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Smartphone M-Commerce Revenues Grew 141 Percent In Q3 — Report

This morning e-commerce platform MarketLive released its Q3 Performance Index. Drawn from its customers’ aggregated traffic and conversion data, MarketLive sounded the alarm on mobile commerce: “Merchants must immediately face – and address – the enormous implications and inescapable demands of multi-device shopping and mainstream mobile commerce.
The company said that smartphone traffic to e-commerce sites grew by more than 62 percent and revenue grew 141 percent. Tablet revenue and traffic grew by a more modest 20 percent. Though still dominant, PC-based commerce growth “continued its decline.”
PCs generated 57 percent of traffic to e-commerce sites but were responsible for 76 percent of revenues in the aggregate. Smartphones drove 28 percent of traffic but only 11 percent of revenue. Tablets generated 15 percent of traffic and 13 percent of revenue.
In part because online shopping is shifting to mobile where the experience is often suboptimal, MarketLive reported an overall 2 percent …

Stop Relying on Antivirus Software, it isn’t Enough

I used to (and probably you too) think that our duty to secure PC ends after installing Antivirus software. However, that is partially true. One should not rely on single type of defense but multiple layer of security considering how dreadful malware have become.
Blog article on Dealarious suggest that security starts right from building your Computer. Starting from hardware components I mean. Here is a 8 step checklist list published on how to secure PC completely:

1. Install Windows 8 as operating system
It is the latest version from Microsoft and will have a benefit of continued support and updates. This include regular patches and fixes to the vulnerabilities found in the system architecture.
2. Use Motherboard that supports SecureBoot
SecureBoot is a component of Windows 8 operating system to help prevent malicious software applications and “unauthorized” operating systems from loading during the system start-up process.

There are concerns that you won’t be able to install Linux as dua…

18,822 likes and comments per branded post; that’s Instagram

Instagram is that one social media network companies know about, want to use but can’t figure out how to crack the code. Instagram is like the love child of Pinterest and Tumblr. It’s image driven. Its users are young and creative and it’s primarily a mobile network though there are ways to work with it online.
Instagram users are highly engaged and loyal but you have to do your part with images and messaging that’s worth their time. You could say that about any social network but I think it’s even more true of Instagram.
The rewards for getting it right are amazing.

Yes, that says 9,162 others like this. This picture from MadeWell also received 60 comments in under a week.
Simply Measured just published the results of their Q3 2014 Instagram Study which looks at the Interbrand 100 Top Global brands who use the site.
86% of the top 100 global brands are on Instagram now compared to only 54% a year ago. 73% post a pic or video at least once a week and that’s also up over last year. 34 brand…

Google Releases iPad Version Of The Official Google Analytics App

No longer will Google Analytics users need to rely on the previous iPhone view or browser bookmarks to pull up their analytics. Today Google has launched an (a long awaited) upgrade to the official Google Analytics app to support iPads. The app brings all the the data-y goodness of the previous app, now optimized for iPads.

The first iteration of the app was launched in July of this year. The iPad version of the app includes the same features as the previous app: real-time analytics, unique visualizations but in an optimized view perfect for the tablet format.
For more information see the official Google+ post announcement or download the app in the App Store.
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