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Friday Roundup: Facebook cans spam, LinkedIn spruces up Pulse and more

Its the end of the first week of October. Halloween is in full bloom and fourth-quarter madness is slowly spreading through the retail world. How are you doing? While you ponder that question, let’s take a look at a couple of stories that didn’t make it on to Marketing Pilgrim this week.
Facebook Cans Spam
Facebook put up a long post today on the business blog with a veiled warning to Page owners – don’t buy likes or artificially inflate your pages. We’ll find you and punish you.
But they didn’t want to be that blatant, so they made it about the spammers instead:

We have obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, and we utilize these channels when possible to remind would-be offenders that we will fight back to prevent abuse on our platform. We also limit likes per account to make spammers’ operations less efficient. When like activity gets unusually high, we take additional steps to make sure the likes are legitimate, such as asking for additional verification.


How will the holiday season Treat your business this Tricky time of year?

27 days from now, your neighborhood will be filled with little monsters running through the streets in search of candy. If you run an online-only business, that means there’s precious little time left to snag those Halloween customers.
This infographic from Collective Bias, called “The Rise of the Halloween Shopper” shows that next week is the prime shopping time for all things spooky.

Hopefully, you’re already set to sell because Halloween is not a season you want to miss. It’s the second-highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. Seriously, just look at these numbers:

$69 billion spent on costumes for people and pets, treats and parties. $2.08 billion on just candy and $360 million on greeting cards.
That last one surprises me. People are still buying and sending greeting cards? Wow.
The infographic tells us that 158 million people will be celebrating on October 31. 70% will hand out candy. 52% will attend or host a party (another surprise) and 36% will put their nervous system…

Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads Rolling Out To All Advertisers

Back in June, Google launched dynamic remarketing for retailers in on the Google Display Network and said it was testing the ads in the travel and education verticals. This week, the company announced dynamic remarketing is rolling out across all verticals including education, hotels, flights, real estate and more.
Dynamic remarketing (or retargeting) ads that automatically insert product or items related to those that users viewed on a website. The service is not unique to Google, but now AdWords advertisers can run dynamic retargeting campaigns within the platform. Advertisers create one ad that can be personalized automatically right when an ad impression is served.
A travel package site, for example, can retarget a visitor who was looking at Mediterranean cruises, could automatically show that user an ad with a special deal on the package they viewed but didn’t book.
Google says that during beta testing, advertisers across verticals on average saw conversion rates double and cost-per…