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Can You Use Infolinks and Google AdSense Together?

This is part of Blogging questions and answer series, where I answer readers questions in the form of blog post. This question is from Richard: Can I use Google AdSense and infolinks together? Will using Infolinks along with AdSense put my AdSense account in danger? This is one of the most commonly asked question related […]
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Friday Roundup: Grumpy Cat, Twitter at the movies and more

Another Friday and a whole new month. Halloween is over and it’s full-speed ahead from now until New Year’s. For online sellers, these could be the most lucrative weeks of the year. For other types of online businesses, it’s just the opposite. Between the holidays and the travel and the parties, it can be hard to keep workers and clients on task. Trying to close a deal just days before half the people involved leave for a four-day Thanksgiving weekend is stressful and maddening.
My advice: (even if you didn’t ask for it) cut yourself some slack and enjoy the holidays. Easier said then done, I know, but give it a try.
In keeping with the less stress spirit, here are a couple of fun news stories from the world of online marketing.
Proving There’s No Such Thing As Bad Press
On Halloween, Lifetime Network released a trailer for their upcoming holiday TV movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever“. Grumpy Cat may be a YouTube star but YouTubers were not happy to learn about his slightly bigger s…

Control your own news feed? Facebook makes it, sort of, so

Facebook is giving users control of their News Feeds. Sort of. Don’t get too excited. They haven’t decided to open the flood gates and let each of us control our own flow of information – that would be silly.
What they are doing is giving us new tools that will make it seem like we’re in control of our News Feed.
If you check your News Feed settings (a section I didn’t even know existed) you’ll find some new groupings of information. At the top is “Seen Most Last Week” which is oddly phrased but I get the point. These are the people, Pages and Groups who had the most to say over the last seven days. And that might not be accurate since Facebook controls what we see, these might just be the top posters who showed up on your account.
Each name has a big Following button right next to it, so if you’re sick of Joseph’s hourly rants you can unfollow him with a click. He’ll still be your virtual friend but you won’t see his posts in your News Feed.
Below that is an even more intriguing box; Unf…

Gartner: Sun Will Rise Tomorrow | AOL 37% Cyborg | Apple Crawler Hints at Engine Experimentation | Bing Happy with Poor Second Place

Media: Gartner is hinting that its research shows spending on online media will go up next year. In other news, talkies are anticipated to remain the primary form of cinema format in 2015, with silent films remaining dormant. Robot Invasion: AOL has moved about 2 out of 5 of its ad dollars to the programmatic channel, largely through [...]

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