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YouTube’s Top 10 October Ads: Hobbit-Themed Air New Zealand Ad Ranks No. 1 With 11.6 Million Views

October’s top ads on YouTube reinforce what the Internet taught us long ago: people love cat videos.
With kittens as the stars of the No. 2 spot from Buzzfeed and Friskies, and No. 6 spot from Diet Coke, the two feline-centric ads earned a combined 9.8 million views in October.
Air New Zealand’s “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” won the top spot garnering over 11.5 million views with its Hobbit-inspired video.
As we edge closer to the holidays, two tech products made the list: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spot ranked No. 7 with 2.5 million views, and Google’s new Nexus 6 ad ranked No. 8 with 2 million views.
YouTube’s Top 10 Ads in October
1. Air New Zealand – The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made (11,624,957 views)

2. Friskies & Buzzfeed – Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog (7,278,499 views)

3. Chanel – CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want (4,475,932 views)

4. Fiat – Official Fiat 500X teaser (3,230,347 views)

5. Nike – Together | LeBron James (2,975,124 views)

6. Diet Coke – Taylor Swift Kittens …

The Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme Creates An Immediate Backlash

It probably seemed like an innocuous campaign for an Monday afternoon. “Go ahead. Meme me!, #CosbyMeme” Bill Cosby’s account called out to his 3.93 million Twitter followers.

Go ahead. Meme me!
— Bill Cosby (@BillCosby) November 10, 2014

But as many public figures and brands have learned, it’s not the best idea to give Internet users tools to berate you, especially when you are being dogged by a significant controversy. And it didn’t take long for the social media reaction force to go after Cosby, who has been has been accused — but, it should be noted, never criminally tried — of rape by 13 women.
#CosbyMeme quickly hit Twitter’s U.S. trending list; the hashtag was mentioned more than 5,000 times in the first two hours after Cosby’s tweet. And let’s just say that most of the reaction wasn’t what the comedian’s social team was looking for.

If you're wondering how @BillCosby's team *thought* #CosbyMeme would go, these are the exa…

Instagram adds People tab and a way to fix your mistakes

Instagram, like any social network, is more about community than content. We draw people in with a cool photo but they come back for the personality behind the photo. They follow. They share. They develop relationships that layer on the rules of social etiquette. Carmine’s lunch photo isn’t that great, but he shared my cat photo this morning so it’s only fair that I share his lunch pic.
This is why Instagram now has a People tab in addition to the Photo tab on the explore menu.

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you’ll notice another change; the “explore” icon has been replaced with the global symbol for search, a magnifying glass. Interesting, because you can’t actually search “photos” – you can only search users and hashtags. You can’t actually search the Photos or People tab, a mistake I made when I first started to write this post. These tabs are about discovery and discovery leads to engagement and more time on site which is good for Instagram and good for you, the Instagram mark…

Digital will lead holiday shoppers to 345 billion in retail sales

Deloitte is the latest company to publish their holiday survey for the upcoming season and so far, they get the prize for the best subtitle and Infographic.
The survey is subtitled: “Making a list, clicking it twice” which means shoppers will be turning to their mobile devices more than ever this year.
In 2013, only half the people in the survey had smartphones. This year that number rose to 67%. Smartphone owners are planning to spend 27% more on gifts than those without a smartphone so let’s hope your customers are the mobile savvy kind.
Tablet ownership is also up, 50% vs 38% last year. 65% said they’ll be using their tablets to shop and browse the internet for gifts. 57% said they expect to do their buying via a tablet.
When you add it all up, Deloitte says digital interactions will influence 50% of all retail store sales this holiday season. That’s $345 billion in cold, hard (even if it’s virtual payments to start with) cash.
In addition to mobile, social is doing its part to make the…

Instagram Enables Typo Cleanup With Caption Editing Ability

Instagram announced several changes to its mobile app today, most notably giving users the ability to edit captions. That means people will no longer have to decide between deleting a post or living with a typo.
“This has been one of the top requests that we’ve heard from the community, and we’re excited to finally bring it to you today,” the company wrote in a blog post. “You’ll find a new “Edit” option in the menu beneath your image. Tap it to edit your caption.”
Such editing ability was made available on Facebook Pages last February; now Facebook-owned Instagram is rolling out the feature, which should prove handy for brands and businesses marketing on the network.
Instagram also announced that it has changed the Explore icon to a magnifying glass and has added a People tab to go with already exiting Photo tab within the Explore section. From the announcement: “The Photos tab has not changed. It contains the same scrolling grid of photos and videos you already know. The new People tab…

Most Content Marketing Not Effective | Facebook Unfriend Feature a Boon to Brands in 'Paid Social' Model | Sweden May Tax Google, Bork, Bork, Bork

Content Marketing: Only 38 percent of content marketers think their strategy is effective, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The crux of the issue appears to be that people have been throwing things online without much in the way of strategy development. Facebook's new feature allowing users to unfriend brands more easily, among other things, may instill [...]

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