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Like Google Wallet, Apple Pay Blocked By Merchant “Conspiracy”

When Google Wallet was formally launched in 2011 it was almost immediately blocked by the major US mobile carriers. Verizon was the first and most vocal, citing security concerns. Yet the “real reason” for disallowing Google Wallet was the fact that all the major US carriers (except Sprint) were part of a competing payments initiative called ISIS (now renamed Softcard).
There’s a direct analogy with what’s happening to Apple Pay now. Over the weekend MacRumors reported that Rite-Aid and CVS pharmacies disabled the near-field-communications (NFC) capabilities of their point-of-sale systems (POS) to stop customers from using Apple Pay (or Google Wallet).
As with ISIS and the wireless carriers, a broad consortium of retailers is preparing a competing mobile payments system and they don’t want Apple Pay to kill it before it can get off the ground. That system, as you’re probably now aware, is called the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) and it has created an invitation-only app for both iOS …

Google to Test Non-Annoying Version of YouTube | Sites Discriminate on Pricing Based on Platform | Child Privacy Cookiepocalypse Suit Wends its Way

Video: Google plans to offer a paid video service shorn of their unusually annoying ads may support additional content creation. Online and paid content firms have found that it isn't that high a bar to produce better series than those found on broadcast television, although it is quite expensive. Ecommerce: Ecommerce sites are discriminating prices based on [...]

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Tumblr Is Rolling Out Its First Autoplay Video Ads Today

Aiming for a bigger cut of the lucrative video advertising market, Tumblr is launching its first autoplay video ads today, Advertising Age reports.
Eleven brands, including The CW, Lexus, Unilever’s Axe, Universal Pictures, JCPenney and Hulu, are testing Sponsored Video Posts before Tumblr opens them to all advertisers in mid-November. Previously, brands could purchase Promoted Posts that included video but the new offering takes advantage of Tumblr’s updated video player that starts videos automatically, though muted until a user clicks to activate audio. The autoplay video also loops continuously and can be docked next to the dashboard so users can watch while continuing to scroll through other posts.
Online video ads are a fast growing piece of the online marketing industry. EMarketer estimates that U.S. advertisers will spend $5.96 billion for digital video ads in 2014, a 42% year-over-year increase. Yahoo is following Facebook into the autoplay era, which has helped Facebook challe…

Taco Bell Goes “Dark” On Social Media To Promote Mobile Ordering App

Taco Bell, one of the more active brands on social media, went into shutdown mode today, sort of. In a stunt to promote a new mobile ordering and payment app, the company went dark on all its social media accounts and pointed all comers to a link to download the new app.
The stunt played out most drastically on Twitter, with Taco Bell’s account — which previously had more than 1.4 million followers — appeared to be brand new this morning. It briefly lost its verified status and at the time we posted this story it had only 1,200 followers and one tweet:

Mobile ordering is here. Download Now:
— Taco Bell (@tacobell) October 28, 2014

Presumably, Taco Bell’s full account and followers will be restored after today’s adventure.
The company’s Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr and Snapchat accounts each carried a similar message. The message seemed to resonate especially well on Instagram where the company sent nine updates each with a piece of…

11 Social Media Management Tools For A Social Media Manager

What was common between the 2014 Oscars’ celebrity selfie and the White House’s #getcovered campaign that allowed users to tweet their stories about security and peace of mind? Well, those were some of the best coupes by the digital marketers this year with the aide of social media marketing. These creative geniuses are powered by a host of social media management tools that assist them to achieve what almost seems […]
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WikiLeaks Printed first List of Indian Black income cases in Swiss bank.Real or Fake

We all know that india is one of the major prey of corruption.Mainly black income .Julian Assange co- founder and the manager in main of the whistleblower web site WikiLeaks,he lately unveiled that black income primarily arises from india .Assange stated that there might be indian titles in the information that wikileaks might publish.He also [...]
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Benefits of Cloud Computing in Businesses endowment

Cloud processing is just a system support which facilitates discussing of assets, software and information to the processing devices attached in a system therefore named internet that is as related being an electricity grid. In a nutshell cloud processing is processing work that is managed online via the Internet. Cloud Computing is labeled as in [...]
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