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Mark Zuckerberg Promises To Give Facebook Users More News Feed Controls

[Update: Moments after we posted this story, Facebook announced that it's giving users more News Feed controls. Here's the post about the changes on an official Facebook blog.]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he hears “loud and clear” that Facebook users want more control over their News Feed.
And yesterday during his townhall Q&A, Zuckerberg said that the company will be working on the issue in the coming year. The promise came during an answer to a commonly asked question: Why not give users more ways to tinker with the mix of what they see on Facebook?
Facebook, of course, does provide such options — users can choose to switch their feed to see recent stories and can create lists of friends and brands they want to keep closer tabs on — but Zuckerberg admitted that those options haven’t been a Facebook priority. Those features are buried in hard to find places on the platform, which means they likely don’t get much use.
Facebook has concentrated its News Feed efforts to tu…

Google Patent For Ads That Follow You Surfaces

Imagine if after clicking on an ad, it expanded and then persisted as you navigated to additional web content linked to from the ad itself.
That’s what’s laid out in a Google patent that recently popped up in the public records and has gone unnoticed. The patent, which dates back to 2003 with a continuation made in 2011 (US 8838479), is titled “System and method for enabling an advertisement to follow the user to additional web pages”.
In a vision for moving beyond “garish” banners, the patent outlines a system for delivering ads that enable “a user to obtain additional Internet-based content while still viewing the advertisement”.
The problem the patent aims to solve is: “The annoyance factor of ads today causes many people to not want to investigate what the ads are offering, even if they really offer something useful. Clearly, people are not happy with existing advertisements, such as graphical banners,” wrote the patent’s author, Ross Koningstein, one of the inventors of Google AdWor…

Hot Holiday Tips and Tricks

While for many the holidays mean cozying up with hot chocolate, singing holiday tunes by a warm fireplace, or spending time with family and friends – for those in e-commerce, Q4 means planning, budgeting, reporting, and good ole’ quality time with the

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Forbes Ranks The Top 50 Most Influential CMOs Of 2014

According to Forbes, Apple CMO Phil Schiller is the most influential marketing lead of 2014.
Not only was Schiller named the most influential CMO overall, he led the list of top five influencers in advertising and marketing, and was ranked the most influential CMO in the area of mobile marketing.
When ranking the top five most influential brands in advertising and marketing, Facebook ranked No. 1, followed by Samsung, Google, Apple and Red Bull. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg won the top spot for top influencer in mobile marketing.
Forbes worked with attention analytics platform Appinion, using online, offline and social sources to determine which CMOs and brands were most influential this year.
Other CMOs to make the list included General Electric’s Beth Comstock (#9), eBay’s Richelle Parham (#12) and Amazon’s Ariel Kelman (#30). Google CMO Lorraine Twohill made the list, but barely broke into the top 40, ranking No. 36.
Forbes noted more than 40 percent of the list is dominated by tech exe…

Effect Of Comments On Blog Traffic : Case-Study

As a blogger there are few questions which you always have in your mind such as: How to get better ranking in search engine? How to make your blog noticed? What should be the ideal length of the post? You must be reading various tips on internet to improve your blog. This is something I […]
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Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook Organic Reach: We Optimize For Users Not For Businesses

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered the question on every Facebook marketers’ mind today.
What happened to the organic reach on my Facebook Page?
His answer, during an hour-long Q&A With Mark live-streamed from the company’s Menlo Park headquarters, will sound familiar because Facebook has been giving a variation of the same answer all year:
That Facebook’s billion-plus community is sharing more, which means there’s more competition in the News Feed. The average user, Zuckerberg said, trotting out a well-used stat, could see 1,500 updates a day but only sees about 100. So a business Page aiming to make it into that 100, needs to create “really good content that’s going to be compelling to your customers.”
But Zuckerberg didn’t stop there. He said he empathized with businesses trying to reach customers and that Facebook seriously considers product changes that “will have an impact on someone’s business.” But Facebook’s top priority, he said, will always be to serve the most relevant …

Whales vs wasted-energy: where should you spend your time?

When I hear the word “whales”, I think of Las Vegas. Weird, I know, but that’s where I first heard the word used for something other than a sea creature. In Vegas, whales are those guys who drop huge sums of money on a single hand of blackjack. They leave tips equal to a week’s pay and pony up big bucks for crazy things like a bathtub full of caviar.
Your business has a whale or two but probably not the tub of caviar kind. The average business whale is simply a customer who spends a lot more money than most of your customers and does it on a regular basis. Now, here comes the big question; can you name the whales in your business and are you giving them special treatment?
Special treatment, you shout! But shouldn’t all customers be treated with the same respect, given the same offers and deals?
Maybe not.
Think with Google published their thoughts on this concept in their new report: “Measure What Matters Most: A Marketer’s Guide“.
The report outlines 4 tenets of measurement-focused market…

Retailers are from Mars, shoppers are from Venus

It’s a retailer’s job (and by extension, a marketer’s job, too) to anticipate the customer’s needs so they can be satisfied because satisfied customers is what we all need to keep the doors open on our businesses.
But a new survey from Accent has me wondering if this relationship isn’t more of a Mars / Venus kind of thing. The report is called ‘Tis The Season For Customer Engagement’ and it’s loaded with inconsistencies between how customers think verses how retailers think. For example:

Only 16% of customers start their holiday gift shopping before Halloween but more than half of all retailers start promoting before the candy hits the bag. I was in a store the week before Halloween and heard a nine-year-old child complain about Christmas displays in the store. How bad is it when a kid says, ‘hey, it’s too early for Christmas’?
Push too early and you might alienate the customers who aren’t willing to rush the season. It also trains your customers to become promo blind. If there’s a new d…

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