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6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any Niche

I have talked a lot about Keyword research, and it’s benefits. One of the major mistake I have seen many people making is, targeting direct keywords, instead of long-tail keywords (LTK) . If you are wondering, what are long tail keywords, here is a quick example of difference between short-tail and long-tail : Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of short tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50 Long tail Keywords vs. short tail […]
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Friday social round-up: LinkedIn, Pandora and Twitter Halloween

It’s the Friday round-up: this time, it’s social!
A Very Twitter Halloween
October 31 is only a week away but Twitter says it’s not too late to get your piece of the $7 billion dollar Halloween pie. One of the great things about social is that you can jump on a trend at the last minute so you have plenty of time to whip up some Halloween treats.
Some of the best content will be shared on Halloween, after everyone has donned their costumes, so consider offering a prize for the best pics and vids uploaded with your company hashtag.
Need more inspiration? Check out Twitter’s “Five Halloween tips for advertisers.
Pandora Shares Stats
Pandora says they have “125,000-plus artists playing on Pandora, and 11,900 of them have over 100,000 unique listeners that have thumbed up their music.” A thumbs-up is nice but demographics are better and now Pandora is sharing that data with every musician on the site. Once an artist claims their own songs they’ll have access to an extensive analytics program so…

Twitter Redesigns Twitter For Business Site

Twitter relaunched its Twitter for Business website this week, updating the look and reorganizing the content of its hub for marketing instruction and resources.
“Whether your business is just starting to use Twitter or you’re a seasoned pro, you can find educational resources, research, advertising solutions and real-life examples that are relevant for your business needs,” Russ Laraway, head of Twitter’s small and medium business team, wrote in a blog post.
The site, last redesigned in April 2013, opens with the basics, giving users the ability to click through for information about six goals:

create or manage a Twitter presence
grow a follower base
drive website clicks or conversions
increase tweet engagements
drive app installs or engagements
find leads on Twitter

Other sections of the site — Solutions, Success Stories and Resources — dig deeper into how to use Twitter as a marketing tool, featuring research, videos and examples of businesses doing well on Twitter.
And at the top of every p…

How to Schedule your Gmail Messages with a Google Sheet

Have you ever wanted to write an email now but send it a later date and time? Maybe you are sending birthday greetings and would like the email message to be delivered on the exact day. Or you have written the reply to an email but would like to schedule delivery in the recipient’s time zone when the message is more likely to get read.
Microsoft Outlook has a built-in scheduler to help you delay the delivery of email messages. After you are finished writing an email message and hit the Send button, the message isn’t delivered immediately — it stays in your outbox and is sent at the specified time automatically.
Gmail doesn’t let you schedule a later delivery of email messages but there are browser extensions — like Boomerang and Right Inbox — that let you specify a future send date for your outgoing email messages.
These are however subscription based services that allow you to send only a limited number of scheduled email messages for free per month. The other concern is privacy – you w…