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Views For First Snapchat Ad Were “In The Millions”

Gil C /

Snapchat’s ad buying pioneer, Universal Pictures, is pleased with the results, even if some of the evidence has disappeared and some users were surprised.
The studio bought the first advertising spot ever sold by the ephemeral messaging service over the weekend — a 20-second trailer for the horror movie “Ouija” — and Universal vice president of digital marketing Doug Neil said the views were “in the millions.”
Neil said final figures weren’t available, but early returns confirm that Snapchat advertising is an effective way to reach young people. Although Snapchat ads are not targeted, most of the people using the network are in the coveted millennial category.
“We believe that the demographic for the film is in the crosshairs for Snapchat,” Neil told Marketing Land in a telephone interview tonight. “It was the right platform for us to work with.”
There was some blowback on Twitter from Snapchat users — Snapchat’s blog post announcing the new ad initiative warned th…

TV viewers would rather skim social media than watch TV commercials

How many of you simple watch TV while you’re watching TV? Show of hands.
That looks about right. The Second Annual TiVo Multitasking and Social TV Survey says that more than half of the people they studied multitask while watching TV. That’s a huge increase over last year’s 36%.
If you’re a TV producer, don’t worry. 47% said that even though they’re doing other things at the same time, their primary focus is on the television. . . or so they say.
Top TV-time activities:

74% browse the internet
73% read or send email
71% send text messages

TV fans also love connecting with their favorite shows and actors online. 61% of respondents said they’ve searched the internet for information about a show they like and 47% “liked” a show’s official Facebook page. Funny thing, they aren’t doing either of these things while they’re actually watching TV. Only 5% of TV multitaskers did anything show related while the show was on.
Commercial breaks are a whole different story.
If you’ve invested a ton of money …