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NRF: A Record 56 Percent Of Holiday Shoppers Will Shop Online This Year

This article is part of Marketing Land’s Holiday Retailer series.

More evidence that the upcoming holidays could be a good one for online retailers: The National Retail Federation (NRF) says a record 56 percent of consumers plan to shop online this year.
That’s according to the NRF’s Holiday Consumer Spending Survey, a survey of more than 7,500 consumers during the first week of October.
That 56 percent figure is up from 51.5 percent last year, and also represents a record high for the 13 years that the NRF has been doing this survey. Another record: The NRF says the average shopper will do 44.4 percent of his/her shopping online this holiday season.
Mobile Commerce Expected To Grow
As you’d expect, mobile shopping will be a big part of that overall online growth. Consider these statistics:

55.7 percent of smartphone owners will use their device in some way for holiday shopping, up from 53.8 percent last year
35.8 percent of smartphone owners will use it to research products and prices, an a…

Google's Plan to Take over Television | Programmatic Growth Rates Downhill After '14 | Google Grows Ad Revs, But Just for Owned Properties

Video: A Google exec and former Procter & Gamble marketing drone is now telling marketers they shouldn't just keep buying television unthinkingly. Now all Google has to do is hire the rest of them. Robot Invasion: Programmatic is set to grow gangbusters this year, to account for almost half of display ads, but that will be the inflection [...]

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Apple iAd Advertisers Can Now Retarget Across iOS Devices

From a presentation to developers at WWDC14 by Paresh Rajwat and Ravi Chittari

Though they haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops, Apple added audience retargeting capabilities to it’s mobile ad platform iAd in iOS 8.
Digiday reported that Apple has been actively pitching agencies cross-device ad retargeting via iAd, which has struggled to find a foothold and the premium identity bestowed upon its launch in 2010. IAd retargeting will allow advertisers — such as retailers, gaming app developers, travel apps and more — to follow visitors to their own apps after they leave and move across other apps and even websites on iPhones and iPads and try to lure them back with offers.
The capability helps Apple get around the problem of traditional cookie tracking not working on mobile devices by relying on users’ Apple ID tied to their iTunes accounts.
In a presentation to developers at WWDC14, Paresh Rajwat and Ravi Chittari teased the new audience retargeting features as part of the updates to…

BuzzFeed: We Don’t Fear Facebook News Feed Changes

As the CEO of a site that receives so much traffic from Facebook, you might think BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti would be worried about changes Facebook has made over the past year to filter out memes and other types of low-quality content. But Peretti said recently he’s not — and even if BuzzFeed gets less traffic from Facebook, that would be OK.
It’s a nuanced position. On one hand, Peretti is grateful that Facebook accounts for a large portion of BuzzFeed’s social windfall (75% of the site’s traffic comes from social media referrals). On the other, if a “crappy quiz” goes viral and gets 20 million views, he said the BuzzFeed brand could be damaged.
“We want the people who see BuzzFeed content to really truly love what they are seeing,” Peretti told Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan during the SMX East keynote in New York last month. “We have a big audience and we want it to grow, but we want it to be a deserved audience. So we’re really very aligned with Facebook in their N…

Where To Share Blog Posts After Publishing For Promotion

Being a blogger, we work day and night to write quality content, and later on wait for people to come and read our content. An easy way to get traffic is by making your content search engine friendly, and let people find your content organically. Though, it doesn’t happen all the time that your content will rank higher in search engine, and sometimes many of our best content gets un-noticed. […]
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Official: Twitter Will Now Show You Tweets From People You Don’t Follow

Twitter’s move away from a strictly real-time feed became a bit more real late today.
The company announced that all users’ timelines will now include more than just tweets from people they follow. Twitter said the move comes after a successful test — a test that raised the hackles of many longtime users of the network — showing that most users liked seeing extra tweets in the mix.
Twitter product team member Trevor O’Brien explained in a blog post:

One of our goals for experimentation is to continue improving your home timeline. After all, that’s the best way to keep up with everything happening in your world. Choosing who to follow is a great first step – in many cases, the best Tweets come from people you already know, or know of. But there are times when you might miss out on Tweets we think you’d enjoy. To help you keep up with what’s happening, we’ve been testing ways to include these Tweets in your timeline — ones we think you’ll find interesting or entertaining.
For example, we re…

21 Twitter Tools That Every Twitter Power User Must Know Of

Leveraging the power of Twitter needs some third-party applications that cater to the features lacking in the main app directly. There are over a ton of Twitter third-party tools that are solely designed for a single purpose, but the problem is that many of them are shoddy and others are bombarded with ads. Sifting through these ocean of Twitter tools and finding a good deal could be quite a daunting […]
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Twitpic Can’t Find A Buyer, So It’s Pulling The Plug After All

Cancel Twitpic’s subscription to its resurrection.
After tweeting on Sept. 18 that it had found a buyer to rescue it from closure — a shutdown that the company said was necessary because of a trademark dispute with Twitter — Twitpic announced today that it will in fact be shutting down.
Twitpic founder Noah Everett updated a blog post with this message:

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce again that Twitpic will be shutting down on October 25th. We worked through a handful of potential acquirers and exhausted all potential options. We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but agreeable terms could not be met. Normally we wouldn’t announce something like that prematurely but we were hoping to let our users know as soon as possible that Twitpic was living on.
I’m sincerely sorry (and embarrassed) for the circumstances leading up to this, from our initial shutdown announcement to an acquisition false alarm.

Before Twitter enabled native upload…

On Monday, you can buy lunch with just a touch of your iPhone

On October 20, the world will take another step toward wallet-less freedom. Yes, they’re ready to throw the switch on Apple Pay. Hooray?
I simply can’t decide if this is a good thing, bad thing or any kind of a thing at all. Apple did a super job getting big names on board for the launch; Aéropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Bloomingdale’s, Champs Sports, Chevron and Texaco retail stores including ExtraMile, Disney Store, Foot Locker, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Nike, Office Depot, Panera Bread, Petco, RadioShack, SUBWAY, Toys’R’Us, Walgreens and Whole Foods Market.
This is not only a great list of brands people trust and use, it’s also a really nice mix. Lunch at SUBWAY, groceries at Whole Foods, gas at Chevron, gift as Toys’R’Us – smart.
On the other end, they have more than 500 banks (who knew there were more than 500 banks in the US) on board covering American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
All of that is wonderful but it won’t do you any good unless you have a brand ne…