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Why Blogging Is The Best Online Money Making Business? Find out Here!

If you are one of those “Shouter” who have read about Blogging, reading about my monthly income report, other bloggers income report, you must have made up your mind thinking ” Blogging is an easy way to make money online“, and let me correct you on that statement Blogging is certainly one of the best way to make money online, but not an easy way. All the income reports you […]
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HubSpot Is Worth Nearly $1 Billion After Gaining 20% On First Day Of Trading

HubSpot had a good first day on Wall Street. The Massachusetts-based marketing software company is worth about $914 million after its stock closed at $30.10 — 20% higher than the $25 opening price — on the New York Stock Exchange.
HubSpot raised $125 million from the IPO, selling 5 million shares at the $25 price on Wednesday. The stock — with ticker symbol HUBS — opened at $32.99, according to Yahoo Finance
HubSpot offers marketing services for mid-sized businesses, which it defines as having between 10 and 2,000 employees. It offers marketing tools that include blogging, social media publishing and monitoring, marketing automation and analytics. In a Marketing Land survey conducted late last year, HubSpot was the third most-recognized marketing technology brand, behind Google and Moz and ahead of SalesForce, Adobe and others.
The company isn’t profitable. In 2013, it had $77.6 million in sales with a net loss of $34.4 million. In the first six months of 2014, it pulled in $51.3 million…

Will polls make Google Plus posts more engaging? Yes or No?

When Google Plus announced the release of the new poll widget, the one thing they didn’t do was put up a poll asking people how they feel about it. Is it a welcome option or a poor attempt to keep people on the site longer?
We know people love polls. We can’t resist sharing our opinion when all we have to do is click.
I put up a poll, answered my own question then was surprised by the fact that two more people responded within minutes.

That’s more engagement than I’ve seen on Google Plus since I created my profile! Maybe there is something to this poll thing.
The trouble with Google Plus has always been a lack of agreement on the numbers.
Earlier this year, the New York Times quoted these Nielsen stats:

Facebook had 128 million unique visitors to its website in the United States and 108 million to its smartphone app (that includes overlap of people who visit both the site and app.) They spent an average of six hours and 15 minutes on the site and nearly seven hours on the app during the mon…

Second-Screener, Multi-Screener: How to Engage the Always Addressable Consumer – October 23 Webcast

Digital Marketing Depot presents “Second-Screener, Multi-Screener: How to Engage the Always Addressable Consumer” on Thursday October 23 at 1 PM EDT.
In this webcast Forrester Research, Inc.ís Principal Analyst Jim Nail and Quaeroís Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek will discuss how second screening is additive to both the viewing and buying experience as well as the bottom line. They’ll also discuss cross-device tracking and how to and serve the audience, not the device.
Jim Nail is a principal analyst at Forrester Research serving marketing leaders and leads Forresterís coverage of online video, the evolution of television advertising, the digital transformation of advertising agencies, and marketing optimization.
Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek brings almost 20 years of technology marketing and marketing services experience to Quaero. She channels her experience as a consultant into the role of chief evangelist, helping companies understand how to make their data work for them, not against them.

Google Adds The Ability To Post Polls On Google+

What does Google+ have that Facebook doesn’t? Starting today, Google’s social network is giving pages and profiles the ability to create and post polls.
That’s a feature that Facebook took away from users in 2012 and Pages last year. The Facebook “Ask Question” polling feature is still available on Facebook Groups and some major media partners have access as well but it’s not generally available to Pages to the dismay of many small business owners. There’s a long tail of complaints about it on this post in the Facebook help community. When it eliminated polling for Pages, Facebook said the feature was redundant and that Pages could create the same experience by merely asking questions and getting answers in comments.
Google+ apparently disagrees, moving to add an extra interactive feature that there’s clearly a demand for. It a nice differentiator for the social network, which is playing catch-up to Facebook and fighting the perception that it’s not one of Google’s priorities.
The featur…