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Google’s DoubleClick Failure Causes Ad-Free Morning On Major Sites

Google’s DoubleClick For Publishers display ad serving platform went dark this morning for more than an hour.
DoubleClick’s platform is used by scores of major publishers. Gigaom reported ads failed to serve on its own website and others such as Forbes, VentureBeat and Buzzfeed during the outage, likely resulting in millions of lost ad revenue.
“DoubleClick for Publishers experienced an outage this morning impacting publishers globally, across their video, display, native and mobile formats. Our team has worked quickly to fix the software bug and it’s now back up and running, so our publisher partners can return to funding their content,” said a Google spokesperson told Gigaom.
Reports of the outage began just after 9:00 AM Eastern and appeared to be back online sometime around 10:30 AM.
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What’s Everybody Watching? Google Trends Now Showing Top 200 Trending Videos

Curious what the most popular videos on YouTube are? Google Trends is now answering that question by tracking the top 200 trending videos.
Starting today, you can try out a new way to see hundreds of the latest trending videos on YouTube.
Google’s new video trends feature is currently only available in the U.S., but according to this Google+ post, it will be expanding soon.
For now, here are the top five videos trending on YouTube as of this morning.
Top 5 Videos Trending on YouTube

While no ads made it into the top trending videos list, you can check out YouTube’s top ten video ads for October here:

YouTube’s Top 10 October Ads: Hobbit-Themed Air New Zealand Ad Ranks No. 1 With 11.6 Million Views
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7 Step Guide to Write an Exquisite Product Review

One of the easiest way to make money from your blog is by writing great product reviews. When you write a review of product, you have ample opportunities to make money. Such as: Affiliate marketing, paid reviews offer and so on. The only thing which really matter here is how great and useful your reviews […]
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Automate Affiliate Marketing With CJ Affiliate Automation

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Earlier Commission Junction) is one of the oldest and popular affiliate marketplace for affiliate marketers. Recently they added two new features (Inspired from Viglink and Skimlinks) and those two features will be helpful for you in affiliate marketing. Before I share the new features with you, I suggest you to check […]
Automate Affiliate Marketing With CJ Affiliate Automation Is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspire
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Home, food and savings: reaching Facebook’s 2.6 million newlyweds

In 2013, 2.6 million people in the US changed their relationship status on Facebook to “married”. That’s a huge target audience with a fairly definable set of goals. They’re thinking about setting up housekeeping – many of them for the first time. They’re thinking about saving money for a new home and some are already contemplating starting a family.
It’s a big shift from where these people were a year earlier. Facebook says newlywed Page likes quickly shift from wedding, love and relationship oriented pages to domestic topics like cooking and home improvement.
Newlyweds are excellent potential customers because most haven’t developed brand loyalties for items they never had to buy before. They’re a clean slate and they’re actively looking for guidance.
Most Facebook newlyweds are in their early twenties. The median age for the men is 28, 26 for the women. More good news for marketers; newlyweds are much more active on Facebook than other users their age.

Recently married men upload 20% m…

Yahoo Buys Video Platform BrightRoll For $640 Million In Cash

Now we know what Yahoo is doing with its Alibaba “mad money.” As previously rumored, Yahoo has announced the acquisition of programmatic video platform BrightRoll.
The deal is worth $640 million in cash. Yahoo said that BrightRoll is profitable and expected to clear $100 million in revenue this year.
Video and video advertising are key areas of focus for Yahoo and this acquisition makes enormous sense. Yahoo claims that upon closing, its video network will be the largest in the US market. BrightRoll also enables cross-platform (mobile) video syndication and distribution.
Investors should cheer the move, intended to add sizzle and compensate for Yahoo’s flat display ad business.
Yahoo is arguably paying a premium for BrightRoll, although it’s less than the company paid for tumblr and, unlike tumblr, should immediately generate incremental revenue. Over time video advertising will probably marginalize conventional display advertising both online and in mobile.
Below are some statistics inclu…

Study: Send Push Messages Afternoons, Tuesday Through Friday

Just in time for holiday campaigns, Localytics has released a mobile push messaging best practices guide. The company’s recommendations are drawn from “click rates” involving more than 100 million push messages.
Some of the recommendations are very specific and some are more general and less prescriptive.
As a basic matter Localytics says that roughly 52 percent of users opt-in to push messages. (It would be interesting to know which apps have the highest rates of opt-in for push.) The company said that the average click rate (those who engaged with the notification) was 5.5 percent.

Localytics reported that click rates are significantly higher during the week and especially between Tuesday and Friday. Furthermore, during the day, the highest click rates are between noon and 5 pm. After that the morning sees the highest engagement with notifications.
Localytics also reports that shorter push messages are generally more effective and produce the most engagement. It says:

Keep your messages …

Writers Rejoice! Study shows Google rewards those with more to say

Content marketers, would you like to know the secret to getting in good with Google’s search engine spiders? Come closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear. . . .
. . .all you have to do is post high quality, relevant content.
Honestly, it’s a little more complicated than that but when you boil down all of the data from the comprehensive 2014 Ranking Factors Study from Searchmetrics, that’s pretty much what you’re left with.
But Searchmetrics did go through the trouble of writing an 83 page document. And they did produce an adorable infographic with retro robots (its as if they know me!), so we’re going to spend some time digging a little deeper.
I want to make one thing perfectly, clear. The fact that I want to make this post longer has nothing at all to do with Serachmetrics’ findings about content length. By while we’re on the subject, the study says that there was a significant rise in the area of word count.
In 2013, the top ranking sites on Google had an average of 500 to 600 words per …

MediaMath Eats Rare Crowds | Forrester: Online Media Budgets to Best Russia's Defense Sector | Hearst Will Offer Its Social-Borne Audience to Advertisers

Biz Buzz: MediaMath is buying Rare Crowds, a sophisticated targeting-oriented startup generated out of the mind of one of the online ad industry's leading brains, Eric Picard. The startup was funded in good part by a cabal of longtime industry insider individuals, rather than the typical VC and private equity firms. Media: Forrester predicts that online media will [...]

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