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Hostgator Hosting 12th Anniversary Offer: 65% Discount

Hostgator is celebrating their 12th anniversary with everyone by offering gran discount on their hosting packages. This is a limited time discount deal and will end In couple of hours. This special sale highlights two amazing offer: 65% off on 6 month hosting plans. 45% off on any other tenure hosting plans. The 65% discount is for 6 month hosting period only and suggested only for those who need a […]
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Yahoo Treads Water Swapping Revenue Mixes | Buyers Unhappy about Common Ad Exchange Practice of 'Dynamic Price' or 'Fake Demand' | Some Penguin-Hit Sites Redeemed

Yahoo Deathwatch: Mobile is rising in revenues for Yahoo, but that's just filling holes in the revenues for display advertising - of which Yahoo is providing more, but for less money. Interestingly, the firm's CEO said revenues from its $1 billion Tumblr acquisition are predicted to be $100 million, up from $0. Robot Invasion: Criticism mounts for the [...]

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Android Closing Gap In Mobile Ad Revenue, Up 3 Percent In Q3 To 41.8 Pct. [Report]

Opera Mediaworks released its 2014 State of Mobile Advertising report today. The report encompasses 90 percent of the top Ad Age global advertisers that run mobile campaigns on the platform — reaching over 800 million unique users across 17,500 plus publisher sites and apps. The company saw mobile video ad use ramp aggressively and Android keeps gaining ground.
Android continues to gain in the market, capturing 57.6 percent of traffic share versus 30.2 percent for iOS. Android is also starting to close the revenue gap with 41.8 percent of revenue, a gain of 3 percent from the previous quarter. Apple’s iOS still holds the lead with 51.2 percent share of revenue.

Source: Opera Mediaworks

Phones on both OS leaders dominate both traffic and revenue compared to tablets. This is particularly true on Android.
Opera Mediaworks saw adoption rates of iOS 8, released in Q3 2014, were slower than last year’s release of iOS 7. A week after its release, iOS 8 accounted for just 28.55 percent of impress…

15 Awesome Video Ads Big Brand CMOs Loved

Whether it’s the sentimentality of the Folgers Coffee 1986 spot “Peter Comes Home for Christmas,” or the Budweiser ad from 2000 that inspired an entire generation to ask, “Wasssup?” – a well-done ad can crawl into your head space and stay planted for decades.
You remember the emotion, the message and the product. That’s good advertising.
It’s no wonder brands continue to spend millions of dollars every year on video content, promoting ads on social pages, uploading them to their YouTube channels, and, yes, still placing them in prime time television ad slots.
And while television may no longer be the first thought for marketers when it comes to video advertising, video is by no means slowing down.
YouTube reports over six-billion hours of video are watched each month on its site, with over one million advertisers using Google ad platforms. Just last week, comScore claimed Facebook had generated over a billion video views in August alone.
As part of our “Get to Know” CMO profile series, we …

HootSuite Survey: Businesses Value Social Media But Struggle With Measuring Results

The disconnect remains. Most businesses believe social media is a vital tool for success but have trouble proving it.
Social media management firm HootSuite is the latest to confirm the struggle to show social ROI, releasing a survey that puts the reality in stark relief:
Nearly nine in 10 businesses (88%) believe social media is important to maintain a competitive edge, while two in three (67%) find it difficult to assess the effectiveness of social media activities.
The survey also found that only 40% said their businesses were using social media data to help improve their bottom line. Not coincidentally, 60% said they were challenged to find actionable data.
Harris Poll, which was commissioned by HootSuite to run the survey, pulled those results from a sample of 750 business managers — current and prospective HootSuite clients — in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. They were surveyed between January and October this year; …

Facebook Offers Security Tips For Small Business Pages

Like any big online network, Facebook is a target for all sorts of hackers, scammers and others of that ilk. But since Facebook business Pages are tied to personal profiles, the damage from a breach can be higher.
So it’s a smart idea to take a close look at the infographic posted this week by the Facebook security team, which is continuing its National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign.
It should go without saying that Page owners need to keep close tabs on who has access, but the infographic goes into detail with tips about managing roles, enabling login approval and securing mobile devices.

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68 percent of consumers say coupons promote loyalty

If you want to keep the same customers coming back over and over again, send them a coupon and then send them another one and another.
In “The State of Digital Coupons: How Digital Coupons Are Adapting to Mobile and Omnichannel by Forrester Consulting on behalf of RetailMeNot, we learn that coupons are still a prime motivator for both online and offline shoppers. 59% of consumers said coupons were most likely to influence their purchasing decisions. Luckily, there’s an upside to selling things for less money – customer loyalty.

68% of consumers say coupons build brand awareness and lead to customer loyalty. Look at the chart above. The lighter the blue, the more positive the response. A large number of respondents said they were likely to tell friends about online coupons and promotion codes. 29% felt strongly that coupons led to brand loyalty and another 62% agreed to some extent.
The final question is the real kicker. More than 75% of respondents said they were more likely to pay full …

Tablet users visit a site 5 times before buying and other mobile commerce facts

Today’s infographic comes to us all the way from Paris. Not Paris, Texas. The Paris – Paris, France.
This intriguing missive came to me from a company called Content Square. They’re a French start-up whose raison d’ĂȘtre is optimizing digital platforms to increase conversion rates. A noble cause.
Their first infographic is called the “E-Commerce Tablet Barometer“. The English translation is a little wonky, but the data is interesting and so I thought it was worth sharing.
The main point of the piece is that tablets aren’t exactly the “one-click” wonders we expect them to be. Few, if any customers sit down with a tablet, go right to the product they want and buy it with a single tap. I can hear you rolling your eyes and sighing. . . ‘well, of course not’ but there are mobile apps that let you can buy just that easily – Amazon, eBay, any site that takes Apple Pay. . .
Here’s what customers do before they hit the “buy” button:

They visit a site 5 times before making the decision to buy
They spe…