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Agencies' Free Pass on Media Conflicts Perhaps Ending | Nielsen: This Internet Stuff is Important | The Only Good Mobile Search Ad is a Top Search Ad

Agencies: After a few years of agencies getting a pass on alternate media buying models, with agencies earning margins due to ownership of the tech stack, or sometimes even the media itself, their clients are now getting concerned that - heaven forfend - there might be conflicts of interest causing them to get raw deals. Analytics: A somber [...]

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SMX West 2014 Registration Open – Best Rates Available Now, Save $300

Search Marketing Expo – SMX West returns to Silicon Valley for its eighth year in March 2015!
Featuring three days jam-packed with cutting-edge tactics, the program will include sessions on search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC), social media marketing, local search and more.
The SMX West conference program will run March 3-5; the expo hall will be open March 3-4; pre-conference workshops will be offered on March 2.
Register Now, Save $300

SMX West is an outstanding value! Register for an All Access pass today and pay only $1495 – $300 off on-site rates – for all the exceptional content and invaluable networking SMX events provide.
Looking to send your team? Groups of 3 or more qualify for discounts of 15% to 35% with our team rates.
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Yandex 2014 3Q Earnings Report: Revenue Up 28% Over Last Year’s 3rd Quarter Results

Russian search engine Yandex released its 2014 third quarter earnings report yesterday, announcing a 28 percent increase in year-over-year revenue for the quarter, generating more than $313 million (RUR 13.1 billion).
“Q3 was another strong quarter notable for an acceleration in growth of our owned and operated properties and excellent cost control,” said Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh in the news release announcing the company’s earnings.
According to the announcement, Yandex’s share of the Russian search market averaged 60.3 percent last quarter, and search queries were up 13 percent from third quarter of 2013. So far this year, the site has acquired advertising tech platform AdFox, completed the acquisition of, and launched Yandex.Master.
The company reports that 93 percent of its total revenue for Q3 was earned via text-based advertising – with 71 percent coming from its own websites and 21 percent from its ad network.
Yandex 2014 3Q Revenue Results

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Polyvore Expands Promoted Products Ad Program To Canada, UK, Australia

With more than half of its traffic coming from international visitors, social commerce site Polyvore is expanding its Promoted Products ad program beyond the US to Australia, Canada and the UK.
In the vein of other social platforms such as Pinterest, Polyvore’s ads are native in format, adopting the look and feel of the editorial content on the page. The ads may appear on the site’s Home, Shop and Product pages and are distinguished from the image collages, or Sets, of clothes and fashion accessories, beauty products and home goods that members create with a “Promoted” tag. Ads link directly to brand and retailer web sites.
Polyvore says over 150 advertisers have participated in the program so far, and seen an average of 6 times return on ad spend, as visitors are predisposed to shop.
Arrows in the ads allow users to scroll through a series of products within a Promoted ad. Advertisers upload their product feeds on the self-service ad platform, which also supports Google Shopping product…

Groupon pivots with the rollout of Pages

Where do you go if you want to get the real scoop on local businesses? Yelp? Angie’s List? Groupon?
Groupon just announced the launch of 7 million new merchant listings called Pages; “making Groupon the first place to go for ratings, tips, money-saving opportunities and other useful information for local businesses in the United States.”
I don’t know about the “first place” part, but it’s a nice try.
This is the merchant page for Adventura. It’s cleaner than the Yelp page and the long, Groupon header makes it easier to focus when you hit the page.

Right underneath this section is Groupon’s not-so-secret marketing weapon:
I thought, when I clicked this button, I’d be given a choice of deals or a blank where I could leave my ideas. Nope. The widget just added my name to a list so I’ll get an email if this company decides to run an offer. And you can bet that Groupon is going to use that list to entice businesses to run a deal. “Look, 150 people pushed the button! They clearly want you to off…

Inbox by Google: Gmail as your new ‘to do’ list

If you use your email box as a To Do list, you’re going to get very excited when you see what Google is rolling out this week. It’s not so much a Gmail update as it is a whole new way to process email. It’s called Inbox and it takes the best of what other third-party apps do and rolls it into one, simple unit.
Unlike most email handlers, Inbox groups, highlights and reschedules messages. It also acts as a personal assistant, adding information you might need to complete an anticipated task. Really. It’s spooky and it’s pretty.
Check out this clean interface. It looks much more like an app timeline than an email inbox. That’s going to take some getting used to.

In the middle, under Purchases, you see an example of highlighting. Inbox automatically highlights key information it finds in an email like flight itineraries, event information, documents, appointments. The app also adds on information from the web that wasn’t in the email. In this case, it pulled the real time tracking data on t…