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Google+ Adds Ability To Restrict Viewership Of Posts By Age And Location

Google+ has given page owners with content that is inappropriate for young people or illegal in certain countries a way to restrict their audience.
The new restrictive targeting feature offers the ability to prevent viewing of all posts from a page or profile by people under 18 or 21. The settings can also be customized and there’s an Alcohol setting with suggested presets to block viewing access to countries where alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
The age restriction will prevent viewing by signed-on users who have given their date of birth in connection with their Google account. Users not signed into Google won’t be able to see age-restricted content either. The geographical restrictions will apply whether users are signed in or out and “will not affect visibility of content for search engines/web crawlers,” Google said on its help page about the feature.
Currently, the targeting restrictions only work on Google+ posts, both retroactively and for any posts made after adjusting setti…

How To Use ODesk To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks

Few years back, making money online or getting your job done online at a cheap price was a sheer dream. However, with the advent of an online era, it is pretty easy to either do a job or to get a job done. One critical aspect that you should keep in mind while searching a freelancer online is to hire the right person. Hire someone from a trusted and reliable […]
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German Regulator Orders Google To Make Privacy Changes

In another blow to Google’s privacy policy in Europe the German data-protection regulator Johannes Caspar is ordering the company to change and limit how it uses data from its various online properties. Google’s consolidated privacy policy has faced heavy criticism by European privacy officials since its debut two years ago.
There’s a Europe-wide effort going on to limit Google’s ability to use data without offering explicit disclosures and opt-out opportunities for individuals. The proposed changes would alter Google’s ability to collect and drawn upon audience data for personalization and ad targeting in Europe and even affect use of Google Analytics.
European regulators have expressed alarm at the breadth and degree of discretion allowed Google under the company’s consolidated privacy policy. Facebook also faces privacy scrutiny (and litigation) in Europe.
According to Bloomberg the German regulator will now require Google to “modify its privacy policies so users have the ability to d…

Report: Twitter Will Woo App Developers With “Twitter Fabric” Platform

Twitter plans to launch a new app development platform, called “Twitter Fabric” in an effort to make peace with app developers, push its way into more mobile apps and collect more data about mobile users, according to a report in The Information today.

If successful, the previously undisclosed project could help Twitter boost its nascent ad-network revenue stream, gain a new source of revenue, and hook more users into its own app. It also reflects Twitter’s desire to be at the center of online “identity.” Twitter and its competitors are in an arms race to collect more data about people’s activities and interests across different mobile applications, which could let them broker more expensive ads or build better products.

Citing unnamed sources who have been briefed on the program, The Information (subscription required) reported that Twitter Fabric is expected to be released before or during Twitter’s Flight conference for developers on Oct. 22. Twitter posted the conference agenda Mond…

Mobile marketers measure conversions but hope for brand awareness

Every success guru will tell you that goals have to be measurable. If you don’t have a means of measuring results you’ll never know if what you’re doing is effective. And, you can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where the end point is.
Waterfall asked 155 marketing, CRM and data analytics from a cross-section of industries this question:
155 answers isn’t a very good sampling but even if they’d asked 155,000 people the answer would have been the same. Why? Because counting and measuring lead conversions is easy. There are tools that tell us when someone clicks through on Twitter. We have tools that tell us if they bought something when they hit the site. We have ways of matching up our customer list with our Facebook follower list.
So lead conversions are important. . . . or not. . .
When Waterfall asked those same marketers about their mobile goals, only 30% put driving conversions as their top priority. 70% said brand awareness was their primary goal. A great goal but so much…

Google Brings Estimated Cross-Device Conversions To Display Ads

With users engaging on multiple devices throughout their day, marketers face attribution challenges in understanding how (or if) their media is working. Google is one of the players trying to solve this problem for advertisers running campaigns across its platforms.
Today, Google started rolling out estimated cross-device conversions for display ads across the Google Display Network. This is an extension of estimated cross-device conversions for search ads, which Google introduced a year ago as a piece of Estimated Total Conversions Estimated Total Conversions also includes call conversions and the promise off in-store conversions.
Google’s gives this example of how this works:

. . . say someone’s browsing bicycle reviews on her phone, and clicks on a Display Network ad that takes her to a bike shop’s website. Later, when she gets home, she pulls up the shop’s site on her computer to buy the red cruiser she’s been eyeing. This is an example of a cross-device conversion from a display ad …

MMA: Mobile Spend Could Reach $220B Within Decade

Mobile trade group the MMA released a document today that argues mobile marketing spending could — indeed should — reach something like $220 billion within the decade, on a global basis. The US component of that would be roughly $70 billion under the formula used by MMA.
The report and MMA broadly define “marketing” to include, “advertising, apps, messaging, mCommerce and CRM” on mobile devices. The report’s projection is based on arguments about the effectiveness of mobile marketing and advertising, mobile device penetration and to-date mobile ad growth rates.
I don’t dispute the logic and recommendations of the report. Getting there however will be a bit of a challenge.
The totality of digital advertising in the US will be worth roughly $50 billion this year. Mobile advertising (not all of mobile marketing) will be worth roughly $15 billion. However if time spent and ad spend were in alignment we’d see the mobile ad spend this year at $29 or $30 billion and the PC-based ad spend at $20…

Paypal and eBay to split! New CEOs will take the reins

After years of saying they’re better together, ecommerce giants eBay and Paypal are splitting up. It’s big news – big as any Hollywood couple divorce announcement and us kids are worried. Will we end up in the middle having to choose which parent we favor over the other? I hope not. eBay and Paypal have been a part of my life since both companies launched.
eBay bought Paypal in 2003 and it was a match made in reseller heaven. Once they combined forces, it became extremely easy to process payments for eBay sales, complete transactions and ship. (I buy all my eBay postage through Paypal with just a few clicks.)
In the early days, it seems like eBay was giving Paypal a boost but in the past few years, it’s been the other way around. Earlier this year, every news report was about how Paypal’s growth was keeping eBay a float.
So what happens now?
First of all, the split will take a full year to complete. Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces will take over as CEO and current CEO John Don…