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US Programmatic Ad Spend To Top $10 Billion In 2014 And Double By 2016 [eMarketer]

Programmatic — automated digital ad buying — is on fire in the U.S, with adoption rising quickly this year. New data from eMarketer pegs the programmatic display market in the U.S. at $10 billion this year, and estimates it will top $20 billion by 2016.
“2014 has proven a pivotal year, and with the majority of infrastructure now laid and testing well in progress, we’ll see programmatic ad spending explode from 2015 into 2016,” said Lauren Fisher, analyst for eMarketer.
In 2014, eMarketer predicts programmatic buying will account for 45 percent of total digital display ad spending. The pogrammatic display market includes banners, rich media, sponsorship, video and other digital display formats, though eMarketer notes that the vast market in programmatic is currently focused on banners and will likely continue to be in the coming years.
Video, in particular it is thought, will continue to be sold directly through traditional sales channels. That said, programmatic is expected to account f…

Live Blog: Apple iPad Event

Apple is scheduled to announce new iPads and Macs today. We’ll be live blogging the event. It gets going in just a few minutes at 1pm Eastern/10 Pacific.
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TV Raids Online Content Market | 'Viewability' Takes Its Drubbing | Phablet Users Spend Much More

Video: Some of the best content created for online video is getting poached for television, as the economics are still far better for producers in traditional media. Roku is not only building its online video network, but also trying to create more targeted buys, presumably in hopes of raising the revenue per view. Metrics: As could be expected, now [...]

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How to Color Alternate Rows in Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel and other programs in Microsoft Office provide a handy feature called “Quick Styles” to help you quickly format a selected range as a striped table. The table can have zebra lines meaning alternating rows are formatted with different colors (see example).

Google Sheets do not support zebra stripes (yet) but you can use conditional formatting combined with a simple Google Formula to create a formatted table. You can apply alternating colors to both rows and columns in Google Sheets easily.
Here’s the trick.
Open a Google Sheet and choose Conditional formatting from the Format menu. Select Custom Formula from the dropdown and put this formula in the input box.


Select a Background color for the rule and set the range in A1 notation. For instance, if you wish to apply alternating colors to rows 1 to 100 for columns A to Z, set the range as A1:Z100.
Click the “Add another rule” link and repeat the steps but set =ISODD(ROW()) as the custom formula and choose a diffe…

Get Proven Social Media Marketing Tactics from a Full House of Experts – Register Now, Rates Increase Friday

Sometimes “winning” is just a matter of improving the odds. And stacking the deck in your favor with successful social media marketing tactics and strategies is a smart bet.
Improve your odds. Attend SMX Social Media Marketing, November 19-20 in Las Vegas. Here’s what you get:

More than 40 of the world’s most knowledgeable social media specialists selected to present based on ability AND willingness to share what makes them successful…and what they’ve learned along the way.
Real-world-proven tactics for earned, owned and paid social media marketing.
Opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others through variety of networking events; there’s no better place to grow your professional network.

You don’t need to be a high roller to attend. Register today and pay only $1495 for a two-day All Access pass. Early bird rates expire this Friday, October 17, so don’t delay!
Want to send your team? You save an additional 15-35% when registering three or more people. Check out our attractiv…

Use Google Sheets for Multilingual Chat with Speakers of Different Languages

You can only speak and write English so how do you converse with a person in China who writes Mandarin but doesn’t understand a word of English? Google Translate is no doubt a good option but it is going to be tedious for you (and your Chinese friend) to translate each and every sentence manually before sending them through any messenger.
How do you break down the language barrier and chat with someone in another country when there’s no ‘common’ language between the two parties? Microsoft is building a version of Skype for that will allow real-time translation for voice and video calls. You can watch the video demo though the actual software is expected to become available for Windows 8 later this year.
There’s another option now for people looking to have multi-lingual text chats – Google Sheets. Since two people can work on a Google Sheet simultaneously, it can actually work as a simple chat client. And if you integrate the same sheet with Google Translate – which is easy – the text t…

Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop

After an extended testing and preview period, Google has announced the final release of Android L, its latest version of the world’s most popular mobile platform. Android 5.0 Lollipop is debuting on three new Nexus devices — the Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet, and Nexus Player streaming media device — and will be available [...]
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10 Must Read Non-Fiction Books For The Entrepreneurs

Being self-employed and entrepreneurial has its own implications and tends to take a toll on the morale levels of these people when things don’t go as planned, which is most often the case. During times like these, a small vacation, a walk in the park and some time spent at the beach or with family and friends tend to work out for the best in your favor. This is also […]
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Turn Customers Into Followers With A Free Wi-Fi Connection

Offering your customers free wi-fi service is a nice perk, one that could engender good will and perhaps even return visits to your brick-and-mortar store. But now there’s a way to offer your perk and gain social media currency too.
Mood Media, an Austin, Texas-based firm, announced this week the launch of Mood Social Wi-Fi, a product that enables small and medium businesses to trade free wifi for social connections on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Here’s how it works: Mood Media provides a special router — included in the $35 a month fee for the service — that is connected to a business’ existing broadband Internet connection. Customers looking for a wi-fi connection are presented a branded login screen that invites them to connect with the business’ social media accounts. Here’s an example of how it looks:

Beyond the follower boost, Mood Social Wi-Fi also offers demographic insights in a dashboard that gives age, gender and location breakdowns. The dashboard offers the ability for bu…

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