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Walmart Tries Again on Ecommerce | Apple Ads Get Apple Pay | Penguin Update Live | Bing Not Dead Yet

Ecommerce: Walmart is taking another swag at that internet thing, marshaling massive capital and acquired technology to attempt to get it right. One of its important assets is the agency exec, Brian Monahan, that it plucked a year or two ago. There is some catching up to do before Walmart's internet sales share starts to look [...]

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Google Gives Stephen Colbert A Half Inch After Comedian Spotlights Bad Information In Search Results

Looks like Google heeded Stephen Colbert’s threat, and has manually fixed the quick answer for the comedian’s height, which Colbert pointed out last Wednesday was off by a half inch.
“I was horrified to learn that the Google celebrity profile of me lists my height as five-ten,” reported Colbert in his ‘Who’s Attacking Me Now?’ segment of The Colbert Report, “I am five-eleven.”
“Fix it, or I will fix you, Page,” threatened Colbert.
While Colbert addressed Google CEO Larry Page directly, saying he wanted a retraction, investigation, apology, and a cash settlement, it looks like all Google is giving him is a half inch.
Since the show’s airing, Google has updated the quick answer for the comedian’s height, now listing Colbert as 5′ 10.5″ (which Google coverts to “1.79m-ish”).
The quick answer for Colbert’s height also includes references to Larry Page and Conan O’Brien – who Colbert called out during the segment – as well as Jon Stewart, simply listing his height as “shorter” than Colbert.


Make Screencast Movies of your iPhone or iPad with QuickTime

Did you know that your Mac ships with a screencasting software that can be used for quickly recording movies of your computer screen? You can record the microphone audio along with the video, there’s an option to show or hide the mouse clicks during the screen recording and the movies can be exported in HD formats. This very-capable app is called QuickTime Player.
And it just got better. If you have upgraded your Mac to OS X Yosemite, you can use the same QuickTime Player software to record the screen of your iOS device in 2 easy steps. All you need is an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 and a Lightning to USB cable – it is the same cable that you are currently using to connect your iOS device to the computer or the charger.

QuickTime as an iOS Screen Recorder
Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer through the 8-pin Lightning to USB cable. This will not work with older iOS devices that use the 30-pin connector.
Step 2: Open the QuickTime Player on your Mac (Yosemite) and choose “New Movie…

Upgrade your Macs without Using all your Monthly Bandwidth

I have almost exhausted my download bandwidth for this billing cycle and, lest you assume anything, I haven’t downloaded any torrents or movies from the Internet. All I have done is updated the Macs to the recently released OS X Yosemite and also downloaded the latest version of Apple iMovie, Keynote and other Mac software.
The Mac OS X Yosemite installer is about 5 GB in size and, for some unknown reason, the Apps Store doesn’t always support resumable downloads. So if your Internet connection goes down while the installer is getting downloaded or if there’s a problem connecting with Apple servers, you get the “unknown error has occurred” message and you’ve to download the whole thing again. I have to upgrade two Apple computers – an iMac and a Macbook – so the downloads are even a bigger hit on the monthly bandwidth.

If you are like me and have more than one Mac to upgrade, here an obvious tip that will help you save data – upgrade the OS and apps of one Mac and use the same offline i…