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Who Tweeted It First on Twitter?

Twitter has recently opened up their archives making it possible for anyone to search the entire Twitter database ever since the first tweet was published in 2006. This time-sorted archive of billions to tweets will be extremely helpful for research and more so when you are trying to find out who broke the news first on Twitter or who the original source of a quote is.

To give you an example, if you want to know who said something first on Twitter, say the iPhone, you can head to Twitter’s advanced search, choose a range of dates and dig through the old tweets. If a match is found, you further narrow down the date range and repeat until you find the oldest matching tweet.
There’s a little problem though.
It takes lot of trial-and-error to find the first tweet for any topic. You have to first guess a range of dates when that tweet was probably sent and keep narrowing down that range. The Twitter API does let you search tweets within a date range but, as you have noticed in the Twitter arc…

Apple Brings Programmatic To iAd, Partnering With Major Ad Tech Firms

Apple announced Friday that it has partnered with several ad tech companies to bring programmatic buying to iAd, it’s mobile ad network. The move will allow advertisers to automate ad buys and reporting across more than 250,000 iOS apps.
The launch partners include MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Rubicon Project (which accidentally leaked the news earlier this week), GET IT Mobile, Accordant Media, Adelphic, and AdRoll. Apple released an updated API for its automated buying platform, iAd Workbench, to power programmatic.
Apple’s iAd has struggled to find its footing and make a dent in mobile ad market share, but the move to programmatic follows several recent efforts to improve its capabilities and reignite interest in the network. Opening up to programmatic brings iAd in line with other networks and should help it meet increasing advertiser demand for automated, data-driven ad buying.
Demand for in-app advertising opportunities will continue to grow as usage rates climb. A recent study found…

Google May Turn Adsense into Paid Content Vehicle for Publishers | Marketers Like Paying Less | Facebook Providing Insight to the Moneyed Clients

Publishing: Google is making its Adsense system into an opportunity for publishers to allow their readers to pay them (and Google) for not displaying ads. Essentially, an outsourced paid content system. The small scale testbed is in testing right now, and Google isn't committing to release it generally. Robot Invasion: Marketers are eschewing the pre-bought media structure of [...]

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Black Friday Starts Today On

You may have heard a few recent comments from the retail and e-commerce industry about turning Black Friday into a shopping event that runs for the entire month of November.
Leave it to Amazon to take the first step in that direction.
On, Black Friday began today — a full week early — and will continue for eight days through the end of the actual Black Friday one week from today.
The company is posting Black Friday deals as often as every 10 minutes, with discounts on items in the Tech, Toys, Sports, Kitchen, Tools and many other shopping categories. Amazon is also planning a trio of “coveted Deals of the Day” on both Thanksgiving day and the real Black Friday.

“Our customers are redefining Black Friday shopping. They want to stay home with family, enjoy some turkey and football and shop the hottest deals from their phone, tablet or PC,” said Steve Shure, Amazon Vice President Worldwide Marketing. “Starting November 21, we will add new deals as often as every 10 minutes, for ei…