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Facebook Organic Reach Is Dead. What It Means For Marketers

If organic reach for Facebook Pages is dead — and the obituaries cranked up since Facebook’s rule change announcement late Friday leave little hope for resuscitation — what are marketers supposed to do now?
In case you missed it, Facebook signaled that starting in January users will see fewer overly promotional posts in their News Feeds, meaning Pages “that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”
Specifically, Facebook will be making it harder for posts that push products or app installs, offer entry to promotions or sweepstakes or re-use the same content from advertisements to make it into the News Feed. Essentially, Facebook is saying: 1. If it feels like an ad don’t bother posting it in the social stream and 2. if you want to reach customers with a promotional message buy a ad.
That message from Facebook shouldn’t come as a surprise; the company has been signaling for years that its users prefer higher quality content and th…

Boehner Says Online Sales Tax Won’t Pass This Year

If House Speaker John Boehner gets his way, the online sales tax bill is dead.
“The Speaker has made clear in the past he has significant concerns about the bill, and it won’t move forward this year,” said Boehner’s spokesman, Kevin Smith, in a statement last week. “The Judiciary Committee continues to examine the measure and the broader issue. In the meantime, the House and Senate should work together to extend the moratorium on Internet taxation without further delay.”
The Marketplace Fairness Act would allow states to collect sales tax on online sales from out-of-state e-commerce retailers.
Industry groups representing brick-and-mortar sellers have lobbied heavily in favor of the bill, which they say would put online retailers on even footing by having the same sales tax onus as their members. Currently, consumers are supposed to claim and file sales tax on their online purchases, but apparently few actually do.
In a letter to Boehner, the Marketplace Fairness Coalition, which includes…

Five Facebook Tips for Marketers to Increase Holiday Sales in 2014

Plan ahead Organize Facebook campaigns around popular holidays to make ads more timely and engaging. Choose holidays that are most relevant to your business, and schedule ads in advance. Use link ads Take people from your ads to your site in just one simple click with link ads. Linkads featuring large, clickable images, text and […]
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