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Fashionistas in Texas would rather read emails on their smartphone

Fashionistas in Texas would rather read your email on their smartphone than on a desktop. It’s totally true, the new “Q3 2014 U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report” from Movable Ink says so.
It’s starts with this map.

Only 14 states lean toward desktop over a smartphone when it comes to reading their email, but that number is shrinking. A year ago, more than 20 states were leaning toward the desktop while folks in Maine and Vermont were desktop all the way.
In Q3 of 2014, 11 states strongly prefer a smartphone with Michigan, Louisiana, Illinois, Connecticut, Arkansas, and Alabama coming over to the mobile side since last quarter.
I suspect there are three reasons for the change; more people have smartphones; more people have access to either good cell service, good WiFi or both; and more marketers are sending responsive emails. If you’re not one of those marketers, the world is conspiring against you and it’s time you caught up.
The Movable Ink study also looks at opens by vertical and th…

Three-quarters of millennials expect brands to be entertaining

If you had to describe your branded content in one word, what would it be? Informative? Engaging? Boring? (I hope not) Upbeat? How about entertaining?
In Facebook’s “Coming of Age on Screens” study, 72% of young millennials from all over the world said that’s what they expect from brands – entertaining content. That’s a lot to live up to. It’s a lot harder to be entertaining on command than it is to be informative but when you hit that sweet spot the returns are insane.
Evian’s crazy, roller skating babies video earned the company a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most viewed online ad ever, accumulating more than 25 million views in just two months. When they made that, they knew it was funny and highly entertaining, and I’m sure they hoped it would be a huge hit, but I doubt they expected it to blow up the way it did.
There was a time when wild, viral ads only came out of the Super Bowl but now they happen 365 days a year. And we’re not just talking YouTube here. Reme…

Flickr Opens Photo-Selling Marketplace With Select Photographers

Flickr has invited a select number of photographers to begin selling photos via the Flickr Marketplace.
The Marketplace opened this past summer to help connect photographers with photo licensing opportunities, but only now is it opening up to direct photo sales to general consumers. Flickr has hand-selected both the photographers that are able to sell their work, and the specific images that are available.
The company didn’t say how many photographers have been invited, but it did say that there are more than 50 million images available for purchase. Consumers can choose from different mounting options and sizes, with prices varying accordingly.
If Flickr opens the program to more users, it could become a valuable marketing and sales tool for smaller photographers.
It’s also a revenue generator for Yahoo. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the program works on a revenue-split basis, with photographers getting 51 percent of the net sale and Yahoo getting the rest.
(Photo via Creative…

SPONSOR MESSAGE: What Are The Marketers of The Future Learning?

For this unique white paper, Oracle asked 8 professors from top marketing universities to comment on the state of marketing today, what marketers need to focus on, B2B vs. B2C marketing, social, mobile and more. Some of the answers might surprise you.
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Facebook Videos Posted By SMBs Triples Since 2013

According to Facebook, the number of videos posted by SMBs has nearly tripled since last year, with the number of companies posting videos nearly doubling in the the same amount of time.
The social network reports more than 800,000 small to medium sized businesses posted over three-million videos during September alone.
Of the three million videos posted by the SMBs, 84 percent were uploaded outside of the U.S.
After breaking news earlier this year that it has been averaging over a billion video views a day since June, Facebook continues to deliver more video to its desktop and mobile users. (Facebook claimed 65 percent of its video views were happening on mobile back in September.)
Facebook’s surge in video views can be attributed to its autoplay feature, allowing videos to play automatically as a user scrolls through their newsfeed.
While Facebook’s video metrics are impressive, many question whether the social network’s video views represent a valuable engagement metric since video view…

Facebook on the Newfront Outs | GroupM/Conde Deal Signifies Flight to Quality, Conflicts Amnesty | Apple Capitulates, Does Deal to Make iAds More Useful

Video: Facebook is being left out of the "newfronts," a copycat sellers' market akin to televisions "upfronts, where buyers can secure guaranteed supply contracts of video (and get wined and dined and lavished with celebrity attention). The IAB, the masterminds behind the newfronts, is trying to burnish the image of online video publishing by emphasizing original [...]

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