use Gmail, YouTube or other Google service. It’s been an issue for many, especially when they hooked their wagon to YouTube and forced people to use their real names on their video uploads.
People yelled and Google backed off, a little, but now it looks like they’ve taken a big step back. Larry Kim of The Wordstream Blog, discovered a change in the way Google is doing business. Now, when you create a new Gmail account, you no longer have to open a matching Google+ profile as well.
If you hit the “no thanks” button, you won’t be able to post on YouTube, leave restaurant reviews or rate apps and more in the Google Play Store. If you don’t care about those things and you just want access to a free Gmail account, then go right ahead and click left instead of right.
Earlier this year, the “father” of Google+, Vic Gundotra unexpectedly left his position at…

WPP Chief: Clients Will Come Running Back on Programmatic | Brands Pushing Microsites over Facebook | Google's Relationship Still Garners 'Huh?'s

Robot Invasion: WPP's chief thinks that clients doing their own programmatic buying will be a short-lived trend, coming close to implying that client buyers are likely to bodger the job. Which, as it happens, could well be said for agencies who are - almost to a one - setting up their own trading desks. Social: The debate as [...]

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Facebook Adds A “Your Pages” Box To Page Administrators’ Timelines

Need a reminder not to neglect your business’ Facebook Page? Probably not.
But a nudge now and then couldn’t hurt, and Facebook providing that with a new Your Pages module at the top of many Page administrators’ feeds.
The new module, in the upper-right hand corner of admins’ timelines, shows a snapshot of how well a Page is doing, showing rolling weekly figures for new Page likes and average post reach. It also displays recent posts and the number of Facebook users each has reached (and the number of times they have been engaged with).
There are also links to Facebook Insights for the Page and individual posts, of course, the ability to boost each recent post with a purchase of advertising.
Facebook appears to have been testing the module for at least the last several weeks. When admins are first exposed to it, they are shown a blue pop-up dialogue box with this message: “Quickly see how your recent posts and ads are performing, and use the Shortcuts link to take action.”
At the moment, t…