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Why everything you’re doing to engage fans is wrong…in a single chart

When Forrester asked marketers to share the channels they use to keep in touch with their customers, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube topped the list.
It looks like we’ve all gotten caught up in the social media marketing hype, because it turns out, that’s not where our most loyal customers prefer to engage with us. Take a look…

Didn’t see that coming, did ya? You did? Well pin a rose on your nose, ‘cos you’re one of the smart ones. While the rest of us try to increase our Facebook engagement rates from zero point some’n percent, we should be focusing on the customer outreach we have on our own sites.

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How to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts in a Single Phone

Ever since its inception, Whatsapp has gained enormous popularity as a social messaging platform and has become a miniature version of social media sites like Facebook. Most people these days have resorted to sending and receiving messages through Whatsapp. People have almost stopped sending SMS and this is for genuine reasons. Unlike text messages, you […]
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Facebook Again Twists Organic Exposure Knife in Marketers' Backs | New Google Local Listings Update to Forced Tactics Change | Rubicon Buys 2 Firms for Inventory, Systems

Social: Facebook - the firm that angered thousands of advertisers by encouraging them to pay for "like" promotion, back when it actually led to organic exposure to those users, and then cutting them at the knees by removing most of that unpaid exposure - is moving once more to reduce unpaid brand exposure even more in [...]

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