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Kik Gives Brands More Auto-Messaging Options With Keywords In Promoted Chats

Mobile chat apps are wildly popular, especially with the coveted younger demographic, but their primary one-to-one communication functionality puts them in a hard-to-figure category for many marketers.
Waterloo, Ontario-based Kik Messenger is taking a run at this issue by giving brands the means to create individual interaction at scale. In beta testing with about 25 companies since August, Kik’s Promoted Chats offer the ability to send automated replies to Kik users.
It’s been a popular test, the company says, with 6.5 million of Kik’s 150 million users following a brand, generating more than 100 million messages. Today, Kik is rolling out an update that will give brands more personalized messaging options. The new Keyword feature offers the ability to set up a variety of words that trigger different responses.
Previously, brands were limited to one canned message at a time. Now they will be able to tailor their responses to the context of incoming messages. For example, take a look at …

Despite “Do Not Track” Movement, Online Tracking Won’t Go Away [Web Summit]

Despite the growing interest in online privacy and the “Do Not Track” movement, one web security CEO says online tracking won’t go away — but it will evolve, and already is.
Rami Essaid, CEO at Distil Networks, discussed the future of privacy and online tracking during a solo presentation today at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland.
“Will we ever be completely anonymous?,” Essaid asked. “No, I don’t think [online tracking] is ever going away. Offline, we’re being tracked every day via loyalty cards and credit cards. Online, the technology will evolve.”
And it already has evolved significantly. Essaid gave a brief history of the tools and methods that companies have used to track users online, from cookies and IP addresses to things like HTTP authentication, query string tracking, hidden form fields and more.
All of those technologies are at least a few years old, and Essaid discussed how tracking methods have changed more recently to things like

Canvas fingerprinting, which uses the browser…

19 Things You Should Plan Today For A Better Tomorrow

“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream“, wrote Khalil Gibran in The Prophet. There are morning people who just spring out of bed at the setting off the alarm, and then there are those who are just tempted to hit […]
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Black Friday: Millennials will spend more but 35+ will spend the most

22 Days Until Black Friday!
Are you ready?
CFI Group and eBay Enterprise just released a new report about this frantic weekend called “Holiday Shopping 2014: Shutting Down the Showroom Effect”.
As an online seller, you’re probably not all that concerned about showrooming but there are a few nuggets in the report for you, too.
First up is the actual Black Friday weekend. 30% of those surveyed said they expect to spend more than 50% of their gift giving budget between November 28 and December 1. This is up 27% over year. That means more retailers will pull in more revenue earlier in the season. On the downside, CFI says consumers will be spending less overall, that’s why they’re counting so heavily on Black Friday deals.
Only 20% said they’ll be spending more than $700. Last year that number was 22%. They’re also buying gifts for fewer people so if you were on the fringe list last year, don’t bother buying a reciprocal fruit cake because you won’t need it.
When we look at spending by age grou…

Like Facebook, Twitter Now Lets You Tweet From The Top Of Your Timeline

Twitter has just announced that it has moved its tweet box on the Twitter web site to the top of timelines, something it says will make it easier to tweet.
Twitter shared the news appropriately enough in a tweet:

It just got easier to Tweet on You can now compose new Tweets at the top of your home timeline.
— Twitter (@twitter) November 5, 2014

Here’s an example of the new location from my own timeline:

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