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Showing posts from November 1, 2014

Here’s What Twitter Said About Cashing In On Its Logged Out Users

Twitter has a slower-growth problem, so CEO Dick Costolo and CFO Anthony Noto attempted to shift attention to the potential of the network’s wider audience during the company’s quarterly earnings call this week.
That audience, which includes people who visit Twitter without logging in and people who view enbedded tweets or tweets in widgets on other sites, is giant, they said; one to two times bigger than the 284 million people Twitter counts as monthly active users. Doing the math, that would put Twitter’s total audience in a range between 568 and 852 million.
Investors weren’t impressed, fixating on the fact that Twitter added three million fewer users in the third quarter than the second, despite major efforts to woo new converts, and the stock fell more than 17% this week.
Costolo and Noto made it clear during the call that the company is still focusing hard on increasing its active user base. (Costolo said simplifying the sign-up process — from 12 steps to six or seven — has increas…

Global E-Commerce Survey: Australians Most Likely To Cross Borders When Shopping Online

In a survey polling 1,000 respondents from 12 different countries, Pitney Bowes discovered online shoppers from Australia (63 percent), Canada and Russia (54 percent each) are the most likely to cross borders when buying online.
According to the survey results, the U.S. was “by far” the top choice when consumers were considering purchasing products from another country, followed by the U.K. and Germany; but, at 24 percent, U.S. shoppers were the least likely to buy products online from other countries.
When asked what the biggest deterrent was for purchasing products online from different countries, 68 percent of survey respondents said high shipping costs. Other reasons for not buying outside of one’s own country included additional fees and taxes, along with lengthy shipping times.
Product pricing was the No. 1 reason global shoppers were willing to cross borders, with 78 percent of survey respondents claiming pricing as the “most important” reason for purchasing products online from d…

Twitter Touts Its Ability To Drive Holiday Sales

Happy Halloween, now go shopping. The countdown to Black Friday is at t-minus 27 days and there are only 54 days until Christmas, so if you are marketing to holiday shoppers there’s no time to waste.
And Twitter this week released a study touting its ability to bring customers into retail establishments and influence purchase decisions. The study, conducted for Twitter by DB5 Research, is obviously self-serving, but it’s still interesting data, pulled from 2,100 U.S. holiday shoppers aged 13 and above who were interviewed in August.
More than half of those surveyed said they used Twitter regularly and the survey found that “the Twitter users start holiday shopping earlier, spend more and are more prone to impulse purchases. More than a third (34%) have already begun thinking about holiday shopping. And they’re enjoying it: 81% say they love holiday shopping, compared to 56% of non-users.”
Twitter users also plan to spend more on holiday gifts; 24% plan to spend more than $1,000 during th…